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Not Your Average Ferengi

Posted on Wed Sep 11th, 2019 @ 10:39pm by Captain Liarra Von & Colonel S'er'in'e & Lieutenant Commander Fregis
Edited on on Wed Sep 11th, 2019 @ 10:39pm

Mission: After the Storm
Location: Main Operations

Having finally disembarked from his journey to Starbase 332, Fregis looked around and was in awe of the place. Having been told about the recent situation the station found itself, he couldn't help but think that the place looked pretty good, considering. Before he could go get settled in, he decided to find the Captain and take care of his onboarding.

With the station now back home and getting towed back into place in orbit of Archa IV, it felt like Liarra was behind on everything. Status reports were coming in from throughout the station, including resupplies and crew transfers. Her office was no solace with so many reports requiring acknowledgement and her signature, so she decided to just camp at her position in Ops. As her eyes scanned over one of the reports, she became aware of a figure standing near her. She glanced up at the officer momentarily before glancing back down at her report. Only after a moment's hesitation did she realize that she was looking at a Ferengi in a Starfleet uniform. There were few people that it could have possibly have been. "Commander Fregis?" she asked of the officer.

Fregis stretched out his hand with the PADD that had his assignment orders on them. "Yes Sir, Lieutenant Commander Fregis reporting for duty Captain."

Von took the PADD and offered her hand to the Ferengi. "Welcome aboard, Commander," she replied. She glanced over the transfer orders on the PADD. "It looks like everything is in order here. As you've probably noticed, you've caught us a bit of a strange time."

"Yes Sir, I have been brought up to speed. It is...unfortunate that I was not already here for the event, but I do hope to make sure my presence here is impactful."

S'er'in'e walked into Operations having gathered updates on the new fighters supplied by the Dreadnought. It came as no surprise to him that most were but weeks off the manufacturing line but the pilots were keen to have them. With Commander Luciano currently unfit for duty following the reactor incident S'er'in'e found himself stepping in for the short term until the Commander was well again. S'er'in'e tried to avoid making too many changes to the Commanders system of doing things but he did some alterations to make it easier for the Caitian.

As he rounded a corner and a group of officers he saw a Ferengi talking to the Captain. He was not aware of a Ferengi serving on the senior staff. Just who was this individual?

Von caught S'er'in'e out of the corner of her eye, although that was not that impressive of a feat given the caitian's size. She gestured towards him.

Glancing over at the Colonel, Fregis reaffirmed his stance to make sure he was still standing at attention, and not starting to slouch.

"Colonel S'er'in'e, this is Lt. Commander Fregis, our new chief of strategic operations," Von said, gesturing towards each of the two men in turn. "Commander, meet Colonel S'er'in'e, our marine force commander and my acting first officer. The colonel's fighter wing patrols the system, and the marines are often used for boarding operations. Likely your departments will be working closely together."

"Sir, it is a pleasure to meet you. I promise, you were to be my next stop." Fregis said almost nervously. He did not want to upset his bosses on the first day.

"A pleasure." S'er'in'e nodded, his typical greeting for the most part. "I am only filling in for Commander Luciano till such time as he is well again."

"But you're doing a fine job, Colonel," Liarra added with a grin. Fregis may not have known it, but Liarra and S'er'in'e were good friends, having bonded while surviving in the wilderness after a shuttle crash. "Commander Luciano has fallen ill after he and the Colonel nearly gave their lives to restore main power to the station recently. Unfortunately the commander's condition has not improved. In the meantime, Colonel S'er'in'e has been my acting first officer. So there's even more reason why you may be working closely together."

Liarra changed the subject from S'er'in'e to Fregis. "So, Commander. Tell us a little about yourself."

Fregis shuffled a tiny bit. "Well, I am one of a small few of Ferengi who have rejected the idea that life is all about making latinum. I also believe that women should be treated as an equal, not a subordinate. That has made some headway amongst our people since Grand Nagus Rom took over. There are still quite a few that are actively fighting him and trying to keep the old ways active. As soon as I was old enough to see the errors in my peoples ways, I joined Starfleet. I wanted to make a difference, not latinum. I felt this was the best way to do it."

Liarra nodded along, one side of her lip curled up into a half smile. She didn't have a lot of interaction with the Ferengi beyond their trading outpost on Mira, and the two brothers running Alexander's, but the Ferengi reputation was infamous. "I'm glad to hear it, Commander. I know a starbase isn't always the most glamorous of assignments, but I'd like to think that we still make a difference out here."

"Something one of my Starfleet Academy professors taught me. 'If you can affect change in one being, then it will all be worth it.' I'm still looking for my one, but I still have time." Fregis said with a smile.

"I think that's a good way of thinking, Commander," Liarra replied with a grin. "I have a feeling that you're going to fit in well here."

"Thank you sir. I hope so. I look forward to learning the quirks and nuances of this lovely lady." Fregis suddenly looked excited. "Not to speak out of turn, but if there is nothing else, I am eager to get started."

Liarra shook her head. "There's nothing else from." She nodded in the direction of S'er'in'e. "I'll let the Colonel get you up to speed. I look forward to working with you, Commander."

Captain Liarra Von
Commanding Officer

Colonel S'er'in'e
Acting Executive Officer

Lt. Commander Fregis
Chief, Strategic Operations


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