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The Calm Before All Else.

Posted on Sun Sep 1st, 2019 @ 10:04am by Colonel S'er'in'e

Mission: Who Watches The Watchers
Location: Starbase Operations

The station's repairs were progressing but it would be a little while before life within it would return to normal. Heated arguments ensued by those trapped within the station over spoiled cargo, shop keepers claiming loss of business, those of civilian and service seeking other places to call home or assignment respectively. With Commander Luciano still in recovery the position fell to Colonel S'er'in'e to step in as First Officer. Since the Caitian was only stepping in on the short term he did not wish to make many alterations or changes as the Commander would only have to change them again later, this was afterall the Commander's position.

This assignment however permitted him to have more hands on approach than normal, after the doors were operational again and ships fought for who was going to leave first ships were steadily departing one after the other.

For himself the one sole reprieve was the total and complete resupply of his department with fighters, pilots, munitions and spares from the U.S.S. Dreadnought. He had seen the Dreadnought before when it last stopped off at 332 and it was very different than what he remembered it to be.

Casualties had been many and Sickbay handled itself admirably. Security also did well preventing much of the expected opportunistic looting and raiding that tended to follow any disaster that effected everyone equally, at the same time.

"Sir, incoming hail from the Dreadnought, it's Captain Hood."

S'er'in'e pointed to the large viewscreen that was on the wall, then the image of the Captain appeared. "Captain Hood."

"Colonel. We have completed transfer of the supplies. I have to say I'm envious, some of those are brand new." Hood spoke refurring to many of the fighters that had been flown to 332's hangers. "We will transfer all documentation prior to our departure."

"Thank you Captain, I will inform Captain Von when able." S'er'in'e replied.

"The damage control teams we sent over will be heading back shortly, we have to get going soon but I hope they were helpful?" Hood asked. He remembered the sight of the stations exterior when it reappeared and it was far from in good condition. While he knew 332 had its own teams, he had many of his own that could help and speed up repairs as needed. Many that he was happy to lend.

"You have our thanks Captain, many repairs were completed much ahead of schedule thanks to your aid." S'er'in'e replied. "I hope that we have not inconvenienced you too greatly with the repair efforts?"

"Not at all, unloading the fighters would have taken time anyway and we had the man power to spare." Hood replied. "I wont take up any more of your time Colonel, still much to be done. Pass on my regards to Captain Von, Hood out."

S'er'in'e managed to get in a nod before the communications link closed. The help of the Dreadnought was valuable and it did aid in effecting repairs at an accelerated pace but that aid was coming to an end and there was still much to be done. The computer chirped of an incoming data packet, opening it revealed the documentation the Captain had mentioned about every craft, the service jackets of every new pilot, an inventory of supplies that had be transferred along with it and spare parts. S'er'in'e gladly welcomed these new additions as they would enable him to establish a proper CAP around the station and put less strain on his pilots who had up to now been taxed to fill in.

Business once again fell to its usual routine with officers going about their business and duties, Von in her office no doubt doing some explaining herself to someone about what happened, a conversation he was glad not to be having. There were perks to not being in command after all.

*** 3 Hours later ***

S'er'in'e watched on the viewscreen of the Dreadnought slowly lumbering to starboard, the colossal vessel then leaping into warp leaving the station to its own means but better off thanks to its aid.

It was as if fate had been patient, waited, bide its time before peeking its head around the corner. "Sir, priority communication, command eyes only."

Not something S'er'in'e was expecting to hear but walked to an unoccupied station that was free of anyone else around it. "Route it here." The Caitian spoke and waited for the console to light up with the information once he'd entered his command codes. Captain Von had granted him an elevation of command authority, even though he was just filling in for Commander Luciano, S'er'in'e shared the authority of the role now and was able to open the message.

To: Command Authority, Starbase 332
From: Brig. Gen. Conah Lowe.

Subject: Command Investigation & Questioning

Prepare for arrival of investigation team. Full cooperation and compliance and requested and required. All records and files to be made available upon request. Estimated arrival: 19 Hours.


B/G C. Lowe.

S'er'in'e knew of Lowe, most marines did. Where he went it would end up good or bad, there was never grey area in between.

He had to speak to the Captain.


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