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Hot Breath Staring

Posted on Sat Oct 31st, 2015 @ 9:09am by Lieutenant JG Ricki St. Louis
Edited on on Sat Oct 31st, 2015 @ 12:09pm

Mission: Blooming Friendships
Location: SSB-332 Hospital


Having a mind which wonders, literally, it wasn't unusual for Ricki St. Louis to reside in her work area for literally weeks at a time. With high tech clothing which tended to otherwise time-consuming grooming, there really wasn't a need for her to leave her high tech sanctuary. Nurses had to literally drag her outside for a walk on a promenade, "Prisoners get more recreation time than you do!"

Today, however, Ricki sat focused upon a large terminal before her. Screens changed several times per second as she sipped at a hot mocha. At the moment, her back was to the doorway. Her attention was mildly startled away from her work as odiferous Klingon ambiance announced visitors. She swiveled her seat around to face a half dozen warriors standing in her doorway. "Can I help you?"

The leader among them politely announced, "You will show us that vehicle of yours!"

Ricki's mind flashed, ~Anna, would you help me out, here? I'm not familiar with Klingons. They don't appear to have any Starfleet rank.~

{ooc: click on Anna's dialog to hear her voice.}
=/Ricki, the Klingon language doesn't have the word 'please' in it. They're actually being highly respectful, not taking hold of you and hurling you out the door.\=

Dwarfed by the towering warriors, Ricki cleared her throat, "My space cycle?" She shrugged, "I would be happy to show it to you sometime."

The men squinted at her.

~Anna, what am I doing wrong?~

=/Ricki, I advise highly against any delay. Slighted Klingon warriors tend to express their displeasure by ripping limbs out of people's sockets.\=

"I'm free right now, if you have the time."

They grunted and turned to exit.

Ricki muttered to herself, "I'll take that as a 'yes'." Having to hurry to match their pace, she took them to a small dock. Parked next to a Weston Racer was the prize that they sought. She then did her best Vanna White presentation, "This is the Zig X-1000 solarian racer. You gentlemen would probably want the larger Zag-1350, but that's a little too much for me to handle. Titallium alloy with Tungstenium reinforced stress points... Crash skids... Atmo-Diver bow... systems atomic battery... plasma fuel tank... emergency life support..."

The leader wrinkled his nose, "I see no controls!"

"This one is customized for my synapse. I had the physical controls excluded because I never use them."

"You will show us how to ride this!"

Ricki's impulse was to tell them that they would get their grubby meat hooks on her beautiful racer over her dead body. Anna warned, however, that they might oblige. Duly counseled, Ricki's translator gave a more diplomatic reply, "Such a fragile machine as this is unworthy of warriors such as yourself. She projected an holographic image above her wrist-book, "This is far better suited for rugged abuse, the T-1800. It has longer range, can better withstand collisions, and is designed to endure high speed laydowns. If you'd like, I could requisition one for you." At receiving blank stares, she corrected herself, "Several... for you."

"Da! This is good! But you will also show us now with this one!"

Anna advised Ricki that if she must defy them, then it had to be done with respectful boldness. She braced herself to get backhanded across the deck. Folding her arms, she stepped up to the big warrior, "This... is my baby! It is fragile. You are not delicate enough to keep from mangling it." At seeing fury well up in his eyes, she threatened, "Huff and puff all you like, but it all comes down to a choice. If you want my help, it's mitts off my cycle! What's it going to be, M'Lord?"

His eyes widened, and then he broke into a smile, "You speak like a Klingon woman! I like that! It will be as you say!"

Without so much as a goodbye, the warriors turned and went their way. One of them looked back, "Too bad, a Klingon heart trapped in such a scrawny, weak little body."

"Pitiful... pitiful..."



Ricki St. Louis, M.D. [P: Steiner]
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