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Another Day?

Posted on Sat Sep 3rd, 2011 @ 5:57pm by Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Warp-12 :: SB332

Samanthia moved among the patrons, getting compliments on her newest decor of the place. She smiled and gracefully took the compliments with a soft warm "thank you," as she moved about, occasionally helping out here and there when needed. She blended in with the patrons and service staff of Warp-12.

Those that were regulars to the Warp 12, knew who she was and greeted her with a smile and friendly wave and a bit of conversation of what is happening around the vast starbase. She enjoyed running the club resturant here on SB 332 and being with kin by marriage.

Samanthia moved through the lower level in the club area, listening to a new group of local talent that was preforming to the patrons. Some couples were dancing on the floor near the stage. Others were talking with friends and drinking. It seamed all were having a good time together.

She moved on, settling at the bar to look over a few of the brochures for the Academy on Archon IV. Seeing that they had an excellent Archeology courses. She would look into that very soon, as loud noises emmitted from one corner of the bar.

Several Patrons were once again squabbling at cards, drawing undue attention to themselves. Chips lay scattered in the center of the table and around the edge before each occupant was varying piles of chip from neatly stacked to just a mixted pile of chips and various shapes of glasses with various colored drinks within them.

"I saw you dip into my pile of chips to pay for your ante!" A human male snarled at the Fleeter sitting next to him. "Put it back now!"

"I did not take anything from your pile of chips! If you stacked your chips neatly, you would be able to tell I was reaching for my chips!" Fleeter spoke quietly with deadly intent, looking at the Big Human sitting next to him.

Samanthia looked around, spotting several bouncers, the Club employed moving discreetly into position to be on hand if the arguement turned physical.

"Always at the Club? You should let your assistant run the place and go shopping with me," came the voice of the Akiashiro's Clan Matriarch. "All work makes one dull and burned out before their time."

Samanthia looked away from the disturbance to the matriarch and smiled softly. "I could never get burned out from running a place as this. So much potentual to be the hottest place in the sector, Tammy," letting the tradition fall to the wayside and treating the Clan Matriarch the same as anyone else with respect.

"You sure brought life to this place. I'd never thought of using holo-technology in such a place as this." Tamaru smiled as she perched on a barstool next to Samanthia and surveyed the busy place with live entertainment happening. "Anyway, I need someone to keep me company while I shop. And you do need some better outfits."

"I guess I could step away from the club for a few moments," Samanthia motions to the bartender so he could alert the shift manger that she was stepping out for the rest of the day with Tamaru Akiashiro.


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