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Posted on Sun Jan 7th, 2018 @ 2:19pm by Lieutenant Yzhara & Cadet Junior Grade Emma Phelps & Lieutenant Commander Tyler Vorran & Cadet Senior Grade Errowyn St. Cloud & Cadet Junior Grade Felicity Kaz

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: Lecture Hall, Starfleet Academy Adjunct

Errowyn sat in her seat in the front. She had several Data PADDs spread out before her on the chair desktop and several on the floor where they had fallen to lay before her feet. She was in deep study of the data on the screen of the PADD she held in her hand. Her other hand that was free, was making notes onto another PADD before her.

Emma sat near the back. She was still a little dejected by her performance during their training cruise. Although it was just a simulation, part of her was still feeling like she let people down, like her piloting wasn't good enough to prevent them from getting destroyed. She knew that she was not the only one to make poor decisions, but deep down she still didn't feel great. Besides, she was training to be a science officer, and yet failed to see through the guise of the simulation. On top of everything else, she felt a little ashamed that she was fooled by the ruse.

Vorran was at the front of the lecture hall. The data from the mission logs on the large display behind them. "Cadets, we are here to debrief on the training cruise." He pointed toward the display. "You successfully navigated to the asteroid field where the romulan ship decloaked. There are many options when dealing with a potentially hostile vessel and you went right to opening fire."

"It was certainly an interesting decision," Yzhara piped in. The Aenar was leaning against the desk behind Vorran. "I know if I was in that situation, I would have a lot of different thoughts. One might have been why was there a Romulan warbird in Federation space? Or how about, maybe we should hail them? Or even, retreat? Going toe to toe with a D'eridex class in an old Centaur class wouldn't have made the list. You kids are brave, I'll give you that. Not a single one of you questioned your captain's orders either, so maybe that's one take away that you could be proud of." She faced in the general direction of Cadet Phelps, even though her eyes weren't able to discern her location. "Cadet Phelps, I will say that you handled the helm pretty well, especially considering that it wasn't your specialty. It wasn't enough to save the ship, but still, nice flying."

Phelps turned a shade of red. "Thank you, sir," she replied, albeit a bit sheepishly.

Vorran pointed at the mission data on the screen behind him showing the warbird decloaking. "When you see a ship decloaking in front of you it can be alarming. Starfleet does not start fights, it finishes them. Going to yellow alert, raising shields is one thing but to open fire is another." Vorran hit a button on his Padd changing the display to a navigational scan of from the training cruise. He pointed to the asteroid field. "That old centaur class ship is far more maneuverable than a romulan warbird, the asteroid field would have provided a means to evade the warbird."

Errowyn as she listened to the others for the debrief. She made funny faces as her attention was on the mission notes, logs and reviews they just had run, reviewing mistakes she had made. Stuff she should've been more alert to catch. At least she had lived to learn from her mistakes. She looked up from the notes and stared off to the front of the room, lost in thought. ~~At least I whont be commanding a ship right off. Maybe let one of the others take command for the next run....~~

Yzhara continued the assessment. "There were high points. Prior to the encounter the ship was running smoothly. Processes and procedures were followed closely. You did manage to communicate well during the crisis. We just need to work on your decision making abilities. But that's why we run these simulations. You're intuition sucks. But we're here to make it better."

Errowyn nodded with the assessment. She had to chuckle as she was like her earthbound ancestors. Always taking on more than they could handle. Rising to the challenge even if it cost them their lives and those that traveled with them.

Vorran looked over the room of cadets before concluding. "I think we are beating a dead horse here. Dismissed"
As the cadets began to shuffle out of the room he turned to Yzhara. "We'll let them take a break before their next training cruise. I think some more simulator time is needed to build them up a bit."

Felicity had ended up not turning up for this briefing. She hoped no one had noticed, but someone probably had noticed. Maybe they'd check on her.

Yzhara watched as the cadets dispersed. It reminded her back when she was the Academy, all wide-eyed and naive. There was a time when she and her classmates felt like there was nothing they couldn't do. How quickly things changed once they were out in the real world. If nothing else, she hoped she could pass that knowledge on to this class. They still had a lot to learn.

Lt. Commander Tyler Vorran
Senior Instructor

Lieutenant Yzhara [P: Von]
Associate Instructor

Cadet Senior Grade Errowyn St. Cloud [P: Akishiro]

Cadet Junior Grade Felicity Kaz [P: Steel]

Cadet Junior Grade Emma Phelps [P: Von]


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