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Lieutenant Marcus O'Connell

Name Marcus Shaunessy O'Connell

Position Chief of Operations

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6’ 0”
Weight 175 lbs.
Hair Color brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Tall, slender and athletic, Marcus ensures that he keeps fit due to the unknown dangers in every Starfleet member’s job. His motto: be prepared physically and mentally for anything that you might encounter.


Father Richard O'Connell, deceased
Mother Marianne (Haversham) O'Connell, deceased
Brother(s) Robert O'Connell, deceased; Commodore Derek O'Connell, Starfleet (ret.); Commander William O'Connell, USS Leviathan
Sister(s) Sarah (O'Connell) Weatherby, civilian nurse; Savannah (O'Connell) Cord, housewife.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Marcus has had many life-changing experiences during his time in Starfleet. However, he tends to keep his wits about him and has been able to keep himself in check at all times resulting in the professional, quick-thinking strategist that he is today. He does, however, have a temper that can flare up on occasion.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Natural command ability; loyalty to Starfleet and his crew mates; excellent Intelligence ability.

Weaknesses: Sometimes has been too soft on his subordinates, not doling out appropriate punishments for their mistakes.
Ambitions More than anything Marcus would like to find the woman he lost many years ago. He would also like to make the rank of Commodore before he retires from Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Marcus enjoys many diverse hobbies such as:

Running - "Regular" routine is 10 miles a day
Fencing - A hobby he picked up while working in Intelligence
Kempo Karate - Began studying at age 14. A former instructor, now he just keeps his current certification intact.
Yoga - Something his sister Savannah got him into for relaxation.
Boxing/Weight Training - Began learning boxing at age 10 from his father, a professional middleweight boxer.
Painting - Usually oils
Reading - Especially books on strategy, past military conflicts, military leaders, westerns and new technology.
Writing - Has written many short stories and two novel-sized stories. Most are westerns or action/adventure, but his two novels were fictional accounts of a Starfleet officer working in intelligence. He took some heat from Starfleet Command regarding these books as they thought they may have been too close to his life, but Marcus proved, without a doubt, that any and all references that may have been real were changed "to protect the innocent".
Cooking - He has been cooking since he was 21 years old, but he just started taking culinary classes within the last 2 years.
Languages Federation Standard, Vulcan, a smattering of Klingon

Personal History Born in Ireland on Earth, Marcus was the second of six children born to Richard and Marianne O'Connell. Richard was an athlete, a professional boxer, and had given up a civilian police job to pursue it. Marianne never liked the idea but supported her husband in whatever he did. She was a holographic technician until the death of her parents left her with a hearty inheritance (land, property, businesses, etc.). The inheritance allowed Richard to continue with his boxing dream and Marianne to stay at home and become a mother.

In July of 2346, Marcus Shaunnessy O'Connell was born. He, along with his older brother, Robert, and his two younger brothers, Derek and William, were the spitting image of their father and seemed to want to get into everything that he was doing. Richard knew only one thing: boxing. So each boy, once they had grown to a certain age, began their training as a boxer. Marcus and Robert were totally wrapped up in the athleticism of it all and made a point of working much harder at getting their bodies physically fit than their younger brothers. The two also became quite adept at boxing and won several competitions in their age brackets.

When Marcus was 15, the family was faced with a personal catastrophe. Richard was taking on one of his toughest opponents in the ring and found that he was much tougher than he had expected. The bout ended when Richard fell to the mat...never to wake up. This caused substantial turmoil in the family. Richard was the cornerstone of the family and made sure that his sons and daughters got what they needed physically, mentally and spiritually. His death changed the whole family's life.

After the death of his father, Marcus was having trouble keeping his grades up in school. He had given up the idea of boxing, probably from a fear of what happened to his father happening to him and the fact that it reminded him of his father. While walking home from school one day he saw a formation of Starfleet training shuttles flying overhead and they caught his eye. He inquired about Starfleet from his mother, who had worked for them when she was repairing holographic computers, and from what she told him it sounded like something he could do with is life. His mother, however, had her doubts. Especially since his grades were slipping drastically. She gave him the name of someone that could help give him more information on Starfleet--Captain Brandon McGuire, a former instructor at the Academy and now Deputy Director of the security forces in Earth's Starfleet postings. Marcus, now 16, made it a point to talk to this man.

Captain McGuire lived and worked in San Francisco and it only took a short trip for Marcus to find him. McGuire remembered Marcus from when he was a baby and liked to tell him about his parents back in that time, which made Marcus happy as he thought of his father still alive. When McGuire looked at Marcus' grades, he frowned and told him that if he wanted even the slightest chance of getting into the Academy, he had better make damn sure that his grades went through the roof for his last few years of school. Marcus did exactly what McGuire told him to do. He had 1 1/2 years of high school left and he had his nose in the books the whole time. Upon his graduation from high school he was contacted by Captain McGuire who offered to sponsor Marcus at the Academy.

Marcus was accepted in 2363 and began studying feverishly to make his mother, and Captain McGuire, proud. Soon afterwards, he needed help with one of his studies, Operations. He found help in a new friend, Cadet Sydney Lassiter. She offered to help him with his studies and before long, the two of them became more than friends. It was apparent to the both of them that they were soul mates. The fact that they were inseparable throughout the rest of their time at the Academy, even taking each other to see their parents, only reinforced to them both that they should be together forever. But that dream was crushed when they graduated from the Academy.

In 2367, Marcus got his first assignment. It was a security posting on the USS America. The problem came when he found out that Sydney wasn't posted there as well. Starfleet saw fit to have her posted to the Netiran Colony as a JAG officer. The colony was on the edge of the Beta Quadrant and Marcus would be halfway across the Alpha Quadrant. They swore to each other that they would keep in constant contact, and they did...for a while. After almost two years, it became apparent that the two would not be able to keep their promise to each other and finally lost contact altogether.

He stayed four years on the America as a security/tactical officer until he reached the rank of Lieutenant in 2371. He was transferred to Starbase 11 where he worked as the Deputy Chief of Security. During his time on SB11 he tried diligently to get into contact with Sydney but her duties in Intelligence had kept her away from normal contact. He kept working towards becoming a good officer in the meantime and made quite a name for himself on the station and with a few of the higher ups. He had been promoted in position to Chief of Security on the base within two years and then in rank to Lt. Cmdr. in 2375. It was then that he decided on a specialty change to Intelligence.

By late 2375 he had completed the additional training required for his new position and was immediately placed undercover to infiltrate a crime syndicate wreaking havoc in the Borelli Sector. In less than a year, and in what Marcus referred to as ‘blind luck’ he literally walked into the right place at the right time to get the needed nail in the proverbial coffin. He had gotten the dirt on the leader of the syndicate and was able to cut the head off of the snake. Of course, this received rave reviews from his superiors but instead of letting him keep doing something in which he had proven proficient, they pulled him from the field and put him behind a desk. He was adamant that this move would not break his stride.

In 2387 Starfleet reassigned Marcus to the uss shiloh as the new chief Operations Officer .
that same year Starfleet Reassigned Marcus to Starbase 332 as the Chief Operations Officer
Service Record 5 / 2363 – Starfleet Academy; major in Security / Tactical, minor in Intelligence
4 / 2367 – Ensign, USS America, Security Officer
2369 – Lt. (j.g.), USS America, Security Officer
7 / 2371 – Lieutenant, USS America, Security Officer
10 / 2371 – Lieutenant, Deep Space 11, Deputy Chief Security Officer
2373 – Lieutenant, Deep Space 11, Chief Security Officer
2377-2387- Lieuteant, Deep space 11, Chief Operations officer
2383-2387- Lieutenant, USS Oppenheimer, Chief Operations Officer
2387- Lieutenant, U.S.S. Shiloh, Chief Operations Officer
2387 - Lieutenant ,Starbase 332, Chief Operations Officer