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Disruption - Turbolift Jam

Posted on Fri Oct 16th, 2015 @ 4:27pm by Samanthia Akiashiro
Edited on on Mon Jul 4th, 2016 @ 3:37pm

Mission: By Dawn's Early Light
Location: SB-332
Timeline: 0730 hrs - 0815 hrs
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The Archians Activist continued shenanigans to create civil unrest and to turn Starbase 332 into a place where people wanted to leave the place to find a better atmosphere so that they could get on wit their lives in a healthy more productive place.

The leader with his lieutenants began to look at the other levels of station besides the promenade decks. Al ready there was less people visiting the business on the Promenades, leaving the Activists with nothing to do, but still keep up the job of sabotaging the turbolifts in the same manner.

Some of the more braver ones took up station in the lifts to act as Elevator Operators, politely asking those that got on their destination. Then dropping them off on a deck either before their stop or after their chosen stop. When questioned, they would reply politely. "I misunderstood, Thought you wanted this level." or "I'm not cleared for that level." Then proceed to the correct stop desired by those using the Turbolift.

When ever Security was spotted, they quickly abandoned their post to walk away from the turbolift as if they just arrived on the deck and had business elsewhere on that level to go find another Turbolift to commandeered.

A few made it their mission to find all of the key bottlenecks in the Turbolift system to create havoc on major, yet minor scale. Just enough to cause delays till it could be sorted out. Yet time would be wasted till they realize that the system need to be unjammed.

Some even tried to send as many turbolifts to the same spot to really mess up the system, and to clog up the system preventing the other turbolifts from reaching their destination due to the blockage of turbolifts trying to reach one destination which was already occupied by the first one. Which couldn't move due to being blocked in.

With the more coordinated efforts within a team with low powered walkie-talkies and the Station's intercom system, came the main effort to shut down the Turbolift systems by sending the lifts to a central location. One of the more important bottlenecks within the Turbolift system. The Main Medical Level. And the level just below the Command Decks at the top of the station.


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