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Posted on Sun Mar 17th, 2019 @ 8:37pm by Captain Liarra Von & Lieutenant Commander Craig Travis

Mission: Starbase 332, Where Are You?
Location: Shuttle bay
Timeline: Immediately after the storm

Craig was glad his ship had made it in before the storm hit. It was such chaos in the shuttle bay with all the shuttles and ships that had been pulled in for safety reasons. Craig and his pilot had just waited out the storm inside and now that word was that it had cleared Craig finally made his way off. People will milling around and he figured it was going to be a security nightmare to process all these people. For once he was glad he had not transferred command just yet. He had his orders in hand but so far that is where they stayed. Travis made his way through the crowd that oddly enough was not making any progress. In fact as he made his way towards the front he saw that people were not being allowed onto the station proper.

People started to push and shove and the blue shirts standing in the way with their hands up trying to calm everyone was losing the battle. With this many people it would be difficult but denying them access was crazy. Craig still had his yellow Security uniform on from his last post. He slowly and with some forced worked his way to the front. "Excuse me what is going on." He asked the security NCO.

"Stand back, Sir everyone is to stay where they are. There is a situation and until it is cleared no one is to leave." The NCO replied.

Craig started to wish he had already transferred command. If there was an issue he needed to be with the Command staff. "Excuse me. I am Craig Travis I have orders here to take over as head of Security here." He let his words sink in. "Since in about five minutes I will be your new boss I suggest you let me through and find me the Captain."

The Security staffed looked at each other then one verified the PADD. "Sorry Commander follow me." He said as he let him through, which in turn pissed off the people more. There was a pep in everyone steps as he made his way to see Captain Von.

Star gazing was not necessarily Liarra Von's favorite way to pass the time. And yet so often she found herself looking to the stars for guidance, for solace. But these were not her stars. They were strange and mysterious, and the longer she stared at them, the worse she felt. A lost city in space, full of lost souls, looked to her for answers. But she had none to give.

When the door chime sounded, Liarra almost jumped out of her skin. It was not the first time she's had visitors since the storm, and she was sure that it was not the last. Nevertheless, the surprise visit pulled her briefly away from her reflection. She gave her uniform jacket a tug and attempted to compose herself before answering. "Come in."

Craig strode through the door to see his old boss that would be his new boss. "Captain, hell of storm we just had and I am afraid to say we have a bigger one brewing."

"Commander Travis," Von answered, a hint of a smile on her face. "I wondered if you had made it aboard before we had to close the dock." She extended her hand to greet him. "I agree, I expect there to be another storm." Liarra gave him a slight puzzled looked. "But what storm are you expecting?"

"Well storm I was referring to is all the angry folks in your docking bays. People seemed at first to be glad to be out of the storm but with the station on lock down they are getting quite pushy and wanting answers." He started. "Why not let them out into the Promenade is there a bigger issue?"

Liarra nodded along. It was a growing problem that was going to need to be dealt with eventually. Perhaps letting everyone onto the station would buy them some more time. "You're probably right. It's going to make it a little tougher than usual on your people, but we probably don't have much choice." Liarra took a deep breath and shook her head. "There's just one other problem."

Liarra moved back to her windows. "We're still working on the how and the where. What we do know is that the station is no longer where we used to be. Whatever happened with that storm, it's sent us far away from Archa IV. If I let those ships out of the docks now, we're releasing them to the wilderness. I'd really prefer to have some answers before I say anything. Letting ship crews disembark might give us a little more time to find out what happened. And maybe, find a way to get home."

Travis looked out the window. He had not been on 332 long before but he had looked to the stars plenty while he was here. These where not the right stars. "Well that is a problem and your immediate reaction is much more warranted now. What if we increase security patrols in the high traffic areas and allow people out of the docking bays. I agree with the idea of keeping ships grounded."

Liarra nodded. "Let's do it. I would also increase patrols to any sensitive area to keep our guests from wandering into anything dangerous."

"Yeah I plan on heading down to the Hub and having a Senior staff briefing we will beef up patrols and call in on call staff. We will make it work." Craig said confidently. "Anything else I need to be briefed in on?"

"Right now, no," Liarra replied, shaking her head. "Science teams are working on figuring out where we are and how we got here, and operations is heading up repairs. Once we know more, I'll assemble the senior staff. For now, let's just get the situation on the station under control."

"Very good, Captain." He said as he stood up. "I am glad to be back and will get to work on getting the small fires put out before its a rager." He turned and made his way out of the office.

Captain Liarra Von
Commanding Officer

Lt. Commander Craig Travis
Chief of Security


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