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Break in the Dive

Posted on Wed Aug 21st, 2019 @ 12:42pm by Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: The Dive
Timeline: Back Archa System

The main room was lit by small table lamps and the usual neon advertisements of the various beers and ales. The drinks behind the bar was lit by a soft back lighting to allow the bartenders to see to make and to do transactions with the patrons. Tables and chairs were mismatched showing the results of too many barfights. Underfoot came the crunching of broken glass that wasn't shoved up against the wall or out of the more commonly traffic routes between the tables. There was a low murmur of voices amongst the patrons and soft thumps of glasses hitting the table along with a fist or two. On the big screen behind it protective barrier, some alien sport was shown, albeit without sound.

Samanthia relaxed behind the bar at her usual place, looking over the ledgers and books, while sipping her drink. It felt good to be out and about. Even though she loved Mariah and her mate, S'er'in'e a lot, there was times she needed to get away from family and the familiar neighbors of Deck 1403 and the safe environs of Warp-12 up on the Promenade decks. It was good that the station was back where it belonged. The rioting on upper decks, specially the Promenade, had died off and soon business would be back to normal. As normal as possible as expected.

The regulars were all at their favorite tables or at the bar with drinks and finger foods, happily drinking, talking and playing cards. There was a few outsiders there looking for the 'real' drinks and to let loose. Taking their chances at rough end bar, away from the more commonly patrolled Promenade.

The bar tender, Zebadiah, 'Zeb' to those that he's well acquainted with, was human in appearance, but that was all that was human about him. Looking like a down on his luck spacer tramp that seen and experienced many things. Grey hairs perfectly blended into a fast fading dark brown hair that was kept trimmed into a flattop crew cut. Baby faced where it came to facial hair. Humor wrinkles graced the corners of his sharp unearthly electric arch blue eyes that seamed to miss nothing.. His quiet authoritive voice had a nice deep timbre to it. His lean muscular physique had the touch of going soft from such a sedate position of being a bartender.

Zeb sat on a stool near Samanthia. "Another fine fix we're in." His voice rumbled to the patron that sat across from him. "Who'd think that an Ion storm would triggered a wormhole big enough to send the Starbase across hundreds of light years away."

The patron was a big heavy set gentleman in dingy, much used coveralls of a tech, gave a soft rumbling chuckle. "Yeah it gotten a lot of ships stranded with the station. They.. the crews... are in an uproar being confined. Some of the *Indies' want to be set loose. New business and all. Figuring to make a profit."

"I'm sure they'll figure something out. The Fleeters. It would be good to bring in new blood and new exotic merchandise. I may go join up with a crew." Zeb spoke thoughtfully as he idly ran a much used rag through his hands. "Wondering if the Akiashiros are planning to make a break. They have the ships to do it with along with troops for protection." He glanced at Samanthia.

Samanthia looked at Zeb at the mention of her surname. "If Elder Raph going to do so. He would've done it. Not that I've heard anything." She looked thoughtful at the two. "Longer we stay here. Might as well take an advantage and explore the sector. And ships are gonna be looking for crew. At least crew that can fight and aren't afraid to mix it up with new dangerous unknown opponents."

"You know Fleet and their 'Prime Directive." Frozio rolled his eyes and raspberry, showing his displeasure of that. "Gotta be first to establish the rules."

Zeb and Samanthia gave a soft laugh. Both being extremely familiar with Fleet Protocols. "As they would say, 'to make sure you aint bringing back some strange hazard biological or dragging an hostile Armanda behind ya because you wee-weed on some sacred shrine by accident." Samanthia spoke up softly. A twinkle in her eye as she forgot about the ledgers she was working on.

Frozio and Zeb barked with laughter. "Wee-weed! Just come out and say some fool pissed on it!" Frozio roared with laughter. "You aint up in genteel section of the station, Miss A."

Samanthia laughed softly, "I'm a Mom and can't get in the habit of being crude. You know young'uns are." She smiled with pride.

Zeb spoke up, "When are a going to bring the young'un down here?" Making a quick swipe at on the counter, then began to make another drink for one of the patrons.

"Probably never, hopefully. This is one of those places, she'll have to find on her own." Samanthia reached into a small purse and pulled out a holocube. "But I can show you pictures of my Daughter." Flicking it on and working the controls. Soon above the holocube a picture of Mariah hovered, slowly rotating around.

"Oooooo she's sooo cute!" One of the more seasoned waitress spoke up as she slammed her drink tray on the counter. "What's her name, Miss A?"

"Mariah Akiashiro, and for the Caitian; Mariah, Daughter of Me and S'er'in'e, caste guild of the warriors." Samanthia flicked through several more pictures showing her growing up. Even though she was a few months old, the feline gene sped up her growth process.

"She's sooo cute and cuddly!" Another waitress saw the holopictures as she approached them.

Several of the females gathered around and to admire Mariah. Samanthia soaking up the praise and how cute Mariah was with her mixed features.

"They're so gorgeous at that young age." Another woman spoke, giving a knowing smile. "Start sooo cute and helpless. Then before ya know it. Raising hell. Causing grey hair till they move out."

A few of them nodded sagely. "Don't expect a lot of free time, Miss A." To the soft knowing laughter from those that raised their own brood of children.

"Well... I'll still love my children, no matter how much trouble they give me." Samanthia spoke softly with mother's pride and love as she looked at the holopictures.

A holovid showed S'er'in'e on his back on the floor with Mariah crawling up his chest like she was stalking him, while he feigned that he was unaware of her. She pounced and swatted his muzzle. His eyes flew open with a playful growl. She moved back quickly only to get tangled up in her tail. She began to fall to one side, but was caught by her Daddy's big pawlike hands.

"Oooooh! Serious blackmail..." One of the lady spoke up, laughing. Getting another round of compliments at Mariah's antics.

"Hey! This aint no infant viewing time! I want my beer!" A big burly patron over at one of the back tables. "We been waiting and …"

"Coming coming!" The group of waitresses broke up and scurried in getting the drinks served to the impatient patrons.

Samanthia shrugged apologetic to the waitresses. They just brushed it off as they scurried to get the drinks served that Zeb had made. She put away the holocube device back in her pouch. And it was nice to be out and about. Mariah being spoiled by Tamarue and her staff.

"Cute kid," Zeb spoke softly in gravelly voice as he passed by her to get more stock from the back room. "You know it is rare that Caitian mate outsiders and most non-Caitians go to the length you did."

"I like being a mother. Before I came here. I had two daughters from my first husband." Samanthia spoke softly, her eyes looking into unseen distance. She blinked and the look was gone as she turned to look at Zeb. "I'm glad I gotten another chance."

"You picked a real keeper this time." Zeb patted her on her back, gently as he resumed heading into the storeroom.

"Yeah I know... Fur claws and fang!" She softly exclaimed softly, getting some strange looks from a few nearby patrons sitting at the bar.


*Indies = Independent Freighters


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