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Sea Change

Posted on Sat Jul 23rd, 2011 @ 11:57am by Lieutenant Commander Nilani Prax & Captain Alexander Gunning

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Main Bridge - USS Metis
Timeline: SL D02 - 0800hrs


Commodore Gunning sat in the command chair of the USS Metis, the Starbase's new Nova class science vessel. Everything about her was beautifully crisp and clean. Not even a speck of dust had managed to land on a console yet. She was a beautiful ship and the bridge module was quite something in itself. Clean lines, embedded command chairs. It was reminiscent of the bridge modules of the Intrepid class but without the angry lines and jutting hand rails.

He knew exactly what his guest would do the moment she walked onto the bridge so he carried his precious cargo to the science console and carefully opened the small box. He left it sitting on the console on top of the PADD and moved back to the chair. This would probably be one of the only times he'd get to occupy it so he took the opportunity with pleasure.

"I'm guessing that this is your new toy then, Alex?" came the pleasant-yet-mischievous voice of his chief science officer, as she entered the bridge from the rear of the compartment. The bridge module itself was almost completely circular, a design which Prax had never really been too fond of, due to the way the officers at the rear stations were facing away from both the commander and the viewscreen. When Melissa had helped on the Defiant and Sovereign projects, she'd specifically pushed to ensure that there be either free-standing stations or only minimal stations facing the rear of the bridge for that very reason. The thought occurred to Nilani that she wasn't quite sure whether that particular bridge configuration preference was hers or Melissa's.

"Nice upgrade," she went on to comment, as she automatically made way for the science station. "Much bigger than the Jackal, though I can see you're already starting to clutter it up," she finished with a wry smirk, as she saw the items on the edge of the science console. She didn't really pay much attention to them, though; she'd known Alex to be the type to leave his things lying around on workstations in his quarters and various offices before now, and just expected that these would be more of the same.

"Actually, Nilani, they're for you." He said simply.

"For me?" Nilani said, smiling as she picked up the black case. "You shouldn't have," she continued jovially, before turning her attention to the box in her hand. As she opened it up, she fell quiet upon seeing the rank pip inside. "Really, you shouldn't have..." she said more quietly.

"I needed to. You can't have a Lieutenant taking command of her own ship, that would be obscene."

"You're giving me the Metis?" Nilani asked, as she looked up from the PADD where she had confirmed that Alex still wasn't joking.

"I am." Gunning said quietly. "You're the perfect candidate. Experience in the region, a keen scientific mind and the ability to keep cool under pressure."

"Well, I suppose that is what seven life-times of experience will give you," she said, rather confidently and cockily, as she absorbed the shock of the promotion. "Though it doesn't always prepare me for surprises," she smiled, as she walked closer to the command chairs at the centre of the bridge. "I'm surprised Starfleet approved this though... considering how recent it was that you promoted me to Lieutenant."

"Once I'd gone over my ideas for the Metis' role in the region, Admiral Reinhart fully understood the need to have you as Commanding Officer." He replied. "You can thank Commander Reinhart for his glowing recommendation as well."

"I suppose it does help to have a first officer whose brother has quite a bit of pull," Nilani said, smiling. After a pause, she dropped the joking tone, and sincerely said, "Thank you, Alex."

"You're welcome, Nilani." He smiled as he realised her eyes were darting around the bridge. "Go and have a look around. She's yours now."


Lieutenant Commander Nilani Prax
Chief Science Officer - Starbase 332
Commanding Officer - USS Metis

Commodore Alex Gunning
Commanding Officer - Starbase 332


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