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A Change of Uniform

Posted on Tue Oct 25th, 2016 @ 5:41am by Colonel S'er'in'e & Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: Brave New World
Location: Warp-12

S'er'in'e had given thought about what his Mate had said about his cooking since the first time she mentioned how good it was. He spoke to her about it on a few occasions hoping that he was not making her feel bad that he did nearly all of the cooking or that she felt spoilt a little too much by the effort he put into it. It was not that he minded cooking, he actually enjoyed it and to do so for his Mate only added to that feeling. That said however she did mention a few times about cooking at Warp-12, at first he was unsure of this because of his image with others but he would be out of sight from everyone so nobody would know it was him doing the cooking.

A menu was already set, even a section of Warp-12 of 6 tables, all of which held a tidy fee were reserved from this special 'event', everything was shipped, ready and set for the kitchen. In the one hand he felt that Samanthia wanted to share his food with others so that they may experience and enjoy that which she does nightly, maybe even get spark some playful jealousy with the ladies at her treatment by S'er'in'e, while in the other he felt that maybe she may feel he was encroaching onto her business.

"Are you sure this is acceptable, this is the place of employment, I do not wish you to feel smothered by me?" S'er'in'e spoke softly and in doing so his feline tones reflected more.

"You'll hate me after this. You'll be so busy, you whont realize whether I'm next to you or not. Everyone that is someone on this station is coming by. At least from the Civilian side of the station for a charitable organization. At 600 FC (money) or 1 full bar of Lat. per person. You'll be busy. Reservation List is long. Starts at 1800 hrs and last till 000hrs. Station time."

"I will always know when you are near." He walked to her and brushed his cheek to hers. "Your scent will always remain stronger above all." Clearly this suggestion of her so long ago it seems has paid off very well, a full bar was no laughing matter and if the tables were booked solid until midnight then clearly some people wanted to be treated to something special or perhaps they had an inkling as to who was the cook. He hoped the latter was not the case but at the same time wondered if the Elder and his First Wife would appear given that both knew of Samanthia's idea, this sudden event may have been the clue they needed to guess who it was.

"Well being Hostess of the Event. I'll doubt I'll have time to even pop in to see how you're doing." Samanthia spoke as they entered the Warp-12 arm in arm and a tail around her waist. "You have the Chef's Scarf I made and treated for you?" She smiled with a seductive wink. She had used it to clean up after some personal time and didn't wash it. It carried her essence strongly.

"I have." He'd wrapped it around his neck hidden from view by his attire. "I know that scent, I am not to be blame for what may come of it later." He whispered to her.

A soft giggle erupted from her a she led the way into the lounge of Warp-12, nodding and waving to favored costumers. She lead S'er'in'e into the back where the noise turned from conversation to bustling kitchen. She showed him where to change and store his stuff securely. Then turned him over Frederick Akiashiro. "Hey Fido!" Getting the man's attention. They gave each other a quick hug of friendship. "This is S'er'in'e who will be cooking for the Charity Gala as the Head Cook."

Frederick looked at S'er'in'e and smiled, "Excellent!" His voice boomed out over the Kitchen noise. "I'll show you your main workstation. But then you'll be doing a lot supervising dishes others help make. Being the Master Chef of any kitchen is more overseeing than actual cooking" He turned from S'er'in'e and barked out orders, getting everyone's attention. "This is the New Visiting Master Chef! He'll be in charge till the Gala is over with." As he lead S'er'in'e to the workstation that's been cleared out for his equipment, as they gotten a chorus of agreements back from the kitchen staff.

S'er'in'e had to admit the kitchen was well stocked, very clean and surprisingly spacious. He prepared his work station and it was not long before the orders started coming in. Having learned who was a specialist at what he zoned them off into sections, each section would work to create the dish without getting in the way of each other. Already the scents of the various foods filled the air and as it was brought forward to the front he could see the high quality he'd expect from an establishment run by his Mate. S'er'in'e made it a matter of personal pride to check everything to make sure it reached the quality that his Mate was used to and once reached the bell rang and a waiter came.

Samanthia stood next to the entrance to greet the VIP's along with the Maitre-D and several waitresses in crisp uniforms to escort the guest to their tables with a view of Space and the stage where one of the more popular station personnel groups was performing a variety of musical genres.

Kitchen staff was in full swing and complied with S'er'in'e's orders and placement throughout the kitchen as it was obvious that each had their own section along with ovens and stoves, work places for prepping vegetables and fruits for other dishes and soups. 'Fido' followed S'er'in'es cues and orders when it came to Caitian Dishes. He was enjoying himself as he also prepped food for serving. Waiters and Waitresses were scrambling in with orders and soon departing with carts loaded with food to the VIP's patrons. Fido also checked the food to make sure it was safe for consumption of the various species of the various Catian Dishes.

Everything seemed to be going well, dishes were of high quality and going out at a steady rate. During a free moment he created with the proper liquids this time, not replicated ones the fizzy drink that he'd introduced Samanthia too a while ago. He hoped she remembered to sip. "Take this to my Mate, thank you." Then more dishes started appearing waiting for his construction of the meal.

The Waitress nodded and disappeared back out into the main room. Catching Samanthia at a break between VIP's, Gave her the drink. "Sip" As instructions.

Samanthia raised a eyebrow and took a sip. Then it dawned on her what drink her mate had made her. It tasted the same, but the texture was different, since it was the real drink.

As the night drew on and the dishes left the Kitchen S'er'in'e was pleased at how the night had gone and how the team who he doubted had much experience with Caitian dishes had adapted and learned. However the night was wrapping up and the last dish was just placed on the counter to be taken. There was enough to make one small dish, and by small he meant snack sized. Taking advantage of it he made something for his Mate just to tide her over until they got home unaware if she had been snacking or not. "My Mate if you please." Pushing the completed snack forward.

The waitress nodded to S'er'in'e, grabbing the plate of snacks and took off with it to be delivered. She placed the plate of snacks at Samanthia's table where she took her breaks and dealt with overseeing lounge, bar, and kitchen, which she pretty much left to the Head Cook.

Samanthia buzzed by the table and helped herself to a finger sized portion of the snack with out thought. She smiled at the Caitian dish. It was one of her favorites she had enjoyed while being on Cait. She smiled at him remembering this. She dropped off some of the ledgers she would be working when the Charity Gala Dinner was over with.

Time pressed on and the Gala slowly ran to a slow gentle conclusion, ovens off and cleaning began. "I would appreciate if my role here was kept private, my Mate may want to do this again in the future and an air of mystery often helps cultivate repeat performances." S'er'in'e changed into his regular attire not wanting people outside the Kitchen to know it was really him behind this. He walked out as patrols were slowly leaving the venue and he found his Mate. "I would like a table, for two." He said in his most formal and gentle feline voice he could muster. "If you should have one?"

Fido nodded along with the Staff as they were in the process of cleaning up as the kitchen was now closed. Inventories were being done.

Samanthia looked up at S'er'in'e, when she heard his voice with sent delightful chills tinging down her back. "I'll see what I can do." She hugged him, "You did awesome, my love." She looked up and smiled. She guided him to a booth that was on a raised level within the club that over looked the room and with a good view out of the window into space. "Bet your starving." The table was already to receive it's occupants to sit and eat.

"I am happy you are pleased." He replied hugging her gently. "I am, spending all that time creating the meal and not eating it did work up an appetite." He took a seat in the booth that was ready for them. "I have another joining me, perhaps you know of her. She is the owner of this establishment, I had hoped she may join me for late dinner. Would you be so kind as to confirm our booking?" He smiled, a game the two sometimes played, role playing so to speak and always playful outside and behind closed doors.

"I'll go see if I can find the Mistress of this slave pit she calls a lounge." Samanthia steps off after seating S'er'in'e. She returns shortly and slid in next to him. "She sends her apologies, and instructed me to serve your every whim." She was wearing a much shorter skirt with a low cut V-neck that exposed her cleavage.

"Hmmmm." S'er'in'e gave her a generous viewing over and the smile evidence enough of his approval. "Very nice indeed." He pulled her close to him. "My every whim she says. Perhaps she might have informed you of what that may entail my dear." He sniffed at her neck enjoying the familiar scent, the known warmth of her body. "Tell me, how do you intend to serve me?" Once again that predatory feline look befell his face, she knew what that meant, he knew what it would do to her.

Samanthia snuggled close, pressing her feminine physique against his. And whispered sweet things in his ear as she ran her hand down his abdomen, "Lets eat first so that master may have the strength to enjoy what is offered."

Ooohhhhhhhhh oh oh she is a wiley one. There was no denying the shiver of utter delight that ran down his spine at hearing what she said, it was enough to curl the tail of most Caitian males and his was no exception. He placed his order when the waitress appeared, eat first, play later and play he shall.

Samanthia ordered something for herself, smiling at the waitress who took their order and took off. She settled next to him, leaning against him. "This will be the talk of the Social Circuit for weeks to come." Referring to the Caitian Dinner provided for the Charity Gala Event. "Archa IV Emergency Relief will be delighted in how much we've earned for them."

"It seemed many enjoyed the meals, only one or two returned for reheating or additional spices." He replied as he put his arm around her keeping her close. He truly was lucky to have someone such as Samanthia, he knew it and so too did others but very few would be brave enough to make a play on it. "I hope this event will not cause issues with you and the Elder, using the establishment for donation purposes instead of profit?"

Samanthia laughed softly, "Oh you don't know the first thing about business. Even with 1/4 of the donations going to the establishment, we've made a tidy profit." She looked up at him, "Why do you think places such as these hold Charity Gala's? Its a common practice with big business." She looked up at him. "You even get a cut of the proceeds as Guest Chef." She tickled/rubbed his belly through his clothing in a playful manner.


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