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Sphere of Jarble

Posted on Fri Nov 19th, 2021 @ 11:48am by Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: The Archan Job
Location: Archa IV: University Archaeology Restoration Level

It was a rare moment for students to be down in the well lit climate controlled basement workrooms. Scatter over long well supported tables with overhead lights glaring down on workstations and various artifacts from bygone eras. Some were in the process of being cleaned, restored as much as skill of the person doing the work. There was a low hum of murmured voices. Most were talking into microphones to be recorded as they worked upon the artifacts and relics. Those that worked in groups, even while being recorded, were discussing the the artifact or relic that was on the table in between them. One was pointing out several telltale signs of forgery to the others within the group. Then senior archaeologist threw his hands up and tossed the offending relic onto a passing cart after placing a tag on it, denoting it was a well made fake.

Samanthia watched the cart with the fake head off into another room. She looked at the Professor that was leading the class through working area of the Archaeology Section of the Campus. His attention was focused on the professor that was busy complaining about waste of time, thefts of relics, drawing the groups attention away from her actions as she slipped away from the group and headed after the cart with the fake on it. She glanced back taking note her absence was not noted. She sped up her pace and soon caught up with the cart.

"Excuse me." Samanthia coming up beside the person pushing the cart of artifacts. She smiled as she read the name tag the person was wearing as the person looked at her a bit puzzled as to why she was there, not with her group of students. "Bert."

"Better make it quick. I'll have to report this." Bert growled, making a stern look at her. "Professor Bromstead is on the warpath." Waving his hand at the newly added fake relic on his cart. "I'll have to make sure all of these are secure."

Samanthia looked at them all. Taking note that all had tag designated them as forgeries. "Do a lot of these when they come in, head straight to workbenches?" Looking at Bert with a small encouraging smile.

"Depends on the time when they arrive. Late, they go into front vault to be logged in by the After hours Manager and Shift Leader of Security, Miss." Bert came to a stop, warming up to her to point out a few of the fake relics. "That one," jab with a finger, "that one and that one! All came in last night."

Samanthia leaned over the cart to get a closer look. "Is..." Looking up at Bert as if he was an expert on matters. "...That the Iconic Sphere of Jarble? King of the Southern Continent back in the early 2nd Century of Settlement? or Did he rule before the Blue Plague struck? Early 4th Century of Settlement of Archa?" She picked up the fake Iconic Stone of Jarble and looked it over. being really careful with it as she listened, glancing at him.

Bert gave a soft chuckle, "No. You're talking about the time before the Dark Ages. King Jarble came to power after 4 Centuries of the Dark Ages. Which were noted for the 'Purge of the Deities' Technology' and to settle the extreme violence over what remained of Settlement Technologies. To put an end to the Tech Wars. A Sect was formed to remove all technologies and advance knowledge from everyone. They were pretty extreme in the manner in which they went about it. By destroying any institutions that taught anything higher than basic math, reading and writing, farming methods. Simple stuff that was human or animal powered. Causing the Dark Ages. Beginning of the 3rd Dark Age Century, The Blue Plague hit, not in the 4th Century of Settlement. The 3rd Century of the Dark Ages." Giving a nod of affirmation. "Devastating major populated areas. Forcing people to scatter into the wilds to develop new family settlements. Or very close knit groups. Anyone else was either forced to move on, or killed on the spot and burned. Didn't want any of the Blue Plague Carriers spreading the disease to them. Causing even farther decline of knowledge."

"Must've been rough. Not having medicine like we have today." Samanthia listened to him speak as she looked over fake Sphere of Jarble.

"Medicine reverted back to herbs poultices, tinctures and teas. All from nature." He leaned on the cart on the opposite side from her. "King Jarble appeared and began his conquest near the end of the 4th Century of the Dark Ages, triggering a new age of learning. Everyone says that the Iconic Sphere of Jarble made him immune to attacks as long as he had it with him and could make people literally disappear in a nimbus of light. Even heal those he favored. He would disappear once a year for 3 days and then reappear as if he was always there, just in seclusion from everyone. So after seeing knowledge flourishing again across the lands. Jarble with his sphere, disappeared for good near the end of the First Century of Renaissance."

"I'd love to study the real thing." Samanthia said a bit dreamily. "But then so would half of the population." Letting her voice fade away.

"You got that right, Miss!" He stood up and taking the fake Sphere of Jarble from her and placed it back on the cart. "Why don't you apply to work down here. We're always looking for new people." Giving the typical recruiting speech to those that show interest in relic, artifacts from the past.

"I'll think about it." Samanthia looked back the way she had came. Seeing no sign of her classmate. "I would like to visit more often. If classes, work allows it. Not to mention me being a mom."

"We do provide daycare for working mothers." He spoke in a softer tone laced with a bit of disappointment that she was probably taken and had work to afford to raise a family and go to school. "Transit runs twenty four hours. So you could practicably choose your shift. But being a newcomer. Day shift..."

"Samanthia gave depreciative smirk, "I live off planet and commute a great distance. That's why its taking me forever to get my Doctorate in Archaeology." She turned to go, stopped and faced Bert again. "I bet these fakes would get a great amount of money on the market."

Bert gave another growl, "the bane of Archaeology. A lot of artifacts and relics end up in private collection from Grave Robbers, in transit from digsite.." He lowered his voice to a whisper, "even from here and museums." Brining his voice back to normal. "Majority of thefts happen in and around transit of these items."

Samanthia nodded with a smile. "Thanks" She took off back the way she came as Bert continued on his way. She fingered a small feline figure that nestled in her pocket of her dress, catching up with the group with a glare from her class Professor. "Bathroom. Couldn't wait, Prof." By the way of explanation.


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