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Visit to Security

Posted on Fri Mar 8th, 2019 @ 9:06am by Lieutenant Cheyanne Harrison & Lieutenant Paul Sharpe

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: Security Office
Timeline: Following New Home, New Beginnings


After her quarters were in order as well as taking a shower and getting into a fresh clean uniform. She combed her hair which she normally let flow unless she was doing work which she would put into a ponytail behind her to keep her hair out of the way. She remembered she would need security access and the only place she would be able to get that would be from Security. Walking out of her quarters she headed down the corridor and headed for the turbolift. After a few moments, she arrived and entered, "Security Office." Cheyanne ordered as the doors closed behind her and began to move towards its destination.

After a while, the lift came to a stop and the doors opened, walking out she headed for where the Security Offices were and entered. She looked around for a moment then spotted someone she thought would be able to assist her with what she needed. "Excuse me, Lieutenant," she said as she waited for a response from the officer.

Sharpe was busy finalizing things when he looked up as someone spoke. then seeing someone there he gave a friendly smile "Yes, Lieutenant ...?" Paul asked.

"Cheyanne Harrison, Operations Officer, Station Maintenance," Cheyanne said as she looked at him with a smile is returned. "Just arrived and came to get my security clearance." She added as she stood there.

giving her a friendlier smile "Welcome aboard Lieutenant, I am Lieutenant Paul Sharpe Security Officer, if you be patient with me I will sort out your security clearances for you, please be seated" he said and he sat down and got to work, he typed fast, not Data fast, but fast for a human, when that was done a machine behind him produced some items, he took the three items and turned to face his computer again, he typed in the numbers on the ID Card and a data chip and set up her clearances and keyed them to her biosignature and ID Badge. When he was done he looked up and handed the first item over.

"This is the chip that has your assigned quarters details on it, the lock code is generic, but I would advise you change it to something you can remember," he said holding out the chip.

She took it, "Thank you, also my husband Mr'isarr is back in our temporary quarters unpacking, he's going to be working at the local flower shop. Is there any way I could get him as well?" She asked with a smile.

He smiled "I suggest you get him to stop unpacking as you were given a transit room, that code chip will give you access to larger quarters that are assigned to married couples" then he held out the ID badge "this is to be worn in sensitive areas of the station, it is also a key card of sorts, it has built-in clearances that will allow you to do your job" he said.

She nodded, "Alright," She said looking at him. "I'll let him know," she added.

After she had taken it he held out a final item this had a one-use 26 digit alphanumeric number on it "this piece of paper has a 26 alphanumeric one time use number, this will unlock the replicator and allow you to program in some of your favourite food dishes, as for your husbands job, there is a vacant unit on the main floor of the Promenade" he paused as he picked up a Padd "this give him the authorization to claim said unit, he will need to see the Merchants Guild rep to register his unit, any questions so far?" Sharpe asked.

She looked at him confused, "He doesn't own a shop he's working for someone who already got a shop here on the Promenade next to Alexander's" She said as she looked at him.

*Looking surprised* "My mistake," Sharpe said as he updated the computer and handed Harrison a Civilian ID Card along with a Padd that had everything her partner would need to her" this ID Card and Padd will have everything your Partner needs to move about the station unhindered" he added.

"Thank you, Lieutenant," she said with a smile. "Is there anything else that I need?" She asked as she wanted to get back so that way they could get to the right home and get settled in before she would have to check in tomorrow. She wanted to spend some time with her husband before she had to start work.

Looking around then back up at her "no there is nothing, welcome to Starbase 332" Sharpe said holding out his hand.

"Thank you Lieutenant," Cheyanne said as she smiled and shook his hand then walked out of security and headed back to their new quarters.

With that Harrison left the Security Office to be with her husband and to get settled in, during this time Sharpe decided to return to his tasks at hand, thankfully some of the protests had died down, but the Klingons were still causing trouble, he sighed it was days like this he missed ship based duty as it was much more simpler.



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