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Archa IV Festivities

Posted on Fri Nov 13th, 2020 @ 11:53am by Cadet Senior Grade Errowyn St. Cloud & Cadet Junior Grade Emma Phelps

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: Starbase / Archa IV

Errowyn sat in the small shuttle at the helm for a day on the planet to enjoy the festivities. She sent out an invite to Cadet Junior Grade Phelps to join her. Even though she would prefer to be with her classmates. She had gotten left behind as she was delayed in helping a new Cadet get settled in. She was lucky to get this shuttle. It didn't even have warp capabilities. "Oh well. Can't win them all." She muttered finishing up with preflight. She was going to fly this run as she needed to get the hours to keep her flight certification up and current.

Festivities on the planet weren't to be missed. It was rumored to even rival Sol-3's Mardi Gras. At least it would be a time no star fleet, Academy, nor instructors. Just pure fun of meeting guys and dancing till the time to return back to the starbase.

Emma was excited for the upcoming break from classes and duties. It was either luck, or by design, that break coincided with the festivals on Archa IV. In either case, she was excited to cut loose for a change. It was even better that she was invited to tag along with Errowyn. The older cadet had been to the festival before, and no doubt would know the best places to party.

She hurried into the shuttle and stowed her overnight bag. "Sorry I'm running late. Whitlam needed me to finish running some data before I could take off. I hope you weren't waiting long."

"No worries!" Errowyn closed the hatch and was moving the shuttle craft towards the exit. "We're still good and within the window for departure." Errowyn maneuvered the shuttle towards the shuttle bay doors and was soon exiting the Starbase. She murmured into the radio mike, keeping Flight Control informed of her vector and receiving information on the traffic around the big starbase. Then to Emma. "One of these days, I'll be in command of one of those big ships." Nodding, tilting her head towards one of the Galaxy class ships easing it way into the big space dock doors.

Emma laughed. "That's a lot of ship. I think I'd be happier with a smaller ship, if I ever get to that point." She tilted her head as she thought about it for a moment longer. "Then again, ships like that are often on the frontier. That's the place to be if you want to get something weird named after you."

"Weird? I'm weird enough at least with the group I hang out with. But to be named after one? I dunno." Errowyn smiled, relaxing as she flew the craft. "If it happens, It better be original and spectacular that it'll be remember long after I'm gone."

The flight was quick through the intervening distance as Errowyn knew the route from plenty of previous trips, by knowing where she could push the envelope on the flight regulation path to Archa IV. She eased the shuttle up some and at a bit more steeper angle, penetrated the atmosphere.

"Oooooo, you can feel the vibes from the party below way up here!" Errowyn sang out, voice filled with excitement. "I've gotten a lease of an apartment for our stay on the planet. A little minder, clean up after yourself. I'd like to keep the privilege of being able to return to it at later times."

"Don't worry about me, Errowyn. I don't like to leave messes." Emma was far from a neat freak, but she did like to stay organized. Science was a passion of hers, after all, and staying organized and keeping good notes was an important part of the method. But then she was also just grateful to get away from the station for a while to relax. The holodeck was nice, but it wasn't the same as hearing the roar of a real ocean, or feeling real sand between her toes. She was not about to do anything to ruin that hospitality.

The shuttle landed with a slight thud as it was obvious that Errowyn was already had her thoughts on the upcoming partying. Rushing through the post flight check as she ran the automated version. Once that was done, she powered down the shuttle as she unfastened her safety harness to stand. "1 week of debauchery, drunkenness, flirting with the guys!" Errowyn was already grabbing her overnight bag from where she had just tossed it when she came aboard.

"We only have one week?" Emma asked with a smirk as she grabbed her bag. "Then we better not waste any time!"

"Definitely!" Popping the hatch open, Errowyn hopped out. She quickly turned the shuttle over to the Fleet Port-Master to be available to whom needed it. Knowing she had a shuttle reserved for the return trip. She waved down a passing transport for herself and Emma.

The transport was crowded with workers, incoming tourist for the festivities, standing room only as the transport eased it way into the city proper, flying at the prescribe altitude. The riot of color always shifting and moving below them on the streets that normally had ground vehicular traffic. Archians, Off-worlders, Humans and tons off other Sentient Species walked, danced, yelled to each other. State of dress on some of the costumes and outfits were from all natural to multiple people designs just move with them. Even the noise that could be called music could be heard on the flying craft. It would hit raised platforms to let passengers off and to take new ones on.

Emma was in awe of the sights. She had heard many stories about Archa IV. It was supposed to be the Risa of the Galactic South. So far that reputation was holding up. The colors, the sounds, the clothing and the lack thereof, all suggested that quite the party was brewing.

After the fifth stop, Errowyn yelled just to be heard as she nudged Emma to alert her. "Next stop! Ours!" Working her way through crowded transport towards the doors to be ready to get off.

The younger cadet made sure she never strayed more than an arms length away from her traveling companion. Not that she feared for her safety, but with the crowds it was easy to get lost.

Once on the streets of the city, surrounded by partiers, Errowyn somehow ended up with a big mug of a foaming spitting drink. She put it to face and drunk the liquid and then letting out a burp, exhaling a cloud of harmless fog, smoke. She giggled, wiping the some of liquid off her nose as it continued to bubble emitting a light smoke as if she stuck her nose into acid. "Yeah!" With her carry-all hanging behind her on the strap. She was eyeing several good looking males already. "Ooooooh, look to starboard!" She yelled out to Emma.

Emma wrinkled her nose at the odd sensation of the strange drink she was just handed. Errowyn seemed to enjoy it, though Emma required further experimentation before she could come to a conclusion. She took another drink when she heard Errowyn's call. She exhaled a mouthful of fog as she turned her head towards the right. A couple of eye pleasing Archan men had just caught their eyes, smiling and nodding in their direction. Emma gulped and took another drink of the strange liquid, hoping that it would provide a little courage.

Errowyn reached up behind her head and pulled a hair pin to let her hair fall loose from the regulation bun that she kept her hair in, giving it a shake. "Hi!" As the two Archan Males approached them. "We'll be back down in a few. If your still around." Nudging Emma towards a door. "Just let us get rid of our bags."

The two Archans nodded to them, giving them a good look over. "Definitely. Can we tag along?" The dark haired one spoke looking at Errowyn. "Are those spots for real?"

Errowyn smiled, "Yes the spots are real. I'mma Trill." She glanced at Emma, then back to the Archans. "Maybe later on the invite inside. Culture shock for her. We need to get settled in."

Emma smiled in response, but didn't say anything. Culture shock was certainly right. Where she was from, she wasn't used to someone inviting themselves to her room that quickly. But she was sure that she was in for a lot of culture shocks on this vacation.

Errowyn moved to the door and punched in a 5 digit number on the keypad, then the door popped open. She led the way inside and up a flight of stair to the second level. For the noise outside, it was relatively quiet once the outer door closed behind them. There was another keypad next to a door in the dimly lit hallway. She punched in the same number again and the door slid open, revealing a nicely furnished apartment. "Remember this number. 76518. It'll get into the building and this apartment. first number is the street name, second and third numbers is the apartment building address, forth number is this floor. Last is the apartment number. So if you get too intoxicated, let the Drunk Patrol know the numbers. They'll get you here safely. Or if you get lost."

"7-6-5-1-8. Got it," Emma replied, hoping that she really did remember those numbers. Usually her memory was pretty good. But usually she wasn't drunk. She kept reciting the numbers in her head. "Are the guys around here always so... forward?" she asked innocently. The question was still on her mind from when they were downstairs.

"Yes." Errowyn smiled. "Even the females." Heading towards the exit to join the festivities...


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