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After Effects on Warp-12

Posted on Wed Sep 11th, 2019 @ 3:13am by Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: After the Storm
Location: SB 332 Warp-12

Samanthia finishing up the last of the inventories of Warp-12, her lounge on the promenade. Closing the final ledger with a thump and a sigh of relief that chore was finished. She looked at the PaDD that glowed next to the ledger. It showed a lot of food had perished with the lack of power. Some of the glass bottles of booze had shattered during the rough transit. She smirked a bit as she looked at the total in amount displayed as loss or seriously cut into the Warp-12 lounge's profits.

~~Raph aint gonna like this.~~ Samanthia smirked softly as she listened to her employees finished up with the last of the cleaning of the debris that resulted from the rough passage. She saved the work on the PaDD and added it to the pile she would take with her back to the Akiashiro Deck 1403. ~~Aint the first time the place ran into the red. Nor likely the last time...~~ She just had to make sure Warp-12 stayed showing profit between the times the Lounge went into the red.

Shoving the chair back with her legs as she stood, looking around for a bag to carry the PaDDs in. She liked running Warp-12 and the Dive, but the paperwork was the killer on the enjoyment she had running the establishment. Glancing at the time. S'er'in'e would be with Mariah back at the apartment waiting for her to show up. She hoped that S'er'in'e would have something prepped for her return as it was getting close to the end of stations second shift.

"Henry!" Samanthia shouted through the open doorway of her office. "Bring me a bag. Willya?!"

"Sure!" Henery shouted back and soon appeared with a sack with handles. "How bad is it?" Seeing the closed ledger on her desk and the pile of PaDD's stacked neatly next to the ledger.

"We may all be looking for a new job when Raphiel sees these." Samanthia spoke as she placed the PaDD's into the sack. Looking ruefully as the last of them were placed in the sack. "If Raph can get at least three fourths reimbursed from Fleet. It whont be so bad."

"Anything less.... New jobs here we come.." Henry spoke with resignation as he backed towards the exit to the office.

"For me at least and a few shift managers. Everyone else.. Arse Chewing on how all this could've been prevented." Samanthia spoke as she grabbed the sack to head on out.

She walked out with Henry through the kitchen area as the few on the clean up crew were putting away the brooms and mops. She looked over the room, taking note of the equipment that was broken and needed to be replaced. She sighed as it was already recorded. Just seeing the damaged equipment caused her spirits to drop some more.

"Use replicated foods till the lounge gets it next shipment in." She spoke with the Shift Manager as she came scurrying up. She still continued on her way toward the lounge proper as she spoke. "What non-replicated alcoholic drinks we have left. Be stingy. No free drinks of favored patrons. Give them my deepest apologies."

Entering the Patron's section of the Lounge, only a third of the holoprojectors worked. The few patrons that was there were in quiet conversation with each other in little groups of two or three's. Some were holding drinks they was nursing amongst the few empty glasses sitting forgotten next to elbows. Samanthia smirked softly with worry. She would have to get some techs from Akiashiro to come up here to fix the remaining holoprojectors which provided furniture and plants placed carefully to give the illusion of privacy without blocking the view of the stage area and the big view port out into space.

Seeing the some of the instruments that weren't holoprojections, laying neatly in a corner on a table to be reclaimed by the owners. Unaware that some of the owners whont be coming back to claim as they was part of the ill fated crew of the ship that failed to return from the scouting mission. She moved gracefully through the room, heading to the main bar. She nodded to the patrons who made eye contact with her as she passed by them. Some returned the nod with a halfhearted attempt at a smile. Others just nodded showing a loss of a kin, friend or significant other.

She paused at the bar, "Shut the place down when the shift is over with. Post signs that the Warp-12 will be closed for maintenance till farther notice."

Shift Manager nodded, "Gotcha boss. A rough few days. We'll be here to lend a hand." Giving Samanthia a smile of confidence. "We weathered some rough times before. This will be nothing new and it whont be the first nor the last."

"Maybe we need to change the name of the establishment to Phoenix. Since we always raise from the ashes." Samanthia joked softly as she accepted her customary orange juice drink and sitting on her favorite stool at her reserved spot at the bar.

"Ha Ha!" Shift Manage gave a little chuckle. "You got that right."


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