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On the Nature of Judgement

Posted on Thu Oct 3rd, 2019 @ 1:46pm by Colonel S'er'in'e & Commander Taylor Michaels

Mission: Who Watches The Watchers
Location: Transport Shuttle 296-31

Commander Taylor Michaels stepped away from the replicator on the small shuttle, hot Yorkshire Tea in one hand, a PADD with all of the details of the pending investigation in the other. He'd been pouring over Lowe's notes, trying to get a handle on the investigation that he was about to engage in. Taylor was heading to the station on less dire orders, taking over as Chief of Sector Operations to help coordinate with the ever growing tensions from the Ritorians in the area. He'd known Lowe though most of his career, though, and had been given the notes for a once over so he'd "know who he was working for" the General had said.

"All in all, General, seems like a bad run of luck to me, for sure," He said, taking a sip of his tea and closing out the report, offering the PADD back to the General.

"Bad luck or poor command choices and leadership." Lowe replied. "I've read the mission reports, Von's jacket and most of the senior staff and I am shocked at the leadership qualities and competence of most of them." Pausing to rub his chin, in particular a scar from a too close encounter during a campaign he pondered on what lay before him. "332 is a vital and critical facility in this region." Lowe spoke as matter of fact than anything.

"No discounting that," Taylor replied. "That's what the assigned me here for, after all," He said, laughing a bit. "You really think it's poor leadership?" He asked, looking over some of the more important details on the list of issues.

"What ever it is I will get to the bottom of it and see to the end of what ever troubles that station." Lowe answered. He'd been reviewing things for some time but only now gotten the opportunity to act, it took a little convincing of the command authority to approve his mission but he'd see it through and put right what he saw were many wrongs. "I have already contacted the station to inform them of our arrival, it will be interesting to see how things shape up once we arrive."

"I know you," Taylor replied, nodding, "If there's an issue, you'll find it. For what it's worth... I hope you're wrong. Von sounds like a well meaning woman. I'd hate to think she's had all of this loss just because she's inept," He mused. "That would be a tragedy for everyone who's suffered with her." He said.

"It would." Lowe was not one to waste talent but talent had to be properly used and nurtured into something better. With the reports he'd been reading it cast a strong doubt in his mind that Captain Von had not only the best interests of the station and its crew in mind, but also the region. "I would hope that some of her staff are as capable as I would expect them to be though some service records I have read have left me wanting." Which in Lowe's vocabulary meant...disappointing.

"I would like to begin interviews of the senior staff as soon as possible after we are set up. I don't want them having time to talk to each other and get stories straight." The less chance he could give people to coordinate the better the true picture that would be revealed during his investigation.

"Feels like we're going in like IA," Taylor replied with a sigh. "Not exactly how I'd like to start my tenure on the station," He admitted.

"Would you prefer to start under troubled roof, or a clean house in prim and proper order?" Lowe replied. While he understood Taylor's outlook he believed in making the best of a presented situation and in this one, it saw a very different picture to the one he was reading up on. "I'd like you to look through the security crime reports for the station for the past 6 months. Any patterns, repeat offenders, trouble areas, known criminal groups, anything." While he knew a Starbase like any city anywhere would have a criminal element, his scope didn't just span to the service side of life but civilian too.

Taylor nodded, "I can do that. And no, I get what you're saying... I'd just love to not come in looking like a lynch mob, and then say 'Well, I'm in charge now!' and hope for the best... Blood on the hands and all of that," He explained.

"Perfectly understandable Commander." Lowe said confidently of his goals and objectives. "Once we arrive I am sure things will become much clearer. We have a job to do and while it might not be the most pleasant you are here because you see the greater, bigger picture and there is a place for you in it." Lowe checked the time. "You should make final preparations, you're dismissed."

All Lowe had to do was wait till he arrived before his work could begin.

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