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Fugitive P3 :: Meet Up

Posted on Sat Nov 16th, 2019 @ 4:00pm by Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: The Dive - SB332

Isotep stood up from the table, feeling the alcohol of the drinks he consumed. "Don't save my seat." As he strode off, forgetting he had another drink coming. He looked at the bar and saw that Samanthia was gone. He scanned the room a bit worried that he missed his chance. Spying one of the Akiashiro Security men had moved together at a table against the wall.

He scowled as he had to leave the The Dive for a public lavatory down the corridor. He hoped she would be still here when he finished up. He looked thoughtful as he did his business and headed back to the Dive. Wondering on how to make his approach as he had changed his appearance just enough to be dismissed after a brief study and a casual glance.

Entering the Dive, he looked around and took notice that She was talking with Zeb at the bar, sipping a drink. Looking around he noticed that two Akiashiro security men were not in sight. He moved to the bar and settled in a seat close to the still open ledgers and a small stack of invoices were laying on the bar counter. He casually checked himself over for his hidden weapons which were leathel and deadly, but required a propellent to shoot a projectile. The gun even had a silencer to even make it more covert incase he needed it, yet it wouldn't draw to much attention to the source when fired.

Samanthia lead the way behind the bar to her seat followed by Zeb to take Isotep's order. She looked at him as she took her seat to finish up the ledgers. She studied him with a neutral expression as she got comfortable and took a sip of her drink. She placed it on the side of her books opposite from him.

He watched her for a few minutes to see if recognition set in as she resumed her work with the ledgers and inventories of stock. He watched her write with her neat legible script into the book.

She looked up at him. "You need something?" Her blue eyes expressionless as she reached for her drink.

"Just a moment of your time in private." Isotep let his eyes drift to Zeb standing nearby.

Samanthia glanced at Zed, then back to the man wishing to speak with her. She waved Zeb away and watched him move down the bar out of earshot.

"What is it you wish to speak about?" Samanthia looked at the man, after noticing that Zeb kept an eye on her.

"I was wondering if Akiashiro merchant ships need a crewman?" Isotep spoke softly and then took a sip of his drink. Secretly hoping that they do.

Samanthia looked thoughtful as many in the Dive asked her that question, hoping to catch a fast ride off the station to avoid the customs and other unwanted attention. "They always need crew. You would have to go through a background check first, by applying for the job. And depends on the job applying for, must show proper certifications."

Isotep looked thoughtful, "what about a working passage? Trade work for passage?" He gave a small smile thinking to himself. ~~She still hasn't recognized me...~~ while taking a sip of his drink.

"Still need to have proper certifications." Samanthia spoke letting her eyes drop to the ledger before her to show she had better things to do with her time.

"I can make it worthwhile for you if you could get me in to speak with Mr. Akiashiro, himself?" Isotep knew he was losing her attention by the way her eyes dropped to her ledgers.

Samanthia looked up at him. "If I did that. I'd have majority of my patrons here asking me to see Elder." She studied him briefly as she inserted an invoice in between pages of the ledger where there was others she had finished with.

"Come on. I whont tell anyone else. I'll avoid you till it is time to meet up." He looked hopeful with a light barely noticeable whine to his tone give it a bit of desperation to it. "Famil…" Cut himself off as if he didn't want to air his troubles to a stranger.

Samanthia ignored the cue for her to be inquisitive and opening herself for farther negotiations. "It's not going to happen" as she replied while making an obvious signal to Zeb to come to her.

Isotep hid the disappointment behind the raised glass to drink. He saw the signal and then the approach of Zeb. "Think about the offer. It will be very worthwhile." Setting the empty glass on the bar and standing to leave.

"What is worthwhile?" Samanthia gave the signal for Zeb to wait for a few minutes before approaching.

"4 full bars of Latinum." He said and then strode off to mingle with the patrons to disappear amongst them.

Samanthia let him go as the amount was very worthwhile. But then that was far more than a down-on-his-luck Space tramp could afford. She watched him disappear into the mix of patrons. Something nagged at her about his body mannerism. She sat there, eyes unfocused as she thought back to all of the people that were prominent in her life to this point.

"You okay, Sammy?" Zeb asked quietly. Just loud enough to be heard, yet not to disturb.

"Oh!" Samanthia looked at Zeb with a smile. "Just trying to remember if I seen that guy before."

"It'll come to you." Zeb nodded as he returned back to the business of tending the bar and getting drinks ready for the waitresses to serve.


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