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Posted on Fri Jul 29th, 2011 @ 6:49am by Lieutenant JG Connor MacManus & Lieutenant JG Allison Price & Senior Chief Petty Officer Gilbert Bones [PNPC]
Edited on on Sun Jul 31st, 2011 @ 5:20pm

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Engineering Deck


Bones stood in the main control room as the mustard clad technicians swooped around him, checking read-outs and shouting at one another. The place was ablaze with activity. The new Chief Engineer was aboard and Bones had been working flat out to ensure that all one hundred and sixty five engineering decks were fit for inspection. He had the young cadet working on the Confinement Sequencers, mainly to offer her a bit more of a challenge.

He didn't know how the new chief would take to having the cadet around but he was intent on impressing her importance upon him when he arrived.

The doors slid open to the Engineering Control room, and Connor walked into the room, looking around briskly. After stepping up to the main control console, and looking over the Chief's shoulder at the display, he spoke. "Running a Maintenance operational check on the Plasma Manifolds Chief?" He asked quietly, while looking over the display, monitoring all the current maintenance in progress.

"Yeah," Bones answered absent-mindedly. It had only been a matter of seconds since he had thought of the impending arrival of the Lieutenant but it took him a moment to put two and two together. "Oh, Lieutenant MacManus, right? Chief Petty Officer Gilbert Bones, pleased to meet you."

Connor nodded, and extended his hand. "Its a pleasure to meet you Chief." He said, relived to finally meet the person who would be his most valuable asset while stationed here on the station. And Connor had every intention of utilizing the man, and his knowledge of the stations layout.

Allie looked up from her work when she heard the Chief talk. Since she had been assigned to the station, she learned to tune her ears to his voice. It took her a moment to realize that he was not talking to her, but to the new chief engineer. The cadet knew that Lieutenant MacManus was on his way to the station, but it didn't take her long to get caught up in her assignment. The confinement sequencers had been proving to be more difficult than she had anticipated, and now adding inspection by the new chief only made it more difficult to concentrate. Her hands started to shake a little while she tried to steady her spanner. She could only hope that the Lieutenant didn't notice.

Connors eyes followed the ongoing work on the Main Engineering Display. His eyes settled on the Confinement Sequencers, and the changing variance. He turned his head in the direction of the sequencer itself, and saw the young Cadet working, or at least attempting to. Bringing up his PADD, he looked up the Cadets file, and saw she had been very busy over the past few weeks, and smiled. He liked seeing Cadets receiving true on the Job training. "Excuse me Chief, I think someone needs my attention for a moment. Carry on" Connor said with a smile, and began walking over to the cadet. "Bring the variance of the spanner down by point zero 35, Cadet. Its how I compensate for hand movements."

The cadet nearly jumped out of her skin. She was embarrassed that it only took the new Lieutenant that long to spot her nerves. "Aye, sir." She casually made the adjustments on the spanner, taking a deep breath as she worked. She met the department head's eyes and in a shaky voice said "Cadet Junior Grade Allison Price, sir."

Connor smiled warmly and extended his hand. "Lieutenant Connor MacManus, its a pleasure to meet you Cadet." He said, watching her make the adjustments. "Now you have it, by the time you are done here, you will be a very experienced Ensign, I promise you that much."

Bones glanced across the room at the exchange. She seemed to be handling herself pretty well and the Lieutenant seemed to be fairly welcoming. He would need to have a word with him about the best way to treat the Cadet.

Allison graciously nodded. "Thank you, sir."



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