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Taking Delivery

Posted on Sat Jul 23rd, 2011 @ 12:16pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Gilbert Bones [PNPC] & Lieutenant JG Allison Price

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Docking Port 56
Timeline: SL D00 - 0900hrs


Docking control was buzzing with activity as it always was this early in the morning. Many of the civilian freighters liked to drop into Starbase 332 in the morning to allow their crews some down time during the day. There was nothing Gilbert Bones liked more than spending time in the Docking Control room when the buzz and chatter of the comm links meant that he could go about his diagnostics relatively unmolested.

Plus today, he was expecting a delivery.

Docking Control had the best view out over the main hangar doors and he knew that when the delivery arrived he definitely wanted to see it in all of its glory. He had collared the young engineering student, Cadet Price and dragged her up to Docking Control, seemingly against her will. He wasn't surprised, especially given the fact that he was running diagnostics that either of them could have performed in their sleep. However, he wanted to make sure that she saw it when it arrived.

The cadet tried desperately to hide a yawn. Even though she had seen many early mornings in her short Starfleet career, she had normally been operating on more sleep. The Jackal has still not reported in, and wondering where Kili was weighed heavily on her mind. It made getting sleep a little more difficult. "Just what exactly are we going to work on, sir? It's awful early."

Bones checked his chronometer. Oh nine hundred hours. It was due any minute.

"Chief?" One of the docking controllers said through the throng of noise. "Your package is here."

The cadet was still confused. "Package? What does he mean, sir?"

The chief led the Cadet towards the front of the room, overlooking the main doors. The glint of the supported running lights was obvious by the time they went into their guide cycle. The package had arrived. It glided gracefully in through the bay doors and Bones smiled as the letters on the hull became visible.

U.S.S. METIS - NCC 84017

"There she is, Cadet." Bones said, beaming with pride. "What do you think?"

Allie rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. The sleek Nova class ship slipped into the spacedock. Her smooth lines were clean and pristine. The cadet looked on and smiled. "She's certainly a beautiful ship. Is the Metis on shore leave?"

"Nope," Bones said flippantly, "You're looking at the latest addition to the Starbase Three-Three-Two family."

Her grin grew larger. "And we're the first to see her, aren't we?"

"Yes we are, Cadet." Bones said, his smile widening to meet the young girl's. "Yes, we are. What do you think?"

"I like her. We should take her for a spin, before the Commodore gets back," she replied with a giggle.

Bones laughed. He enjoyed the kid's company. She had a really... young perspective on the world. It was nice having her around the place and without a Chief Engineer to keep an eye on her, in a way he felt responsible for making sure she got the most out of her experience. She was the best, after all. That was why she was here.

"I'm going to go and give her main areas the once over. Would you like to join me?"

Cadet Price nodded enthusiastically. "Absolutely I would." Allie enjoyed every opportunity to check out new technology. After all, that's the main reason she even applied for the Academy.

"Good." Bones replied. "Come on then, let's get down there and meet her at the docking port." He turned to the Docking Controller that appeared to be responsible for the Metis' safe docking into the station. "Which port is she going to?"

"Docking Port 52, Chief." Came the reply.

Allie smiled. "Then let's get to Docking Port 52."

[Docking Port 52 - USS Metis]

Leading the way through the new ship, Allie couldn't help but run her hands along the pristine panels. There was so much that she wanted to see, but there was only one place that she may one day call home. "Chief, can we see the engine room?"

"Of course." Bones replied and held a hand in front of him, pointing the cadet in its direction.

The girl's eyes were wide in awe. She had been on starships before, but this was the first time she had really been in main engineering, at least outside of simulations. The main engineering decks on the station were impressive, but the power generation center on a starbase did not have the same feel as on a starship. Most importantly, the station was missing the characteristic glow of a warp core. Allison made a bee line to the reaction chamber rail.

The Nova class was only capable of cruising at warp 5, so it was not a speed demon compared to some of the other ships in the Fleet. Even the Jackal was faster, but that didn't put a damper on the cadet's spirits. Leaving the warp core, she made her way to the main engineering MSD. From here, she could see everything that was going on with the ship. Control of the Metis was practically at her finger tips. Of course, she'd never get by with anything with Chief Bones supervising, even if she had wanted to. She was like a kid in a candy store, only a kid ready to start running diagnostics.

"So what do you think, Cadet?" Bones asked as a wide smile crossed his face.

"A girl could get used to this," Allie answered, still beaming. "Any word on who's going to command this ship, or will she be on loan like the Jackal and the Thaden?

"Supposedly Lieutenant Prax is being given command." Bones said absent-mindedly. "I reckon the Commodore wants to ensure that she's used as a science vessel and doesn't get caught up in any petty border disputes or anything. As far as I know, he's giving the Jackal to Commander Von as well."

As always, the cadet was impressed by the things the Chief knew. In the time she's worked with him, he's been able to shoot down rumors, and provide information that even the people involved didn't seem to know. She figured that it just must be his personality. People trust him enough to confide in him. Of course every officer knows to stay on the good side of their technicians if they ever hope to get anything done. "Maybe the Lieutenant will let me go out on missions with her. I love working on the station and all, but being in an engine room out in the field, that's where I'd really like to end up someday."

Bones took a mental note. "I'll see about getting you assigned to help out the Metis' Chief Engineer every so often if you'd like?"

He took Allie's look of wide-eyed joy as a yes.


Chief Petty Officer Gilbert Bones
Assistant Chief Engineer

Cadet Junior Grade Allie Price
Engineering Intern


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