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Quick Contact

Posted on Mon Sep 14th, 2020 @ 10:20am by Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: After the Storm
Location: The Dive : Deck 2301

The neon lighting of various drinks lit up the room, providing light enough to see by without bumping into those seated and moving from one location to the next. The well lit bar adding to the ambience of the play of light and moving shadows, making observation harder than usual. The low rumble of various voices mingled with the various languages as conversation flowed freely amidst few occasional sharp loud yells. Whether in ordering or in heated arguments and insults.

Life couldn't be grander as the rough looking man sipped his drink. Eyes darting around the gloomy tavern room at the various patrons. Every once in awhile, he would wrinkle his nose in displeasure. It wasn't from the drink he held and partook. It was that pesky Bounty Hunter taking out another of 'The Gang'. Well not actually part of 'The Gang', just a troublesome, yet necessary accomplice in many illegal dealings that passes through this station and sector. He would have to move on before things got uncomfortable to do business and seriously restricted movements.

He set the glass on the table with a bit more force than intended, tipping over the glass spilling out the remainder of the drink. He let loose a string of vile words softly at the offending growing puddle of the drink spreading.

"That's alcohol abuse my friend," Another person sat at the table, spoke just loud enough to be heard by the one already sitting. "Will he be a problem?" Leaning back in his seat. Light momentarily flashing across his feature to reveal Trill dots running down the side of his face.

"So..." Letting the word drawl out as the first looked at the Trill. "Lick it up if it offends you." Falling quiet as he gave the matter more thought, letting a few minutes pass before speaking again. "He knows to much. We may have to bring in new people."

The Trill nodded, eyeing the liquid spread slowly across the uneven table top, finding the low spots to fill before working its way towards the edge. "Such a lucrative spot to. Just the right amount of distance from the Rit Fed border."

"We'll find another spot." The first waved at a waitress and signaled for another drink. "Too bad that this starbase had to come back. We'd've been able to push the border back farther into Federation Space."

"What are we gonna do about that bounty hunter?" The Trill sounded a bit worried, looking around to see if anyone was paying to much attention to their presence. "I..."

"If you're so worried. Why don't you take care of the problem." The First snarled at the Trill. He leaned back in his seat as the Waitress cleaned up the spill and removed the glass.

They watched the Waitress clean the mess up and place a fresh drink before the man. He threw a few credits onto the tray to pay for both of his drink. "Keep the change." He muttered roughly at the waitress as she walked away.

He took a drink, nearly emptying the glass. "I'll be leaving the station in a few hours. See if you can retrieve what info he promised to get me. Leave it at the usual place." He stood up, adjusting his flowing dull brown robe and raising up his hood to hide his features before walking away. "Find a hole and bury yourself in it. I'll be in contact."

The Trill watched him leave. It was like rats jumping ship before it sank. He finished off his drink, having lost the man in the crowd. It was a pain in the neck to keep an eye on people here. He stood and left the Dive to resume his duty. Just glad to get out of this dive of a bar. Still a bit surprised Federation allowed such a rough and tumble place to exist. But then hearing from rumors, it'll be moved to a new location within minutes after a raid. Very slick operation.


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