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Chief Petty Officer James Calmara

Name James Calmara

Position Dockmaster

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 173lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A stocky and well built male, who has kept himself in resonable shape, but is beging to show he of a mature age.


Father Jonel Calmara
Mother Marie Calmara
Brother(s) Philip
Sister(s) Lindsey

Personality & Traits

General Overview A relaxed and easy going exterior that is backed up by the competence and skill built up over years of active service. James is content being the rock in the middle of a unit, a die-hard team player, keen to make things work. He knows the value of cooperation, working with people rather than against them, but welcomes a measure of competition if it's for the common good. Although he's a practical man for the most part preferring to do more than anything, he proved studious enough to earn himself a couple of educational degrees, and in the process gaining an appreciation for the art and sometimes need for research before diving headlong into the next challenge, the balancing act he makes an effort to maintain.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Respects cultural differences
+ Willing to work in the background
+ Patience in less than ideal scenarios
+ Willing to see something through

- Blinkered when on a new Project
- Restless when inactive, professionally
- Indecisive in personal affairs
Ambitions To try five new foods a year.
To further his academic education
Hobbies & Interests He is a keen bird watch, also like fishing, be it on a holodeck or actual fishing planetside
Languages Federation Standard, Very basic Yridian

Personal History
Born on a space station into a sizable family, James Calmara was one of seven and had two older and eventually four younger siblings. The space stations was placed in orbit of a collection of rouge asteroids held in position from the forces of the adjacent star formations, the two closest being a binary and a trinary formation, it was principally a mining station so a very functional station for the most part, but thanks to being run by a cooperative, it was always in good repair. His parents instilled a sense of care and responsibility in both himself and his siblings, they were known for working both in the mining operations and along with a number of others helping to run the station's lounges. As he came into his teens, one of James' chores was helping out in one evening a week in the lounges, either waiting tables, collecting used tableware, or pot washing as required. As he progressed through his teens, he became enamored by the idea of traveling the stars, a desire that was fed by the sights of tales from the regular cargo crews that both supplied the station and either purchased or hauled on behalf of buyers, the minerals extracted from the asteroids.

As he reached eighteen, James made a definite decision to move on, strike out on his own, helped by living at a place where a number of cargo vessels docked, and by having parents that at least supported the idea of him moving on. James found himself a berth as a deckhand on a supply hauler. Life on board ship was different, although the routine helped he did find that it was quite a bit more rigid than he was used to, and life at close quarters with unfamiliar people took a little getting used to, he soon learned t who to avoid and who would be a little more forgiving of a newbies mistakes. He was begging to get accustomed to life in deep space when a turning point occurred. He was awoken suddenly by a fellow crewmate and dragged to and then bundled sleepily into an escape pod, where they launched and headed away from the ship, he found out over the next few hours that the ship had been boarded and taken by a raiding group, his crewmate a Yiridian male related, they spent a total of nineteen days in the escape pod before being picked up by a starfleet ship. Impressed by the care and selfless attitude of the crew as a whole, the ship had been on a return to starbase for resupply after an extensive deep space assignment, had traveled a week out of their way to reach both James and another of his shipmate pods. During the trip to the starbase in question, James had the opportunity to spend time with some of the crew, offering work in the lounge as some form of compensation. The idea of joining starfleet was raised a number of times, and after all he had no employment or place to stay at that moment in time.

If he though civilian ship life was strict, nothing quite prepared him for Starfleet life, the first few week of the enlisted training were fairly tough for the young man, that being the case he found the camaraderie he had observed after being rescued, meant even more when experienced from himself, he formed quite a number of friendships in those early days that continue to the present. On completion of the training he was assigned to the operations division, specifically the logistics section, first assigned to a Steamrunner-class, he was posted under the stores department. The supposed assignment was a couple of follow up surveys, of a planet and moon respectively, both requiring plenty of additional equipment and kept the newly posted crewman Calmara busy enough.

After eighteen moments he was transferred to another ship, over the next six and half years he held a number of logistics assignments on a further two ships. After which he was assigned to the USS Hood, for one of his more unique assignments, for an eighteen month period the ship played host to four of Starfleet's highest ranking Admirals, this involved dozens of official functions and dinners, all of which meant James Calmara was trained in the art of silver service waiting. A function he performed on eight occasions, one of which involved supervisory roles thanks to his rank.

His next posting involved his first Starbase posting, and a slight change of role, he became part of Starbase nineteens docking control staff, although he could transfer some of his existing skills to the role it did have a bit of learning curve. But a challenge he rose to well enough. He moved to both Starbase one four nine, and the Starbase seventy seven, both with the same department. His attention to detail and willingness to take on additional responsibilities led him to take on increasingly wider-ranging supervisory roles, culminating in serving as deputy dockmaster on SB seventy-seven for three months before taking up this assignment.
Service Record USS Erudite - Steamrunner-Class
USS Hood - Excelsior-Class
Starbase 19 - Regula-Type
Stabase 149 - Planetary Instalation
Starbase 77 - Stardock-Type