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Meeting the Brass

Posted on Thu Mar 7th, 2019 @ 12:56pm by Rear Admiral S'iraa & Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: Starbase 332, Where Are You?
Location: Admiral S'riaa's Quarters / SB332

With Mariah being watched by her daddy, S'er'in'e; Samanthia looked through her wardrobe deciding on what to wear upon this social call upon Admiral S'iraa. She smiled as she chose a simple yet elegant outfit that would be pleasing to look upon with a faint nuances of Catian style thrown in. She took her time in putting her hair up and dug out the head piece and jewelry, announcing her relationship and status to Colonel S'er'in'e. Even if she didn't know the full meaning behind of wearing the head piece, she knew it held honor within the Caitian Society Caste of Warriors.

She looked herself over once more in the full length mirror. Giving herself a nod of approval. She left the bedroom moving carefully to get used to wearing high heels which gave her the added height by a few inches. She paused in the kitchen briefly and picked up a pre-prepared gift to the S'iraa and his mate.

Armed with the information on where S'iraa was quartered, Samanthia made the trip with ease, getting a lot of admiring looks as she stepped off the turbolift onto the floor where the Starbase Command and V.I.P Guest were quartered. She paused at the Security Checkpoint to confirm that Admiral S'iraa was still indeed lodged there.

She moved through the corridors to the desired wing that house the residence of S'iraa. She pressed the Announcer to alert those inside that someone wished to see them. It was a bit late and after duty hours, even for a visiting Admiral. It was all in the timing.

S'iraa was reading reports, as he always found himself to be doing much to the displeasure of his Mate Miranda. He knew she was right of course, he was getting older, careers are things for the young and as most males S'iraa tried to not feel he was too old for something. He pressed the button on the table and the doors opened. He saw a Human female standing there, one he'd never seen before. He stood. Perhaps the first instance of difference was that S'iraa didn't bow. "Good evening." S'iraa spoke. "May I help you?" Wondering if his Caitian Mate would hear the interruption.

"I'm here to see you and your Mate," Samanthia spoke as she entered the quarters, eyes giving the place a quick once over. Seeing the reports spread out on the desk. Another Caitain, female entering from another room stopping at in the doorway. "I am Samanthia Akiashiro, Mate to S'er'in'e." She came to a stop a few feet away from the towering Caitain Admiral. A distance where she didn't have to strain her neck looking up at him to make eye contact. "I could bore you with my other titles associated with Caitain Protocol, but I whont."

Miranda eyes twinkled with humor as she gave a soft rumbling purr of enjoyment. Seeing how S'iraa would take the ending announcement.

Samanthia held out the gift of Caitain wine from Caitian Homeworld. "Welcome to Starbase 332. Hope you enjoy the non-replicated stuff."

S'iraa had already met the other Caitian, the Colonel had escorted him to VIP quarters just before the storm hit. "Thank you." Being mindful when he collected the bottle not to touch Samanthia. "My Mate, Miranda Blackfur." His arm out towards her in introduction. "I already know of your titles, Elder." S'iraa spoke placing the bottle on the desk next to the computer. "I looked up the Colonel and in turn yourself, cross referenced with his family plate." S'iraa liked to be informed. "Few also get close to the Pri'arch and the move makes for conversation." Referring to when Samanthia had stepped forward to offer the Pri'arch a band of material.

Miranda stepped forward when introduced to stand next to S'iraa, interested in this such bold woman. "Greeting Miss Akiashiro." Purred softly as she reached out with her hands towards Samanthia.

Samanthia nodded as she also gave Miranda a respectful, yet quick acknowledgement of rubbing backs of her hands against Miranda's in proper form. A soft smile graced her lips. She focused her attention back on S'iraa. She relaxed once formal protocol had been observed. "You are both invited to dinner at my place. Apartment. Not Warp 12 Lounge. Just inform the turbolift computer you want to go to Deck 1403, Akiashiro Deck. Tomorrow at station time 1800 hours. Civilian attire is a must."

Miranda looked thoughtful for a few seconds before S'iraa spoke. "Akiashiro… Merchant Consortium?" Tilting her head to the side a bit in curiosity.

"Yes. The Consortium that moved this Starbase out here with it's token Fleet crew. And permission from Federation Starfleet. Since then, Fleet's been trying to resume it's full control over the Starbase due to Ritorian border incursions, Warlords and whom ever that gets a bug up... Where the sun don't shine to cause trouble to the peaceful merchant trade that goes on out here." Samanthia smiled a bit warmly at the both of them.

"Tell me of you're Mate, S'er'in'e." It was rare to see a fellow Caitian sharing white fur off the homeworld. "His service record is impressive, but I wish to know the individual, the Caitian, not his service." S'iraa offered a chair, a sofa, even the pile of pillows. He was particularly interested in the inter species mix of racial traits, S'er'in'e was of similar size and build to S'er'in'e, Miranda was a Caitian so what he was was not as much of a risk as it was to Samanthia who was Human.

Samanthia moved easily to a comfortable pile of pillows that were arrange for comfortable lounging, following the manner of her hosts. Even though both Caitians towered over her. "S'er'in'e … " Giving pause to think about S'er'in'e. "He is a gentleman, yet a predator that knows when to stop hostilities when the threat has been eliminated. Very loving father to our daughter." She was at ease in the presence of both Caitians. With her hair and clothing arranged, S'er'in'e's mark on her throat was visible to all. Knowing something of Caitian Traditions, she would remain unharmed unless she seriously offended their traditions and customs. At worse, just thrown out of their apartment.

She smiled softly, thinking to the times she had walked in on S'er'in'e with their daughter on his belly and she was trying to bite his neck, only to end up spitting out fur that came loose onto S'er'in'e face. Him looking felinish smug with eyes the merest slits. Her smile widen into humor as she shook a little at the memory with silent laughter.

Miranda eyes widen as she watched Samanthia, knowing there was some thought that brought humor to her. She glanced at S'iraa looking as impeccable as ever. Herself the usual long t-shirt and long flowing skirt. She had settled on a bunch of lounging pillows, between Samanthia and S'iraa. "I would like to meet your Daughter sometime, Miss Akiashiro, Mate to S'er'in'e."

"Samanthia, please. We all know that we're mated by both customs of Caitian and Human Traditions." Samanthia spoke, glancing at S'iraa, seeing how he would react to that as Miranda took it in stride.

Miranda smiled cheeky at her mate S'iraa, then turned her attention back to Samanthia. "Miranda and or S'iraa will do fine." Speaking up for the both herself and S'iraa as he can still be a Traditionalist by habit.

"I know little about Human mated traditions but I was to believe that the female traditionally takes the name of the male." S'iraa spoke. With the ladies comfortable S'iraa sat down again. Knowing the remark would get a rise from his own Mate at that.

Samanthia smiled a bit as Miranda just smirked at S'iraa. "It's kinda hard when the male has no last name. I could easily revert back to my maiden surname when my first mate died." Samanthia spoke softly with the smile softening a bit. "And I could as easily use S'er'in'e as my surname. Caitian way is easier at this time. Since as far as my knowledge is concerned, Caitian don't have last names unless they've mated outside of their species into another culture that has surnames. Then they usually adopt their mates'. With S'er'in'e still in good standing with his Caste and homeworld. He is content with matters at hand. Or paws."

Miranda giggled purred at Samanthia's comment about paws, then spoke up. "Also to take Pride's name as majority of Exiled Caitian have done to distinguish themselves from other Caitian Exiled." She looked at S'iraa. "Soooo you going to take my Pride's Name or leave as is?" A mischievous glint sparkled in her eyes.

"I could, but that human tradition has passed. Females just take their male mates surname. If they have one." Samanthia liked the free spirit of Miranda as she answered S'iraa's question.

"I am content with what is currently." He replied. "Does it not worry you what we are and what we are capable of doing, by taking one as a Mate?" By that, S'iraa mean that as a Caitian they are natural predators, trained killers, heavy, armed and when required, dangerous. Even now he could smell the scent of S'er'in'e upon her but it was interesting that a Human would take one of his kind, despite the rather obvious and racial differences between the two species.

Samanthia looked thoughtful for a few minutes, then spoke softly. "It's the spice that brings an unique atmosphere to our lives. We're both aware of what he is and I've seen what he can do, unleashed. Yet us, Humans are as much a predator as Caitians. We adapted to our weakness with wisdom, intelligence and teamwork when needed. His strong feelings for me, tempers his actions towards me. If I push him beyond his endurance and control, then I deserve what I receive for being stupid in doing so." She lifted her chin up a bit in a bit of defiance. "Besides then he would have to take care of our Daughter, while I recoup from the injuries."

"I see." S'iraa replied though he could see his Mate, Miranda, was enjoying this conversation. "Has he ever hurt you?" A loaded question, and a testing one.

"In what way? Intentionally or unintentionally?" Samanthia looked back at S'iraa, making eye contact. "I am prepped for either." Her hand gently rubbed the neck passing over two fang marks of S'er'in'e. She looked thoughtful for a minute or two while she paused to think. "Besides if he did it on purpose with malicious intent, he would become my new fur coat." Smiling cheekily at him. "what Caste you're part of, S'riaa?" Being human, she knew she could get away with asking that question, since he wasn't wearing anything to show what Caste he was part of. And if he was, she had missed it.

"That of your Mate, though a considerable amount of years earlier." S'iraa replied showing his age over his fellow feline. S'iraa knew this because he'd cross referenced S'er'in'e with the Homeworld and accessed the family plate and training history.

"Ahhh, yes." Samanthia spoke as she shifted to sit up on the lounging pillows. "I must be going. Daughter time." As she gracefully stood. "And remember you and your mate are invited to have dinner with us." She smiled at Miranda who also rose up.

"We'll be there. Even if I have to drag Tabby here out of a meeting to make it." Miranda purred mischievously and smiled with fangs bared as she looked at S'iraa. Covering her fangs up again as she looked at Samanthia. "We need to get together sometime in the future."

"I'd love to, Miranda." Samanthia turned to S'iraa, with a quick polite curtsy. "It was a pleasure in meeting you, S'iraa.

"A pleasure." S'iraa replied with a pleasant smile, or at least as pleasant as he could make it for what he was.

With that done Samanthia left the Admiral's Apartment. She made her way to the nearest turbolift and home.


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