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United Once Again

Posted on Sun Feb 10th, 2019 @ 1:14pm by Samanthia Akiashiro & Colonel S'er'in'e

Mission: Starbase 332, Where Are You?
Location: SB-332 / Deck 1403
Timeline: After the Ion Storm


Samanthia was glad to be back in her apartment with Mariah happily playing in her playpen in the living room of their apartment. Still no word from her husband S'er'in'e and it had been several hours after the last remaining tendrils of the Ion Storm gave up their hold on the Starbase.

She debated on whether to call him, interrupting his fleet duties. When the sudden thought hit her. He could've died doing something heroic in her eyes at least. She gripped the edge of the table she sat at, looking off into the distance.

… explosion killed your husband and your daughters to a terrorist attack." The fleet officer spoke softly with well practiced sympathetic modulated voice. The feeling of life being sucked right out of her, leaving a big vacant spot within her. "I'm sure your family passed on quickly, even though it is a terrible loss. Your Husband..."

She sat there, just staring at the Fleet Officer, one of her co-workers in the Counseling Department, where she had worked. Many a times she had done this duty till it was her turn to be on the receiving end of this type of meeting and dealing with the family that lost family members to the service of the Federation Fleet...

S'er'in'e's recovery was a less than gentle one, but with all the chaos that had happened no word could be relayed to his Mate. With systems on the fritz and whole sections in questionable condition it was no surprise that communication was spotty at best. He was finally discharged, no lingering effects but some dizziness was to be expected, weariness, at times trouble focusing but minor in all. When he got home, the doors opened and slowly, gingerly he walked in. His green uniform tunic over his arm, his green undershirt slightly unbuttoned to keep himself cool and took a few paces within.

Out of habit at the sounds of the door opening to the apartment seeing who it was, Samanthia snapping back into focus, steeling herself for bad news. Seeing S'er'in'e moving in slowly into the apartment they called home. Mariah let out a Caitian yowl of delight, "Daddieeee!" as Samanthia moved quickly across the room, nearly plowing into him as she hugged him. She pressed her whole body up against his and burying her face into shoulder.

She trembled with relief as life flowed back into that vacant spot where only a Mate or someone very special could fill. She released the nightmare that held her in thrall moments before with a long exhale of breath as she held him in a hug, unaware of his needs at the moment.

S'er'in'e held his loving Mate tightly, deep breaths in drawing in the scent that brought with it calm and stability. Her smaller frame fit his with practised ease, he had gently thrown his tunic towards his Daughter so that while the two embraced she would be comfortable with his close scent. It was not the first time he'd caught her curled up on his clothing. With one arm around her shoulders, the other down her back with his hand at the base of her spine he held Samanthia to him in silence as words did not need to be spoken. A gentle purr rolled in his chest as he held her, enjoying this much needed contact after a difficult and demanding situation on the station.

Mariah smiled as she fought to uncover herself from Daddy's tunic, purring happily as she snuggled up in the tunic with her head visible and tail. Her eyes wide as she settled down within the folds and confinement of the big tunic that had her daddy's scent deeply entrenched.

Samanthia looked up at S'er'in'e, a warm smile that only love for the person can produce. "Drink? Food? Snuggle time?" Looking up at him with an impish twinkle in his eyes.

Mariah gave a demanding 'Meyou?!" Wanting now to be held by Daddy. She fought some with the tunic, freeing herself from it. She wanted snuggle time too, upon hearing the words 'Snuggle Time'.

"Some time would be best." Close to his Mate was where his mind needed him to be, be it alone with her or the pair of ladies important in his life. After the ordeal of the mission he felt distant from her, no doubt a side effect of the radiation he was bombarded with. He knew she was his, and his alone, but the fear that coursed through him during the mission, not knowing what was going on caused him considerable troubles. Hearing his Daughter he leant down and picked her up, now cuddling the pair of them.

Mariah softly purred, snuggling up against her Daddy. Engulfed by the presence of her mother also, she softly rumbled with contentment, eyes falling closed as she relaxed within the embrace of her parents.

Samanthia felt centered once again knowing her mate had survived along with her Daughter as she made allowance for Mariah to join them. It was good to be with family united.

With his loved ones in his arms, the females that made up his world, the Mate that gave him so much, everything else stood secondary to them. Samanthia had given him a life, a Mate, a family and though the road had been hard with her it made it walk-able. "My heart belongs to you." His soft feline voice spoke to Samanthia as he held her.

She smiled warmly at the comment as she ruffled Mariah's hair. "And Mine is yours." with warmth, looking up into S'er'in'e's warm eyes. She released him from the hug, letting him have Father/Daughter time. "Hungry?" She moved gracefully towards the Kitchen area of the Apartment.

"I am." He replied as he walked slowly towards the kitchen as well holding his daughter close to him. She settled quickly and smoothly within his embrace but the joys such would bring at being a father were some of the best he'd ever felt. Samanthia had given him a Mate, a family, for which he would be forever honoured and grateful. "Fish slices, if it's not too much trouble." Something quick, straight forward and easy, light on the stomach too would help calm the unease within him.

Samanthia glanced at him as normally he would kick her from the kitchen and prepare a feast which she would nibble on for the rest of week. Keeping her voice soft and pleasant as she prepped the meal. "Should be no problem," as she had to use the replicator to get the fish in quantity that satisfy him. "How's the rest of your Wing doing? Did they all make it to safety before the Storm hit?" Showing her woman intuition awareness that something was bothering him.

Mariah purred softly a she enjoyed being held by her daddy. Ears perked fully to take in his voice and feeling the vibration against her as he spoke. Her tail curled up around his fore arm as much as it could reach instinctively.

"They did." S'er'in'e replied as he held his Daughter. He could feel that she had missed him, upset that he'd been gone so long. "Watch, daddy is going to eat mommy now." A grin on his face as he placed her on the countertop to watch and then took his Mate by her arm to turn her. A grin on his face, to Mariah, then to Samanthia before pulling her hair slightly to lift her head back and opening his jaws. "Ommm." He put his jaws around her neck as if to scent her again.

Mariah eyes gotten wide as she watched, "Ma?" the display as Samanthia eyes closed feeling the hot breath of her mate on her neck and the sharp teeth against her skin. Excitement raced through her as she held still, feeling his grip accented by his sharp claws on her bicep. Samanthia smiled, remembering the night he actually placed his mark upon her. Her eyes closed as she stood there trusting him in a calmness that his love for her would temper his actions. And later resume in more private setting with Mariah asleep.

Mariah caught the scent of the fish cooling on the counter and crawled towards it, purring. She was after the fish and Daddy can have Momma. Her little tail weaved curves in the air behind her.

S'er'in'e saw the little one sneak her way towards dinner, hungry or attempting her stealth skills S'er'in'e saw her. He let his Mate go though enjoyed the closeness, the act in and of itself somewhat easing his fatigued mind. "Someone seems hungry." A nod in the direction of the prowling daughter and the poor fish victim.

Samanthia looked at her daughter stalking the platter of fish. She moved quickly, picking up Maraih with a yowls of disappointment. "Now little one, you'll get your share." Hugging Mariah to her and feeling her wiggle and squirm a bit to get to the fish. She placed Mariah in her highchair.

As she finished setting the table and placing the food on the table. She would brush up against S'er'in'e to show him she highly treasured him and letting him know she was as much his as he was hers. The tail gentle tugs of affection. A pat on the back. Gentle behind the ear scratch as she placed the platter of fish onto the table and took a portion for Mariah, placing it before her on the Highchair tray.

S'er'in'e amused by the actions and plays of the two ladies in his life watched, it seemed Mariah was just as hungry as he was. Once the little one was sorted S'er'in'e sat down himself and started small for a meal, there was plenty for extra if needed but enough. "It would seem I am no longer the only white feline on board. Rear Admiral S'iraa is on board. Most Caitians knew the name, one of the first with such fur to leave the Homeworld, one of the fewer to return again.

Samanthia nodded to indicate she was listening. Not sure what the significant of having white fur meant on Cait. But had read bits of his books which she could translate using the UT Device. "Send an invite to him. And include his Mate if he has one, for dinner or drinks sometime in the future. I can find a baby-sitter for Mariah."

"It might come better from you. I understand he has a Mate that came with him to the station. Miranda Blackfur I believe. I suspect she might also want to meet you as you are my Mate." Though the idea of inviting the Admiral to dinner was a good one. He definitely would have to speak to security before hand though, he didn't want the Admiral waiting for collection.

Samanthia nodded as she ate in her usual polite manner as she kept an eye on Mariah, making a slight mess as she ate. Preventing the chunks of the fish from landing on the floor. "I would need to know their assigned quarters are at. So I can send the invite, personally." Giving S'er'in'e a soft smile. There was a gleam of pride in her eyes as Mariah was getting more food eaten than tossed around into a gooey mess on her and the tray as she imitated her father by using her claws to pick up small mouthfuls at a time.

S'er'in'e ate, slowly. He didn't want to rush and make himself feel sick for doing so. He was amazed at how quickly Mariah was growing up, it seemed like every day she was learning new things, doing new things and growing ever larger. Seeing that she was imitating his actions using her claws he sat watching, watching his little girl develop before him. Part of him wished that his duties didn't take him away as much as they did, his Mate Samanthia was vital to him, he needed her, loved her dearly. His daughter was a little bundle of joy in his busy world and completed that which was his family. "I will find out where he was finally situated." No doubt having been moved after the storms chaos.

Mariah looked up at her Dad. She gave him a big smile and offered a chunk of fish in her fish covered claws, purring softly. Then popped it in her mouth with soft food muffled meow, seeing the look Momma gave her. She licked her lips to get the scraps that failed to get in her mouth after swallowing.

Samanthia nodded, "I'll have to make pre-arrangements with Floor Security. And advice S'irra, no Fleet uniforms." Knowing the staff would love to make an Admiral in full uniform wait, regardless of species and temperament. Even though a few of the Security still viewed S'er'in'e with distrust when in uniform, even when they knew he had full access to the floor, being Samanthia's Mate.

The idea of meeting S'iraa was both honouring and intimidating. This was no ordinary feline, S'iraa was the fleets ranking Caitian Admiral and the White Cat of Cait as he was known in the circles of Starfleet and some on the Homeworld, even defied the Pri'arch. While many had left the Homeworld, he was the first with White fur to do so, that caused a stir on the Homeworld. S'er'in'e looked at his messy daughter, such a cute girl, she would grow up to be a handful to be sure, a head turner no doubt but still his little girl.


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