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Something You Should Know....

Posted on Sat Sep 14th, 2019 @ 9:51pm by Colonel S'er'in'e & Captain Liarra Von

Mission: Who Watches The Watchers
Location: Operations / Captain's Office.

S'er'in'e walked up to Captain Von's office, his mind dwelling on the pending arrival of the Brigadier General and his party. The man was a legend, his reputation for excellence was sometimes cited as the example those graduating marine boot camp should be something to strive towards. He was also known as a hard liner, do ones best of he'd find someone else. To get promoted by Lowe usually meant a good career ahead, demoted sinks them. S'er'in'e had never met Lowe himself but he had seen him on the display giving speeches of his battles, his experiences to new recruits. With the notification in hand he stood by the door wondering how after everything that had happened, how to make this seem less of yet another slap to the face of 332 than it seemed to be.

Reaching up he pressed the chime, no time like the present and time was a luxury they didn't have at the moment.

Liarra was going through more reports when the chime announced that she had a visitor. As usual, her job as station administrator left her in charge of many departments, and many more people. Daily she faced what seemed to be an unending parade of status reports, updates, and requests; all of which needed to be reviewed, acknowledged, and approved. The constant reports often left her drained, and sometimes questioning her career choices. Did she make the right choice by accepting this command? Did Starfleet make the right choice when they offered it to her? These questions often permeated her mind. However, at this moment her mind was lost in requisition requests, and she was glad to have a visitor to get her mind on anything else. "Come in."

When the doors opened as expected S'er'in'e found the Captain busy. He waited for the doors to close him mindful not to allow it to do so on his tail behind him. As customary, a bow, then spoke. "Captain. I have a priority message here for us." The choice of word, us. "We have a Brigadier General Lowe coming to the station with a team of investigators. We have been ordered to render our full cooperation and assistance. They should be arriving in little under 19 hours." He wondered if the Captain in her position had heard of him, or not given the service differences.

Von laid the PADD she was reading in front of her on the desk and raised her hand to her chin as she thought. Brigadier General Lowe did have a familiar ring to it, but mostly only stories and rumors. She was not well versed in the General's exploits, but from she did know of him, he seemed to be an honorable man. "We're a little worse for wear at the moment with all of the repairs, but the Dreadnought left us enough extra supplies before she and Admiral S'iraa left. We'll do what we can to make the place a little more presentable for the General. And of course we will provide our full cooperation. Did the message say what they were coming to investigate?"

S'er'in'e walked to the desk and handed Liarra the PADD with the notification. "It does not, though if I were to speculate it would be regarding the recent developments of the station." He spoke. "Or, I have been recalled to the Homeworld and he is being sent to replace me." Both were valid options as he saw it considering the past interactions with the Overseer. "However if I may, I doubt it will be an overly pleasant visit. His reputation is....well founded." Take that how she would, but it could present both sides of the coin, the good, or the ugly.

Her eyes flicked back and forth as Liarra skimmed over the PADD. As S'er'in'e stated, the nature of the investigation was not stated. Von shrugged. "Possibly, though my understanding was that Admiral S'iraa's trip to Cestus III was to discuss our recent adventures. In any case, let's make sure we do our best to be hospitable to the General and his staff. If his reputation is that... well founded... it would be best if we can stay on their good side. See if you can find out what General Lowe needs for his team and let's make sure he has it."

"I will greet the General personally and see to his needs." S'er'in'e replied. "I will have our best guest quarters arranged and any computer link ups the General might need seen to." For now that was all he could do but he doubted that would be the end of it. "Liarra." S'er'in'e spoke, perhaps using her name to draw the seriousness of what he was about to say. "General Lowe has a reputation of excellence, of instilling it or weeding out the weak. With Admiral S'iraa gone and the Dreadnought not long departed, something......feels off about the timing of this."

Von nodded. "You're right, the timing is quite the coincidence. I'm sure if Admiral S'iraa was aware of this visit, he would have at least warned us, and possibly delayed his own trip. Let's be accommodating, but cautious. He may be choosing the station as a base of operations due to its location. But it may be something more than that." She sighed and bit her lip while she thought about the situation. "Just in case, it might be worth finding out whatever we can about the General before his arrival. Whatever the purpose of his visit, let's not go into this completely blind."

"I will do some digging, see if there is anything I can find discreetly." S'er'in'e replied. "I have some acquaintances at command that might be able to provide some answers." But deep down even S'er'in'e knew that was a stretch at best and even then, they might not know anything at the flag level that might help.

"Keep me posted," Von replied. "And let me know as soon as the General enters the system."

"Understood." S'er'in'e bowed as usual then returned to Operations where he'd begin his own work into the Why and How of the General's means.


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