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BACKPOST: During the storm talk

Posted on Mon Jan 14th, 2019 @ 2:55am by Commander Leonardo Luciano & Commander Talia Varen
Edited on on Mon Jan 14th, 2019 @ 2:55am

Mission: Starbase 332, Where Are You?
Location: Various
Timeline: During the storm, before reactor repairs.

OOC: This is conversation between Talia and Leonardo, through the bonded link they share telepathically.

It took Talia hours to settle people down, but finally she was able to sit in the evacuation room with a cup of coffee and not think about how scared everyone was. She knew-it pressed on her from every angle from every person. A vague sense of nausea made her grimace and take a slow sip of her drink.

Through the bond they shared Leo was handling his duties as Talia was her own, he could feel her unease, that something was amiss. ~Imzadi, are you alright?~ He asked. He sipped his Tea that was rapidly cooling from neglect but duties and emergencies waited for nothing, man nor beverage.

~Too many people. A bit of emotional overload. Its making me nauseated. Which is a shame because the coffee is really good. ~

~Things are hectic here too, system fluctuations and failures throughout the station. Its a balancing act and trade offs just to keep critical systems going.~ Leo replied as he smiled at her remark at the Coffee

~Just keep me caffinated and were fine~ she teased him, closing her eyes so she could bask in the warmth touching his mind brought to her.

~Well, don't drink too much, we have a wedding to plan after this.~ Leo spoke with a smile, something they had not spoken much on of late.

~Ill be extra caffinated that day too~ she teased gently as she cradled her steaming cup in her palms. It looked like she was meditating.

~So should we have a short ceremony while you are on a caffinated high, get it over and done with before the crash?~ He teased.

~Short ceremony yes, but I want to stay caffinated and enjoy the party. I know betazoids throw a mean reception.~ her amusement seethed through their bond.

~I don't know what you mean.~ Leo tried to mock innocence about such things but it was true, Betazoids did.

~Liar!~ she laughed at him mentally, not noticing a deep blue interested gaze on her. ~I assume you want a great party~

~I guess that would depend on how many attend, little point of a large one if only few attend.~ He doubted that only a few would, there were officers, families, wives and husbands that would show up, even a few others that bring friends.

~Well, you know there are people that wont come for the ceremony that will come to the party~

~Free food and drink, I expect it.~ He chuckled to himself.

~What resturaunt should we use to cater?~ she asked softly ~I dont know whose good around here ~

~Same, which I guess goes to show we don't get out much.~ Another chuckle. ~We need to get out more.~

~Clearly. Once they reopen we'll have to do just that.~

~I also hear that they have a new women's store too, for clothing.~ The way he said that clearly hinting it was not social wear.

~Wedding attire or undergarments?~ she knew he was teasing her and teased right back. She sent him an image of her in soft blue satin panties with embroidered flowers and a lace garter around her thigh. That was a human custom but an amusing one.

~Undergarments and Lingerie.~ He answered knowing how she liked to show off, tease and the like with things such as those. ~Maybe we should go shopping and see what they have for that wonderful body of yours.~

~Maybe I should model them for you. Could you keep from being hard in public seeing me wrapped in lace? Maybe a corset...~

~Now who is teasing.~ Leo spoke. ~Remember what happened last time you teased?~

~I do actually. I ended up under your desk with my mouth full.~ delight flowed between them even as heat bloomed between her thighs.

Leo smirked, good times. ~Thats right.~ He paused for a moment as he was handed another report. ~Have you thought on what kind of ceremony you want? Since we are of difference races.~

~Partially. We will scandalize my father if we do a betazoid wedding and while I like showing off, i dont want everyone else seeing me naked.~

~Indeed, my eyes only.~ Leo spoke with a wide grin. ~How are things with your new patient, the Ambassador?~

~Ive only had a cursory glance at her. Shes stable now but my OB specialist took over her case. Shes one of the more attractive females Ive ever seen. Youd like her, curvy, blonde hair, blue eyes...~ She sent an image of Sophia to him and waited.

~Attractive hmmm? Are you saying I'm not enough for you?~ Leo had to admit that the Ambassador was indeed attractive.

~Youre more than enough man for me lover. ~ reassurance came in a wave of love down their bond.

~Man yes...~ Leo retorted. ~I know you are more....comfortable than I with others, but do you really find her that attractive?~

~Yes she is quite appealing to me, though I doubt the reverse is true. She is also quite pregnant so I imagine there is a spouse or significant other...~

~Ohhh.~ Leo had come to accept that Talia was more open with her tastes, not being strictly limited to males, but her heart was his and his was hers. ~Would you like her to attend?~ Trying to be accommodating as best he could.

~We can certainly extend her an invitation ~ she whispered reaching out with her mind to give him a phantom caress.

~Do you think your parents and sister will come? I know its a long way to travel.~ Leo asked. The sister seemed to like him, the Father was yet to be seen.

~Oh yes I think they will, and her husband, and the boys. And the whole clan on Vulcan led by our Matriarch.~

~Should I be worried? I'm not Vulcan and not met me and the first they hear is a wedding invite.~ Leo didn't want to give the appearance he was being rude or disrespectful, but his job had also trained him on how things could appear to those outside the situation.

~I was not bonded for a reason, so I could make my own choice of mate. We are bonded. You are mine. It is illogical to break a bond because a parent doesnt approve of a mates species.~

~So what you are saying is that you are stuck with me?~ He jested playfully.

~Absolutely~ she shot back ~And I am happy to be stuck with you.~

~I love you Imzadi.~ Sending with his words the warmth of his heart and love for her.

Her smile was tender and she returned the sentiment 100%. ~ What do you want to wear?"

~What would you like me to wear?~ He replied. ~Something Vulcan, something with Vulcan hints, a suit perhaps?~ Giving her options. ~Maybe once we are out of this we can look together for ideas and suggestions.~

A delicate giggle threaded into his mind "I am sure we could arrange vulcan style robes..."

~I'm sure everyone would appreciate the effort.~ Leo replied as he handed off a report to another officer. ~Have you given any thought as to when? Few months, 6, a year?~

~Ill sketch some designs for you. A year would be most Vulcan however I don't know that i want to wait that long. ~

~Well, give it some thought and I will inform the Captain. See if she can do without be for a while.~ Not that Leo saw it as being a problem and he felt warm that she was as keen as he was to marry when she said she didn't want to wait that long.

~Did you want to have a honeymoon? Why do they call it that, honeymoon? The word is rediculous~

~I would like one, us, alone, somewhere nice without duties or the like to interrupt. Maybe you in a swimsuit.~ Leo answered.

~We should just have the Captain marry us tomorrow and just throw a party. ~ she grumbled, brightening at the idea. ~We could maybe go for a week somewhere quiet....~

~Somewhere quiet...that sounds good. Know such a place like that?~ He asked, interested in her idea.

~I do actually. My friend Nick Kolva was telling me about these terraformed vacation moons. They went on one, gorgeous tropical place, got hit by an ion storm and he ended up having to deliver his daughter when his new wife went into labor. ~

~Well how about we look into that, without the storm?~ A tropical retreat did sound nice to get away to

~And without the baby for now.~ she teased gently, her thoughts briefly lingering on the idea of him singing a baby to sleep.

~A baby, that would be something. I'm not sure the station could handle it, I mean babies are cute and adorable so throw in beauty from you and an accent from me. We'd need some kind of protection from the other sex for them.~ Leo joked.


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