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Tyrrell's Choice

Posted on Sat Jul 23rd, 2011 @ 11:56am by Ensign Erich Wynn & Ensign Jani Vanlith & Senior Chief Petty Officer Donovan Badoer & Captain Alexander Gunning

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Archanis Flight Training Centre
Timeline: SL D04 - 1345hrs


Donovan Tyrrell stared intently into the eyes of the two cadets who stood before him. They were each showing themselves to be among the most adept students when it came to auxiliary craft but only one would be given the assignment. It was important that they didn't feel they were competing though. Eventually they would be leading their respective squadrons but it was more about their potential.

Vanlith was a talented all-round pilot. She was incredible in a fighter and equally skilled in a shuttle or runabout. As for Wynn, he was a helluva quiet kid. He spent most of his time away from the other cadets. He didn't seem to have the 'ace' personality that most young pilots did. However, he could do incredible things with a shuttlecraft. Maybe assigning him would be a bit of a confidence boost for him.

Jani Vanlith didn't particularly care what the Lieutenant had in store for her. Everything she did was designed to give her a kick into the Ace Pilot Program. She was already on the fringes but she was hoping to be the first Junior Grade Cadet to make it in as it was usually reserved for fourth year cadets who would graduate straight into a squadron. If this Lieutenant gave her an assignment, she'd do it and she'd bloody well impress him in doing so.

Wynn was a different kettle of fish altogether. He hated fighter pilots and he hated the kids that wanted to be fighter pilots even more. They were always running around the dormitories, shouting about this and that and generally acting like idiots. Wynn wasn't sure what he wanted. He was a skilled auxiliary craft pilot and he hoped that maybe, one day, he'd get a chance to fly one of the bigger Garrison craft on the station. He wasn't sure he would, at least not before next year but he could be patient. He wasn't willing to be like one of those idiots that were so desperate to get going that the first time they got near a cockpit they'd crash into the hull of the base.

Tyrrell looked at Vanlith and dismissed her with a wave of his hand. He had needed to look them both in the eye before he decided who to give the assignment to. Vanlith nodded and left quickly- she wasn't annoyed. Not being on assignment meant that she could log more hours on the simulator in the hope that she could impress the Wing Flight Instructor.

"Mister Wynn," Tyrrell started, "have you logged many hours in the Delta Flyer runabout?"

"Yes, sir." Wynn replied as a little knot of excitement began to grow in his stomach. The Delta Flyer was the fastest Auxiliary Craft used by the Starbase. Not that speed was of the utmost importance. "I've logged around twenty hours on the simulator and eight in actual flight."

"Okay, that'll have to do," Tyrrell replied dismissively. He knew that would be enough; the Delta Flyers practically flew themselves but he wanted to make sure the Cadet was keeping track of his logged hours and- more importantly- encourage him to do more, "the Commanding Officer of the base wants a cadet assigned to transport a civilian passenger to an unknown location."

Wynn was understandably bemused, "An unknown location, Sir?"

"Supposedly the Commodore doesn't even know. You'll apparently be briefed by your passenger." Tyrrell looked up at the Cadet. "You're dismissed. Be in Shuttlebay Seventeen in twenty minutes."


Lieutenant Donovan Tyrrell
Auxiliary Craft Instructor

Cadet Junior Grade Jani Vanlith
Gold Squad Cadet

Cadet Sophomore Grade Erich Wynn
Gold Squad Cadet

All NPC'd by Commodore Alex Gunning


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