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Staying Calm

Posted on Fri Mar 8th, 2019 @ 11:51pm by Lieutenant Cheyanne Harrison & Mr'isarr

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: Quarters, SB332
Timeline: Following post "The Unpacking"

After they ate dinner and browsed the stored to see what there were they returned to their quarters to finish putting things away in their place. She had finished with their bedroom and came out and looked at Mr'isarr and could sense there was something wrong, walking up to him placing her hands around him. "What's wrong my love? I can sense there is something bothering you." Cheyanne said as she looked at him almost in worry. She knew the move was a big one and that on a station, she was worried that whatever was bothering him would cause him to shed which was off season so this wasn't going to be good.

Something was bothering him and despite his best efforts to hide it, he'd failed. He paused what he was doing when Cheyanne hugged him, feeling that she was not going anywhere until she got to the bottom of things. "I..." He began with a breath. "I have followed you where ever you have needed to go, and willingly. I have no regrets about such matters, but this station has so many people on it." A starship was easier, he could stay at home, Ten Forward or the like but this was a floating city in space with a population count to back it up. "I do not mean to cause you to worry."

"I know it's not easy moving especially to a large place like this." She said as she got up for a moment and went into the bathroom to grab his special comb then walks back out. "Take your shirt off love," she said softly. "I love you and do anything to help you, you know that love," Cheyanne replied as she waited for him to take his shirt off.

Lifting his shirt off and placing it neatly on the table. Standing in only his trousers as he saw she planned to brush him. Better than then leaving fur on every surface, seat, clothing both his and hers. "I know." He did know, even though she had a career he knew that she'd make time for him always. He removed his trousers, figuring it would help brush him seeing as his body was covered in it.

She started to gently brush him, she loved brushing him as it made her feel like it was that extra time they get together. She loved the softness of his fur when she ran her hands through it before she brushed it just to make sure there were no snags that would get caught in the brush as she combed him. "It will take time but we will get used to it, together love. I am sure that once you start your job at the flower shop tomorrow things will look up." She said softly as she continued to brush him.

"I can only hope." He spoke as he stood there letting her brush him. It came as no surprise that the brush filled quickly between the teeth of fur, apparently, he'd been stressing a lot of late and only now was it coming to the front. He was looking forward to his new job tomorrow, he only hoped that he'd get a decent nights sleep for it so that his creative brain could do the job. He not one fouled her career, everyone knew that being with an officer meant the service was important and not once did he stand in the way of her career, putting her first in all things.

She continued to brush him until his fur was thinned out, "there that should feel better," She said as she looked at him with her soft smile. She grabbed the bag of loose fur and discard it and put away the comb and when she came back out she had already taken off her shirt and just wearing her bra. By this time he was sitting and she climbed up on his lap and laid on him her head on his chest. She wanted to help relieve some of his stress by her touch of her body against his.

This was one of the things he enjoyed, the physical touch and scent. Two things Cheyanne never failed to supply him when it was needed. The touch of her silky skin under his hands, her body pressed against him. He didn't care how others would view a moment like this with her topless in his lap, it was what he needed and it helped him stay calm and collected, or at least as best as possible at least. His arms around her, his hands upon her, his tail over her thighs.

She smiled as she could sense he was calming down a bit, though she knew it would take time to fully calm down she knew she could help him. She leaned her head up and kissed him, she loved him more than anything in this life. Her hair was tied back, after the kiss, she tilted her head bit revealing her neck to him if he wanted to mark her again. She knew that was important to him and she let him do it whenever he needed to.

Looking at his Wife his hand rose to grip her tied hair, running his nose tracing her neck as he inhaled her scent. It had its own calming effect, he licked her neck just once. His other hand resting on her naked side with claw tips pressing against her. His jaws parted and he knew full well the damage he could do as the trapped her neck between them, holding her as he growled. He had to control himself, the primal instinct to lay claim rising and he didn't want to hurt her.

She closed her eyes, she was calm and didn't move. She trusted her mate and allowed him to mark her, she was his and his alone. The bond they shared would last through eternity, and she wouldn't have it any other way. She knew the risks involved when she allowed him to take her as his mate. She loved him more than anything and she always showed it to him and him alone.

After a few moments, he let her go, his saliva from his hold around her neck slowly sliding down it. He eased up the hold on her hair until he felt it slip through his fingers, his claws also easing lest they draw blood from her skin. "Thank you." He spoke, softly with strong feline inflections in his voice as he looked at her.

She smiled, "anything for you my love." She said as she laid her head back on his chest and felt content closing her eyes for a moment to enjoy this time.

His hand rose to lay against her cheek as she rested against him, he purred for her content and happy at this moment. That she would do this to help him, even if it was not her fault but felt that could help, and she did. Not even hesitating to strip down for him, brush him, even let him lay his claim again, she did it and willingly.

She smiled as she listened to him purr, she closed her eyes and eventually fell asleep on him while he purred, it has been a long day and his purr usually put her to sleep at night.

After a moment or two he carefully with cargo in arms stood and carried her to the bedroom where the bed awaited its guests. He used his tail to pull the sheets down and placed her within its comfortable embrace. With her still half dressed the blankets rose back up only a little so that she didn't overheat while he himself lay beside her, watching her.


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