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He Who Rocks The Babe

Posted on Mon Sep 2nd, 2019 @ 4:10pm by Samanthia Akiashiro & Captain Liarra Von & Colonel S'er'in'e

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: Samantha's Quarters

Liarra had been invited to dinner again to help in a distraction from the ordeal that plagued the station. It was obvious to most that the stress was mounting and facing it alone in light of the First Officer's mental lock up, her tortured frame was starting to crack. Everything was set in the home, the table, the food and all that it required was the attendees. A call had come in from the security checkpoint, Captain Von, Liarra Von had arrived. The daughter all dressed up in a pretty little dress, a recent purchase and yet looking cute and sweet upon her.

A link was made to Samanthia. "Sorry to disturb you ma'am, Liarra Von is here."

Samanthia would be gone for no more than 60 seconds, but that was all the time needed. When Liarra and Samanthia returned they were greeted with a dark room, not how Samanthia had left it and silence, not a mutter from Mariah. Hidden by the darkness of the room a man sat in a chair, weapon poised towards the door, a sound of cutlery could be heard as it scraped against a plate. A motionless Mariah in his lap. "I wouldn't call for help, there is too much at stake, come in, join us." The voice in the darkness spoke.

Liarra had been chatting with Samanthia on the way back to her quarters, mostly small talk, but enough that she wasn't quite paying attention as they walked up to the door. But the darkness was enough of a sudden change to tip Liarra off that something was amiss. She instinctively reached to hip, but naturally she had no need for a phaser for a dinner party, and her dress didn't have any pockets. Liarra put her arm up to Samanthia as she pushed her way past her into the room. It may have been Samanthia's home, but only one of them was a trained Starfleet officer. "Who are you?" she asked into the darkness, her eyes straining to adjust.

Samanthia spoke softly, bringing up the lights to see by. She looked over the room accessing the situation. Seeing Mr. Isotep with her motionless daughter on his lap and another man leaning against the counter where several dishes of food should've been in the warmer, wiping his face free of food he had sampled and dropping the linen napkin to the floor to free up his hand to grab the Klingon disrupter laying next to him.

"I'm sure Samanthia will enlighten you, Fleeter," He spoke with arrogance. "You might as well come in." Directing his attention to Samanthia.

Liarra glanced over to Samanthia. She always had a feeling that there was more to the woman than what met the eye, but Liarra was never able to piece together the full story. For better or for worse, it seemed that she was about to learn more.

Having no choice for the safety of her Daughter, Samanthia complied. "What do you want, Mr. Isotep?" Knowing full well why he was here. Her mind raced through the possibilities. She was weaponless as much was Liarra. But this was her home turf where there was weapons stashed.

"You know what I want. None walks away from the Org and me. Specially me." Mr. Isotep spoke softly, all the more menacing for it. "But you ignored my warnings. I could've given you what you desired if you only let me."

Samanthia hoped her daughter was okay and alive. She wondered if she could control S'er'in'e, knowing how protective he could get. "What? Complaints and rhetoric about how the non-humans are destroying the universe and using up valuable resources?"

"You had a promising future when you first joined. You had the drive to succeed where many were out for themselves." Mr. Isotep spoke with a bit more passion. "You're a natural for this business, but you stayed on the fringe."

"And a lot safer. Less chance of making mistakes like the others that strive for power and position." Samanthia edged away from Liarra towards S'er'in'e's corner of the common room.

Mr. Isotep's partner moved up next to Liarra. Then taking liberties as he frisked her for any hidden surprises with a lustful leer after placing restraints on her wrist. He roughly shoved her to land on the sofa in a sitting position.

Von resisted the urge to fight back. Even with the disruptor in the partner's hands, she felt that she had a chance to overpower him, even if it was a small chance. But this mysterious Mr. Isotep had Mariah's life in his hands, assuming that she was still alive. Von couldn't act without jeopardizing the life of Samanthia and S'er'in'e's daughter. So she complied with the frisking, though she maintained a look of disgust as the assailant took some liberties with his hand placement. Shoved down on the sofa with her hands bound, Liarra was starting to feel pretty useless. Desperately she glanced around the room, looking for something, anything, that she could use to get some leverage against these two men.

"Not if you partnered up with me. I'd looked after you." Mr. Isotep stood up with Mariah in his arm. Using her as a shield. He knew what Samanthia was going for.

S'er'in'e was late, uncharacteristically late which is why he took suitable attire to his office to change into if that did become the case. If he were to be late, at least he'd plan for it. He'd promised Samanthia that he'd do no work, a little tidy up, a very brief catch up on things since Mason had pretty much been landed with running things while he recovered. All said and done he left his office and headed home.

Samanthia sneered, rolling her eyes, pausing as Mr. Isotep stood and placing her daughter in more danger. "I can look after myself." She looked at Liarra to see if she was okay. Seeing her on the sofa in restraints and the Henchman much closer to the door to the apartment. S'er'in'e as typical of a Fleeter was running a bit late.

Mr. Isotep chuckled. "Not from my perspective. I did warn you what would happen if you stepped out of line." He observed Samanthia showing a brave front and the way she kept edging towards the Cat's Corner of the common room. He shook Mariah as he shook his head no to stop her advance.

Samanthia froze in position as he smiled. "I should've not informed you when I left from SB-12." She spoke softly, knowing that she will be put through interrogation if she and Liarra survive this fiasco. She looked thoughtfully for a second or two at Liarra. "But I thought you wouldn't swoop this low." She let her displeasure show. She would have to leave SB 332 to avoid farther embarrassment to S'er'in'e.

Liarra's eyes shifted back and forth between Samanthia and Isotep. If they made it out of this mess, Liarra was sure to have some questions for her. But now was not the time to worry about that. She could feel Isotep's partner still pointing his disruptor at her back. She'd be dead before even reaching her feet if she tried something at this point.

"I'd find you sooner or later. I don't think you would like the life on the run." Mr. Isotep spoke. "And what of your family when they find out you worked for us?" He gave a bit of gloat. "See M'dear," He advanced to her and patted her cheek. "I own you." Backing away as he saw the anger in her expression. "And I'm here to clean up your mistakes. Take you with me."

He motioned for his henchman to restrain her.

The doors opened and within its framed entry stood S'er'in'e, home and apparently ready to eat, also apparently ready to speak until he saw the scene before him. Liarra seated and uncomfortable apparently. His Wife to one side of the room, a male holding Mariah and not a peep from her, another male with his back to him with a weapon in hand. All of this took in with a trained moment. S'er'in'e pulled the man through the doors and let them close. A thud could be heard as the individual impacted the bulkhead of the opposing wall. What came next was three minutes of fury, his family had been harmed, his sanctuary invaded, his relationship intruded upon and this poor individual would be the first to feel just how bad S'er'in'e could be if roused to do so in defence of his family.

The doors to the apartment buckled from a strong impact, then again, and again, so much so that a very small gap had appeared. Muffled screaming could be heard, high pitched, pleading. Growling and snarling could be heard from the other side of the damaged doors. Silence fell outside once a audible sickening sound of bones breaking could be heard, and not just a few, but many.

Moments later claws pushed through the gap made by the assault upon it, one, then another. Even then blood could be seen to race down the door itself from the tips, fresh and wet as they were. He pushed the doors apart and from the graceful, immaculately presented S'er'in'e stood in its place something of utter feral rage and hostility. Blood covered most of his face, his chin dripped with it as the white fur soaked red. It was obvious now to whom his gaze fell upon. In the fight however he'd not noticed his badge had fallen off so what came fro his mouth was not Federation standard, but Caitian, but it didn't take a UT to know what S'er'in'e said to the male holding his daughter.

Mr. Isotep threw Mariah at S'er'in'e as he shot at Samanthia. He fled into Mariah's bedroom, and literally dove into the maintenance passage way, not bothering to reseal it behind him. He rolled to his feet and ran down the passage way to a 6 way junction. He dropped down several decks. He raged within himself at his continuing failure to bring Samanthia back into the group, while running through the planned escape route. Her time was coming he thought to himself as he calmed himself down to make his escape. He would have to flee the station to avoid capture.

Liarra jumped to her feet and pressed the comm panel with the tip of her nose. "Von to Security. I need a security and medical team to Samanthia Akiashiro's quarters immediately. Starfleet or Akiashiro, I don't care. Just get someone down here now." She gave a description of Mr. Isotep and orders to find him, though she had a feeling that he was already long gone.

Catching Mariah S'er'in'e watched the male bolt from the room having shot Samanthia. Charged, fuelled with rage not seen before he chased into her room. He saw the hole, far too small for him to fit in, however his head could. What came next was something that Von had heard once before but worse. Not from pain on the planet when he had to drain his chest cavity, but raw, unfiltered rage and anger as he roared into the hole. It would no doubt be heard on several decks, but this was not over.

Standing up again S'er'in'e checked his daughter and found her still breathing, she'd been sedated. He walked back into the main room, claws still out hurting slightly from the fight and unable to retract them just yet and walked to Samanthia, Liarra at this moment ignored, his family came first.

Samanthia laid there crumpled, yet breathing with a hitch of being stunned. Eyes glaring the way Isotep had fled. She twitched a bit as her eyes focused on S'er'in'e. She wished she could speak. but for now as she laid there, letting the stun wear off before she moved or spoke. Her eyes looked at her daughter in S'er'in'e's bloody paws and extended claws.

Liarra watched the family from afar before turning and looking back at the battered door. What was left in the corridor outside was once a person, though if she hadn't known it, she might not have believed it. She turned back to S'er'in'e. She knew what he was capable of doing from their time together marooned on an uninhabited planet. But this was the closest she had been to seeing it herself, and the first time that she could witness the aftermath. Even knowing that he was on their side sent a shiver up her spine.

From the hallway came voices and pounding of feet getting closer and coming to a stop. Exclamations on the bloody mess outside their apartment. None dared enter, hoping that there wasn't more of the same inside the apartment.

"Iy… I sorry..." Samanthia forced out as the stun wore off in a whisper, knowing S'er'in'e could hear her. She didn't fight the stun, letting it wear off unhindered. Hearing the exclamations coming from the hallway outside the apartment. Her eyes darted that way seeing the battered, forced open door, just enough to allow S'er'in'e through. "Shou.. let him... ha... me.." A bit stronger. She wiggled her toes. Giving her head a shake as the stun loosened it grips on her.

She struggled a bit to sit up, giving a soft expletive in a tone obviously swearing and in a different language that Mariah wouldn't comprehend yet. Then remembering Liarra was there also, in the background. Looking over at her, head tilted to one side as her brain came more alive. "I'm glad you're uninjured, Miss Liarra." She held out her arms to her daughter as the noise outside the apartment became more pronounced. "Is Mariah ok?" Looking up into the rage filled eyes of a huge towering Caitian.

S'er'in'e nodded and handing over the child to Samanthia, his still wet hand staining both mother and daughters outfits. He then wiped his thumb up Mariah's and Samanthia's brow, a Caitian custom. Once done he turned to free Liarra from her restraints and did so without a word spoken. What happened next came from behind closed doors as S'er'in'e retreated to the bathroom and exploded. Rage boiled over at the escape of that male, the violation inflicted upon his family and he was late to prevent it. It was evident to everyone S'er'in'e was shouting something but with badges missing only Samanthia would have a hint of what was being said, blaming as much on himself as that of that unknown male for what happened.

Samanthia quickly checked Mariah over, only to sigh with relief as she was just sleeping off the sedatives she had been given. She looked over at Liarra with resignation in her eyes as they heard S'er'ion'e vent in private. "I'm a Sleeper Agent. My job is to provide a safe house for those on the run to hide out till their Agents can move on safely. At least Isotep's minions." She moved to place Mariah in her playpen once she started to move on her own. "I was trained to be an Intelligence Agent and a Counselor. Was easily swayed to join them during the Dominion War. Then stayed on the fringe by providing a safe house." Speaking softly to Liarra as she listened to Akiashiro Security move about the corridor outside the Apartment.

Liarra was admittedly stunned by the admission. She had always suspected that Samanthia had been involved in something, though she never quite knew what. Providing a safe house was not as bad as she thought. "It's almost ironic, in a way. Now it almost seems like you're the one who needs a safe house. Is there anywhere else that you could stay tonight, while security investigates? We can put you in secured housing if you'd feel more comfortable."

Samanthia gave a knowing smile that wasn't pleasant as she looked toward the source of sounds that S'er'in'e was making. "I'll stay here. I just need to take better precautions. Besides, Mr. Isotep overplayed his hand here and will move on."

Samanthia acknowledged Liarra as she moved to look at what was left of the Henchman and to deal Akiashiro Security. She quietly explained what transpired to the Senior Security Officer. She led one through the Apartment to show how they had gotten into her and S'er'in'e's Apartment.

"I wish we could put a grate across these junction. But Fleet would tear them out again." Security Officer spoke as they returned to the common area. The Security Officer looked at Liarra. "You have Akiashiro's sincere sympathies and apologies for the rough handling by these intruders." Security Officer gave Liarra a quick polite bow showing respect to her position on the Starbase. "I hope you wasn't hurt in anyway. If you was, please send any medical bills you accrue to us, due to you being in this situation and we'll see that it gets paid in full."

Von dismissed them with a wave of her hand. "Don't worry about me. I'm tougher than I look. But Mariah should have medical attention as soon as possible, just to make sure that everything is alright. It might be nothing, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. And if anyone tries to charge you, tell them that I sent her." She thought about the situation for another moment. "I know Starfleet security has allowed Deck 1403 to operate your own security protocols. But the station is still my responsibility. If you have anything on this 'Mr. Isotep' that can help us apprehend him, I implore you to share it with station security. Believe me, I want him caught as much as you do."

Akiashiro Security Officer spoke. "We'll work closely with Fleet Security. If they are willing to share information on this case with us. Captain Von." He turned and moved to rejoin his team.

Samanthia looked thoughtful, debating on what Von had said. "I'll get Mariah checked out." As the Security Officers and his team made way for the cleaning crew to clean up the mess out in the corridor. She moved over to a cabinet and pulled out an old yet very functional medical tricorder. She moved back to Mariah and settled on the floor next to the playpen. Ran a quick scan of her daughter.

S'er'in'e after he'd calmed down from his rage, at least for the time being took a moment to clean up, change his clothing. Anger, rage were two dominant companions right now. His Wife and daughter, his family had been harmed, his friend too and the one responsible got away. From the privacy of the bedroom he changed into a pant and vest two piece attire, arms bare from the shoulder down but his claws still bared as he was unable to retract them just yet from the attack. A proper cleaning would be needed for that so in the meantime, he would hide his claws behind his back as part of his composed image.

He stepped out several minutes later and while clean...his facial expression was anything but friendly.

Liarra stood in silence when S'er'in'e stepped back into the room. Despite cleaning up, the rage was still in his eyes and expressions. Liarra knew what the Caitian was capable of doing, but seeing it first hand. Her thoughts took her back to her lonely nights in a cave, resting her broken leg, while S'er'in'e was out searching for those searching for them. No, searching was not the right word. Hunting was more like it. She imagined that the mercenary he killed on that deserted planet ended up much like the man who so recently pointed a weapon at her and his family.

Her thoughts continued to wander as quickly as her eyes as they lowered from his expression to his hands. S'er'in'e may have cleaned himself, but it was still easy to see the traces of blood on his large claws. S'er'in'e had always been prideful, and was careful to never let himself lose control in front of her. But after what she saw, the primal side of him coming loose, she realized that even pride won't stop him from defending those close to him.

Samanthia stood up, leaving the tricorder on the floor next to the playpen. "Our daughter is fine. A bit drugged which I'll let dissipate on it own." She looked at S'er'in'e as she stood before him, looking up into his eyes, seeing the rage there simmering in his molten golden eyes.

A Fleet Security Officer arrived with an Akiashiro Security Officer. A brief clearing of the throat, alerted those inside the apartment. "Fleet Security is here." Announced the Akiashiro Security Officer.

"I'll take care of it and give you three a moment," Liarra said, almost glad for something to distract her. She followed the Akiashiro security officer into the corridor to meet with her officer.

There was a fury to his eyes rarely seen, more so this close up. A man had harmed his Mate, his Wife, threatened his family and friend. While in the one hand he was glad that Liarra didn't see the act of him essentially murdering that individual, he knew he'd have to make amends for it since she saw the aftermath and, his resulting appearance. His stare at Samanthia was hard, it looks could shatter planets it would have. Rage, fury, bearly controlled instinct coursed through him. This was the past Samanthia and him had argued about, he was the one at the heart of the issue. No male, would touch Samanthia again, not after this. Trust was earned and at this current time he trusted few and all those were female. He wouldn't harm Samanthia, she knew that, but the look held in his gaze told her that if he saw that male again, only one would walk away.

The corridor was splattered with remains of the henchman that received S'er'in'e's personal attention as Akiashiro Security Officer led Captain Von away from the mess as the cleaning crews showed up. Fleet Security officer was waiting several meters down the Corridor along with another Akiashiro Security Officer. The Fleet Officer turned his attention to Captain Von, giving her a quick once over.

As Elder Akiashiro brushed by them as he gave Von a glare but kept on going. "Get them Fleeters off my Deck as soon as possible" To one of the Security Officers that followed along in his entourage of followers. He entered the Apartment of Samanthia and S'er'ine, alone without his entourage.

In the apartment, Samanthia fussed a bit over Mariah as Elder Raphiel barged his way into the Apartment. She stood up and moved towards him to place herself between S'er'in'e and the Elder Akiashiro. "Is everyone okay?" Moving up to Samanthia, entering her personal space.

S'er'ine stood watching, his hands ached a little, claws too from the mauling he'd given the individual outside. Still unable to put his claws away he hid them behind his back. That was when the Elder came close to his Mate, his Wife and Mother of his Offspring. His hands dropped from his back to his sides, he growled. The last man to venture near Samanthia left his scent on her, the last man shot her, he was in no mood for another to venture close to her. There was no doubt what so ever to whom his attention was directed, and it was plainly obvious as to the cause, his proximity to Samanthia. The growl was a rolling one, a warning one, to back away or S'er'in'e would encourage such....personally.

Samanthia heard the growl coming from S'er'en'e and Raphiel looked up at him over Samanthia's shoulder. "Please." As she stepped back putting space between her and Raphiel as she moved between S'er'en'e and Raphiel. "We're fine. Just my past caught up to me. And my mate showed up."

Raphiel nodded as his eyes narrowed a bit, not liking the situation and seeing how S'er'en'e was acting and the mess being cleaned up in the corridor. "We'll talk later. And let me know if you need any assistance." He turned and left their apartment, rejoining those out in the corridor.

When the elder emerged from the apartment Von elected not to return the glare. But she did turn her attention to him. "Residents of this station have been attacked, Mr. Akiashiro. You may not like Starfleet, but this is still a Starfleet installation. I do trust that your security department will cooperate fully with the Starfleet investigation. I would hate for there to be complications."

"As long as Starfleet cooperate with my security forces in getting this matter resolved." Raphiel turning his attention to Von, with a soft arrogant condoning patrician half smile as if he was bestowing a favor to a wayward child. "You have my condolence and hope you wasn't harmed in anyway. Excuse me. I've a meeting to attend to."

Seeing Samanthia put distance between herself and the Elder, then positioning herself between them he knew what she was doing. No male would touch her again today lest they pay for the outrage, he was still highly strung over the male who stunned her, who harmed his daughter and the cowardly nature of his escape. It did remind him though that given the point of entry that he'd want additional plating installed to prevent this happening again. He made a mental note to see Von later, an apology would have to be made, for what he did, what she saw.

Once Raphiel had left, She turned and approached S'er'in'e. She hugged him tightly, pressing herself up against him for comfort. She let down her guard, to reveal that she was scared witless as she had presented a brave front. Now was drawing strength from him, even in his enraged state.

S'er'in'e held onto his Wife with a firm hold, he did not look down at her, instead his gaze was alert and his posture ready. Who ever that was may be gone but he clearly had help by the other that was with him. His claws ached and in need of a proper cleaning and to tend to them knowing there were dull points on the cutting edge. His home, his sanctuary had been violated, its safety compromised. Measures would need to be taken if he were to ever consider it safe to house his family again. "We should find other accommodations, safe, secure." There was no debating this, it was spoken as matter of fact, it was happening.

"I'm not letting them run me or my family from my... our home." Samanthia growled at him. "Making it safer, I agree with you." Already her mind was racing on ways to break Isotep's hold on her and each of them would probably land her in a penal colony. She looked up at him with determination within his embrace.

Samanthia Akiashiro
Proprietor of Warp 12 & Dive

Colonel S'er'in'e
Marine Command & Flight Officer

Captain Liarra Von
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