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The Great Debate

Posted on Sat Mar 28th, 2015 @ 3:11am by Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: Ill Tidings
Location: Archia IV :: University City :Apartment
Timeline: planetary time : 2200 HRs.

Once in her apartment above the store and in a comfortable robe and flopped on the sofa with her notes spread out before her on the coffee table before her. The television was tuned to the news and the volume turned low, but loud enough to be heard clearly.

It seamed that protesting was going on all over the planet. Even the outside of the Federation Marine Garrison had it flock of protesters and activists interfering with the access to the base. Some to the point to prevent civilian contracted native from leaving the base or entering the base. The Capitol City was where the more Militant Protesters were stirring up the locals to put pressure on the Government to ban all off-worlders or keep them confined with limited stay visas.

Even the Federation Embassy was besieged with protesters interfering with their daily business. One video clip showed some of the protesters throwing debris over the enclosure walls at the building.

"Oh I hope they don't get their way. I'd hate to lose your company, Sammy!" Her roommate Salena spoke up, looking at her. "You're so cool. A lot of my friends think so to." She flopped down onto an over stuffed chair that had seen better days. A few rips in the vinyl allowing some of the stuffing to puff out when someone sat on the chair.

Samanthia looked over at Salena and gave a half smile smirk. "I don't think it'll matter one way or another. But the spacestation is overcrowd and interfering with the over all protection of this planet." She wished her roomie wouldn't sit in a manner that exposed a lot of her lower anatomy, even she was wearing panties and a robe like she was. "How do you feel about what's happening?" Giving a head tilt toward the television.

"I think it's horrible to lose your home, but to force others to provide for you is wrong in taking up space that could be put to better use. All of our lands been terra-formed to support our population in one fashion or another. Even giving up land for Federation Marines to be based here has an effect on the planet as a whole." Salena was warming up her side of the debate. Shifting into a better position with both feet on the floor and covering up her legs with the robe she wore.

Samanthia eyes sparkled rising to the challenge of the debate, "90% of the planet here is actively being put to use in providing a comfortable standard of living and export off planet. These Refugees were your export customers before being forced from their planets. 30% of the lands with the 20% that overlap, will have no effect on the planets economy and standards of living. With the minor loss of export, which could easily support the Refugees at a serious fraction of the cost to transport it."

"It's the baggage that comes with Refugees! The unemployment, diseases, depletion of resources and dealing with waste disposal. Crime will rise, once the refugees look outside the camps to better their living arrangements." Salena spoke passionately. "The longer working hours for those willing to volunteer to help keep the Refugees from becoming a social problem for the rest of the planet. Plus the longer hours for those that provide and enforce the laws of society to keep our citizens safe as much as possible."

Samanthia had to pause at that to think of a counter. She did have some very good points she had presented. Before she could respond, her roomie continued.

"Besides, there is the differences in languages and customs than what ours is. Which will lead to misunderstanding and conflict. It's a proven fact that differences in species will always results in unwanted conflict while one side will want what the others have. It is even worser with Refugees. Once they set foot on a planet, they whont want to leave for another unknown as they settle in on our planet. Becoming dependent on the established Society." Salena gave a nod as she stood up and moved to the kitchen for a snack.

Samanthia was impressed with the girl's logic. She leaned back against the sofa's backrest. She had won that round of debate. With the turmoil going on. It didn't look good for her continued access to the courses at the university. Once the Refugees were banned from the planet, who'll be next? Off worlder Students? Federation Marines?

"Besides, why not put them on lands that the Federation Marines have?! Since it's a Federation Problem!" Selena yelled from the kitchen, wanting to continue the debate that she had won.

Samanthia busted up laughing at that comment. ~~Damn that girl is quick on her feet!~~ Picturing the Marine Commandant turning red at the the loss of the area that his ground troops enjoyed training on. "Oh I can see how well that will turn out!" She yelled back, Both of them laughing as her roommate returned to the same room she was in, carrying two sandwiches.

Samanthia nodded her thanks at the sandwich that Salena placed before her. "Don't you ever stop working and just enjoy life?"

"I do, when I'm not faced with a deadline to meet. These thesis are hard to produce without sounding like an idiot on paper." Samanthia grumbled a bit, picking up he sandwich.

"Yeah.." Salena making a funny face, resuming her seat, using the remote to change the channel to something more entertaining.


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