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Lieutenant Commander Felicie Rivero

Name Felicie Eliana Rivero

Position Chief of Security

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 105lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Short and curvaceous is the best way to describe Felicie. At a slight 5’2” and a mere 105lbs, she is definitely not what one would expect your average security officer to look like, though she carries herself with a true air of confidence that makes it hard to overlook her. She would like people to believe that she puts a lot of effort into maintaining her physique through a rigorous training regime, but really she’s more likely to be found curled up in bed with a pint of ice cream and a good book than in the gym.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Damian Rivero
Mother Lilliana Rivero
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Too many to list

Personality & Traits

General Overview Felicie is a strong and outgoing individual with a definite flair for people skills. With stoic determination and dedication, she has proven that she is easily able to do anything she sets her mind to. Despite her outgoing nature, she can appear to be quiet and reserved, usually when she’s observing those around her. She takes a great deal of enjoyment in life, firmly believing in the philosophy that life is short and tomorrow is not guaranteed, so embrace whatever makes you happy today.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Highly proficient in hand to hand combat
Strong people skills
Very determined
Unafraid to make difficult decisions

Occasional bouts of stubbornness and pig-headedness.
Sometimes acts without thinking first, especially in emotionally driven situations.
Ambitions To be happy
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies & Interests
Adventure sports
Physical activities
Good food
Languages Federation Standard, and a smattering of curse words in other Klingon and Ferengi

Personal History Felicie’s childhood was anything but boring or typical. Born on the USS Szechuan to Starfleet parents, there wasn’t ever really a time in Felicie’s childhood that she didn’t want to follow in her parents footsteps and join Starfleet herself. Despite the fact that she grew up with a Father who was a Marine Commanding Officer and a mother who served as Chief Medical Officer, her childhood was surprisingly free of rules and restrictions, both her parents believing firmly that she needed to be able to experience life to be able to truly understand it. Their definition of ‘experiencing life’ meant that she, and her friends, often found themselves in situations that were far from ideal, though each instance became a learning experience. Her parents always encouraged her to follow her dreams and work to fulfill her desires, no matter what they may be, so when she announced at the age of thirteen that she wished to join Starfleet Academy and pursue security, she was offered nothing but support and encouragement to achieve her goals.

Shortly before her fifteenth birthday Felicie’s parents were both reassigned to Starbase 412. It was on this Starbase that Felicie became truly enamoured with the romanticised idealisations she had of Starfleet and everything it stood for.

As she entered twelfth grade she approached Captain Matthew Lyndt about her desire to join Starfleet. Taken by her eagerness and dedication, during her final year of schooling, Captain Lyndt allowed her to start doing minimal duty shifts to give her the chance to learn more on the job. It was during these ‘duty shifts’ that she discovered that she had a genuine love and passion for Security, and an uncanny sixth sense for dealing with people, even as a teenage girl.

It was during her final year of high school that there was an incident on the Starbase involving a faction of rogue Romulan sympathisers who attacked the station from within. At the time the attack occurred, Felicie was walking from the Arboretum back to the school room with a group of twelve early elementary students. It was Felicie’s quick thinking and her ability to remain level headed in a crisis that saw her able to fight off one attacker and get the younger children to safety, despite being in incredibly close proximity to the initial location of the attacks.

With a recommendation from Captain Lyndt, as well as Commander Moira Toomey, and the support of her good grades and her glowing references from her teachers, Felicie’s first application to Starfleet Academy was accepted for the next fall intake.

In her remaining time aboard Starbase 412, Felicie was granted a provisional field rank of Ensign and given supervised duty shifts aboard the Starbase, even being allowed to accompany the Captain and/or the First Officer on away missions where it was deemed appropriate.
Service Record The academy was hard. Harder than she would have expected. A life with no rules and few consequences had been replaced with a life of rigid schedules and timetables. Gone was the live and learn approach her parents had adopted her entire life, and it had been replaced instead with a blatant ‘do as you’re told’ approach. One that didn’t sit well with Felicie at all.

She struggled a lot in her first year, trying to find her place where she was now just another cadet and no one special compared to her previous assignment on Starbase 412 where she held an acting provisional rank even before having joined the Academy.

It took a lot of her first year to find her feet and determine how to find her way through everything. However, despite the trials of her first year she succeeded with good grades and positive recommendations from her instructors, which set the tone for most of the remainder of her tenure at the academy. The exception of which was that she almost completely failed a subcourse on morals and ethics in the field of security when she failed to conform to the notion that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Felicie remained steadfast in her determination that there simply had to be another way, a better way, and she could, if she really put her mind to it, save everyone.

Despite never being given the chance to fail or succeed, Felicie was given a “Non Applicable” for the coursework and continued to move on.

The rest of her Academy tenure went mostly without incident. She worked hard and studied hard. Almost all of her spare time was dedicated to proving that she could be the best officer that she could be.

It was during her final year at the Academy that Felicie was assigned to the USS Hummingbird as part of her Cadet Cruise. It was during her time on the cadet cruise that an altercation broke out between a group of cadets and junior officers in the ship's lounge.

Feeling threatened, Felicie put herself between her friends and what she perceived as the source of danger and reacted. Attacking one assailant with a set of three darts and another with a glass of spirits on a nearby table, Felicie and her friend managed to escape, although Felicie was called to the Captain’s ready room the next morning and reprimanded for her involvement in the situation and was left with a reprimand on her file for assault. Feeling somewhat slighted over the injustice of the situation, and feeling like it didn’t matter what she said or did, she would not be taken seriously or listened to, Felicie largely stopped caring for the duration of her cadet cruise, an action that ultimately affected her final grades.

Despite poorer than expected grades and a reprimand on her permanent record based on that one incident, Felicie graduated the Academy with reasonable enough grades, though nowhere near as high as she had originally desired. Despite her misfortune, she was given a beacon of hope when she was offered a position as a security officer on Starbase 412 under Captain Matthew Lyndt, the same Captain that had endorsed her sponsorship to the Academy.

Buoyed by his faith in her, Felicie accepted the position and returned to what had become her home.

Returning to 412 as a fully fledged Security Officer, Felicie fell into routine quickly and became a well respected member of her team, being promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade within six months.

Having stayed aboard Starbase 412 for a further two years, Felicie was eventually offered the position of Assistant Chief Security Officer aboard the USS Carlisle, a Galaxy class starship under the command of Captain Jacinta Stevenson. The position came with a promotion to full Lieutenant and the promise of both additional responsibilities and training.

The additional responsibilities that came with the position of Assistant Chief Security Officer were plentiful, but Felicie thrived and remained dedicated and committed to her position, taking everything in her stride. While she loved the challenge of the position, she found herself struggling more with what she perceived to be the negative attitudes of those around her. A small set of officers who had been aboard the Carlisle for longer had taken exception to the fact that she had been brought in as Assistant Chief Security Officer, especially with others perceived to be her relative lack of age and experience.

Persevering, Felicie threw herself into her new role with determination and gusto, making a name for herself as a solid crew member who was always dedicated and committed to her department, the crew she worked with and the ship as a whole.

The final turning point came in August of 2392. The Carlisle encountered what appeared to be a heavily damaged Federation transport shuttle near the badlands. Initial scans showed no life signs aboard, no shields and what appeared to be structural damage as though it had been attacked. In hopes of finding out what happened to the crew and the passengers of the shuttle, Felicie joined the away team and transported to the other vessel. Within minutes of being on the ship it became apparent that the entire situation was a setup and the away team was attacked by Nausicaan pirates. The attack on the away team was swift, though the only casualty was Felicie herself who acted as a human shield to prevent the Executive Officer of the Carlisle taking a Nausicaan Disruptor Pistol shot to the back. The away team was transported back to the Carlisle before the attack got any worse and Felicie spent a few days in sickbay recovering from her injuries.

Although she denies having done anything special or out of the ordinary, Felicie’s actions earned her the respect of her peers.

Shortly after, the Chief of Security aboard the Carlisle took a leave of absence to return to Bajor to deal with family matters, leaving Felicie to step into the role as Acting Chief of Security, a position that became permanent in 2393.

With the new position of Chief of Security, Felicie was also granted a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

After almost a year of serving as Chief of Security aboard the USS Carlisle, Felicie opted to apply for transfer to Starbase 332 as Chief of Security, wanting to return back to her ‘roots’ and hoping to find more stability than the constantly changing lifestyle aboard Starships.

Personal History:

Born - 2366
2383 - Entered Academy - 2383 (Age 17)
2387 - Cadet Cruise - USS Hummingbird - Security Cadet
2387 - Reprimand recorded on permanent record for assault - noted as excessive self defence.
3287 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
2387 - Assigned to Starbase 412 - Security Officer - Rank of Ensign
2388 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade - Captain Matthew Lyndt - Starbase 412
2390 - Transferred - USS Carlisle - Captain Jacinta Stevenson - Security Officer
2390 - Promoted to Full Lieutenant - Captain Jacinta Stevenson - USS Carlisle
2392 - Nausicaan attack on away team - Injuries sustained
2393 - Promoted to Acting Chief Security Officer - USS Carlisle
2393 - Promoted to Chief Security Officer - USS Carlisle
2393 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander - Captain Jacinta Stevenson - USS Carlisle
2394 - Transferred to Starbase 332 - Chief Security Officer