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Hound for a Fox Hunt

Posted on Wed Aug 12th, 2015 @ 4:02pm by Gavich [P: Steiner]
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Mission: Blooming Friendships
Location: Los Eisley City


Despite the growth of Starfleet over the centuries, one unavoidable reality persisted. As Federation territory expanded, the volume of space to be explored and policed grew exponentially. And where there are borders, people will venture beyond into lawless frontiers. Opportunists, exiles, wanted men, malcontents, a strange chemistry of people colonized under banners and alliances other than the Federation. One such place was Haven, a moon of Planet Deadwood.

Like post Civil War American frontier towns, people minded their own business and tended to their own security. Few words were spoken, lest people's origins be recognized and fights erupt. More covert elements of the Federation dispatched neutral settlers, also known as spies, to keep an eye on the extensive crime org activity in the region. Sometimes, however, they couldn't resist throwing their own chips into the poker game.

In a smoke filled back room of a dangerously neutral establishment, an agent presented a profile, "This is our target, Corrine Steiner at Starbase 332."

The mercenary being recruited balked. "You want me to bag a Starfleet officer? One of your own?" Gavich was a gruff, grizzled old warrior, a consummate professional soldier. He spoke with rough Aussie accent, "Why don't you just order her to march up and salute?"

The man returned a wistful look.

Gavich smiled, "Ahhh, because you're being a naughty little fleeter who's up to something illegal!"

"She's dangerous. She has... classified resources that she needs to surrender."

The merc studied the picture, "I'm a good read of eyes. She doesn't look dangerous." He shrugged, "Human... should be an easy bag."

"She'll probably know you're coming."

"Oh, it'll be a piece of cake, then! All I need to do is penetrate a Stardock class base and cart off, alive and intact I understand, their chief of operations. It'll be easy! No need to worry about base fighters, garrison starships, or bad tempered marine units."

"SB 332 is on the frontier. All you have to do is get clear of the sector."

"Doesn't matter! If she didn't know I was coming, that would be one thing. But with them full at ready, that's my definition of pure stupidity!" He started to walk away, "Go hire a Klingon or a syndicate kamikaze."

"Corrine Steiner will not be on starbase when you capture her. There's a war situation brewing in that sector. They're going to be so busy with that crisis-"

Gavich interrupted, "They'll be on higher alert than ever! This just keeps gettin' better and better!" He shook his head, "I really wish you skunk ops newbs got some real mission experience before they let you out in the field. Call me when you've grown up and matured."

"We need this woman! She's a class one project! It will be your plan. You will be in command of the insertion team. You will be given anything you need for this mission... anything!"

The merc folded his arms, "You really are desperate, aren't you? Okay, we proceed under three conditions. One is, you pay half up front. Two, I keep my toys. Three, if I don't like what your shadow boots are doing, I can abort the mission."

"That's insane! Easy to just walk off with the money-"

"If it looks like your little miss Steiner is about to die, you'd pull the plug yourself."

There was a long silence. Gavich stepped closer, "You're going to agree to my terms because you know my reputation. Once I sign onto job, I never quit. That's why you want me."

At length, he received a reluctant nod.

The merc wasn't one to prudently take the money and run, "One more thing. I need to know why. I don't do human trafficking, not for the Borg, not for organ harvesters, not for brain eaters, not for anyone."

The agent scoffed, "What do you mean? You smuggled those green Orion slave girls!"

Gavich laughed, "Are you kidding? Those greenie girls hired me!"

"I told you. Corrine Steiner ran off with vital covert resources."

"All right. We'll do this." On his way out, he casually warned, "One last thing, I'm not fond of being lied to."

After he departed, the agent's assistant presented herself, "What if he talks with Steiner? What if he learns the truth?"

"If Mister Gavich was going to survive this coming mission, then I'd worry about it."



Mercenary Gavich
Starbase 332
Pegasus Fleet


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