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Commander Shayne Balthazarr

Name Shayne Kadaara Balthazarr

Position Chief Diplomat

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species ¼ Vulcan ¼ Betazoid ¼ Human ¼ El-Aurian
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 194cm
Weight 96 kg
Hair Color Black hair when not shaved
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description Athletic build, well-toned. Dark skinned. Has aged very slowly, looking as though he is in his mid 20's


Spouse Nil
Children Nil
Father Shalla'bronn Balthazarr - ½ Human ½ Betazoid
Mother t'Korr - ½ Vulcan ½ El-Aurian
Brother(s) Shalla'brann
Sister(s) t'Lana
Other Family The Hikaro Royal Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview When in a tight political situation or if dealing with a stubborn, relic-like group, Shayne is the person you want at your side. He is disliked by very few and of those whom do dislike him typically tend to be on the wrong side of the law. A loyal friend and a remarkable officer
Strengths & Weaknesses Very calm when required
Honourable (in a very loose sense)
Respectful of cultures and customs
An empath/telepath to some degree
Strategically gifted

Can be too opinionated
Introverted when not putting on a show
Uses Betazoid telepathy talents for his own gain
Can be oblivious if in a stressful situation seeking the outcome and neglecting the deed
Suffers undiagnosed depression through lack of attachments and life experiences
Can become cold
Vengeful/unforgiving - if profoundly wronged
Possibly suffering Stockholm Syndrome
Suffers nightmares by reliving the past
Ambitions To find himself

To go back to life as though he was 24 again. A time when everything made sense even though it didn't
Hobbies & Interests Survival

Shayne used to enjoy:
the creative arts (drawing and painting)
Klingon opera
Orion gentleman's clubs
Pleasure cruises
Long haul merchant runs
Politics (Universal)
Languages Federation Standard, Vulcan, Klingon

Personal History Shayne studied at the University of Alpha Centauri BSc General Nursing and later MSc Emergency Medicine

By means of Starfleet Correspondence - MRes Intergalactic Relations and MSc Galactic Politics Philosophy and Economics. An incomplete PHd in Philosophy and Anthropology.

Until the age of 24, Shayne had been content with wanting to help people. It was his way... a calling. Having a Vulcan mother did not always help this path, but it was respected, nevertheless. His Betazoid father was happy... his son had chosen a path with his heart and not logic. Shayne Balthazarr was indeed the prodigal son. Yet still something was missing from his life.

Off to seek his fortune in the great expanse of the stars, Shayne joined a small merchant company working primarily within the Orion sector. His eyes were opened to an underworld unknown to most of the citizens of the federation. It was at this point Shayne knew he had to make a difference. Things needed to be changed. He inserted himself within the upper echelons of the trading community. He had become a voice to be heard. Any race that had dealings with the merchants of the Orion sector knew of Shayne.

He was fast becoming an influential force, mediating disputes, overlooking trade agreements... at times he found himself negotiating with terrorists (negotiations the federation were best left unaware of). Shayne needed more support; he had made enemies. Just knowing him was a danger to any that would dare venture into the world of the syndicate.

2367 to 2375

It was a few years before the Dominion wars when he joined Starfleet. He always believed that he would be assigned to Operations, but his tutors/supervisors believed that his skills were best suited to the Diplomatic Corps. Shayne found it hard to adjust to the many stringent rules of the Federation/Starfleet, but he gave it his all.

Not being too senior, he found himself in the fight with the SFMC. His role was to make viable connections with sympathizers to the federation plight and negotiate terms of settlement for battle groups. The Jem'hadar ambushes were plentiful and furious, leaving the young officer no choice but to take up arms.

2376 to 2377

The war had ended, and Shayne no longer understood his place, his purpose... His commanding officer was worried that a resignation would soon be filed. An opportunity came up that would find Shayne once again operating independently and being able to fulfil his need to affect change. A recent dialogue had been established between the Sirran people and Federation/Starfleet. Shayne would be sent there as the liaison. He was given a field promotion to acting Commander and gifted a newly commissioned Arrow class transport.

The time spent in Sirrah was tumultuous. Initially he was treated with contempt... some friendships are only transcripts. Beaten, starved, tortured... it was a year before the inhabitants of Monsegvi were uncovered. Shayne had not landed in the true capital but had landed instead far from the modern Sirrah starfleet was unaware of. The planet had been infiltrated by another species and Monsegvi had been compromised. Shayne provided intelligence under duress. However, he was not alone, and this was the reason for his rescue.

King Misato Shikoborn, husband of Empress Hikaro Mitsukiborn was also being held captive. He was led into a trap staged as an uprising that would require a small force to quash it. A dark alliance had been forged by the True Republic of Sirrah and a species referred to as the serpents (name translated). The True Republic wanted to overthrow the Monarchy that had stifled the Senate and overpowered a minority that had jostled for a democracy in the form of a Republic.

2278 to 2379

Middle daughter Princess Katana Hikaroborn led the raid that rescued her father. It was upon his delirious request that Shayne was also rescued. The two had become inseparable during their capture. They were held in a small storage facility used to grow a narcotic known as Ecsar Root. It induced a state of euphoria and was believed to cause hallucinations. The narcotic also made the user more susceptible to suggestion. Thus, making that facility an ideal place to extract information from the enemy.

Unfortunately, Shayne went from one captor to another. Princess Katana was unaware of the King and Shayne's friendship. She assumed him to be her father's pet. He was clothed and fed, but also subjected to the whims and desires of a Princess that cared little for his rights.

2380 to 2382

The King had finally recovered enough from his ordeal, but he was mortally wounded. On his death bed he ordered his youngest son Prince Denji to find Shayne and destroy Monsegvi. Prince Denji knew that Princess Katana had brought back a pet, and it was after his father had spoken that it was all clear. The Princess had Shayne.

The Empress Hikaro was furious with her daughter. The alien that had kept her husband alive was being treated as a slave. Prince Denji was set to collect Shayne but the Empress ordered him to fulfil his father's wish and destroy Monsegvi. The Empress herself went to the Princess' Royal palace and aggressively disciplined her daughter. She took Shayne back to her palace to meet with the King before he passed on.

Shayne's mental health was in a terrible state, but upon seeing the King, something returned to him. He was able to touch the King and from him he transferred joyful memories of the Empress and King from their earlier years together. The narcotic known as Ecsar root had done something to Shayne, it had changed him, that coupled with the trauma he had experienced a form of transcendence had occurred. The King passed away after his memories had been shown to the Empress.

2383 to 2384

Taking a liking to the Starfleet Officer, the Empress had her best healers attend him. Over the course of a year Shayne was looking more and more like himself. His bond with the Empress had grown into something intimate, something close... she had made him an advisor... her personal advisor, and she put his telepathic talents to use. She trained him, had armour and weapons adapted for him. He was school in the ways of the Sirran Empire. She had even charged the Royal healers the duty of enhancing his body to cope with Sirrah.

A silent battle between the siblings, the Empress' children had commenced. Middle brother Prince Goro Hikaroborn was in league with the cold-blooded ones. He had framed his youngest brother in an attempt to gain favour with his mother the Empress. He had falsified evidence to suggest that it was Prince Denji that was in contact with the Serpents. Stubbornly, Denji refused to defend himself, stating only that he had no desire to kill the innocent and that a thorough investigation into the growing Ecsar Root within Monsegvi would be more appropriate. Prince Denji had been thrown into prison for failing to destroy Monsegvi, the Ecsar Root had not been investigated.

2384 to 2388

Prince Akio Hikaroborn led a sizeable force into Monsegvo slaughter any and all believed to be in league with the Serpents. The desire for vengeance and redemption in Shayne saw him accompany the Prince. The Battle was long and bloody, Shayne took on the role of an assassin due to his size. The Sirrans had a new respect for the alien. Yet Shayne would begin to regret his actions... he wanted to go home. He was accepted as an exotic concubine of the Empress.

Prince Goro Hikaroborn increased his pursuit for power this time having the Youngest Daughter Princess Junko Hikaroborn murdered whilst on a hunting trip. This outraged Prince Denji but he was in no position to help. Instead he remembered that Shayne, his mother’s concubine was able to read minds. A friendship developed between the two and often, mostly in secret, Shayne would visit Prince Denji within his temple prison

It was Shayne that formally requested an audience with her son Denji. After speaking with the Prince under the supervision of Princess Mayumi Hikaroborn, Shayne had managed to convince the Senate/Royal Court that a suitable punishment would be to exile the Prince for a short term. Shayne was desperate to leave Sirrah and return to Starfleet. The Federation needed to know of the threat within the Gamma quadrant.

2389 to present

Shayne begged the Empress to allow him to return to Starfleet along with Prince Denji. There a true alliance could be founded, and the Prince could also complete his sentence. Reluctantly the Empress agreed. She kept the ruse of being displeased with Prince Denji's failure to destroy Monsegvi. However, she was more concerned with keeping her son alive. She would send Prince Denji and Princess Mayumi to the Alpha quadrant. This would leave Prince Akio and Princess Katana to deal with their Brother Prince Goro. They were more seasoned and vicious than her two young children the twins.

Prince Goro made an attempt on Shayne's life but his saviour came in the form of a penitent Princess Katana. Shayne had not forgotten how she had treated him when he had first arrived at the palace. But he could sense that her apology was sincere. Prince Goro fled Sirrah and took with him his personal army. This prompted to Empress Hikaro to act swiftly and immediately organised the travel to the Alpha Quadrant. She accompanied her two children, Prince Denji and Princes Mayumi, along with Shayne, to ensure that Prince Goro did not ambush and kill them.

Just as they depart from Sirrah, a Defiant class ship arrived and onboard was a familiar face. Finally, Shayne had an ally he recognized. He fought during the Dominion War with this newcomer and at times even back to back, his brother in arms had arrived. Things had surely taken a turn for the better. This person wasn't afraid to do the necessary and where Shayne would stall contemplating his next move, his ally would act. The hold of the Sirrans lessened with this arrival. It was time to plan revenge.
Service Record 2363 Joined Starfleet Academy

2366 Graduated with Honours – Starfleet Diplomatic Corps Ensign

2368 Lieutenant JG

2373 Lieutenant – Assigned to the SFMC UFP 9th Battalion (The Dominion War)

2375 Lieutenant Commander – SFMC UFP 9th Battalion

2376 Starfleet Diplomatic Corps – Field promotion to Acting Commander

2376 – Assigned to establish a presence with Sirrah

2393 – Starbase 332