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Fugitive P2: Waiting

Posted on Sun Nov 3rd, 2019 @ 4:38pm by Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: SB 332 / Dive
Timeline: after Fugitive pt1

Isotep got back into his disguise for his foray into the lower levels the Starbase. He was going to pay a visit to Samanthia and enlist her help. She should be grateful that he left her alive along with her half-breed child. He wrinkled his nose and shuddered at the mere thought of that. How could a human as smart and beautiful as her want to desecrate the purebred human linage she came from.

"Weemen," He muttered as he slipped into the corridor and mingled with the rush of workers during a shift change over, ignoring the strange looks from those that overheard his muttering.

He worked his way through the lower portion of the station, wincing at the low thrum of machinery and hum of conversations punctuated with occasional shout or yell. He entered the dimly lit Dive and made his way to a secluded corner of the main room. He settled at the table with his back to the wall, giving his sight time to adjust.

"Whot you'll be having?" Came the polite yet bored tone of the barmaid as soon as he was settled. She looked him over sizing him up. Just another worker coming in to blow off steam.

"Jack 'n coke," He grumbled out, tossing a few credits onto the table, watching the money slide towards the barmaid. Giving a leer as she scrambled to catch the money before it fell onto the floor.

"Comin right up." Responding without missing a beat as she caught the money, before it slid off the table. She spun, letting her short skirt flair out and up, displaying her shapely legs before settling as she walked off to fulfill his order.

Isotep looked over the other patrons as he waited for Samanthia to make her appearance in this low end rough bar on the lower decks. He caught snatched of conversation as he planned his next moves. At this time all he wanted is to get off the station without going through normal means and passing through customs. He scowled at his colossal mistake of the direct attack on Samanthia, Unexpected guest; the Station Commander. A good henchmen had died in the attack and he quickly lost the upper hand.

Just as his drink arrived, Samanthia breezed into the Dive. He looked over towards the disturbance at the entrance, seeing Samanthia greet a few of the patrons and employees of the Dive. A big Nuasican, Klingon from one of the Klingon ships in port, A few humans. Fist/paw bump with a Caitian that definitely didn't look like her mate. ~~Maybe I can use that get the help I need~~ He thought as he took a sip, savoring the drink and discretely taking a picture from the spy camera that was built into his glasses he was wearing.

He scowled once more when seeing the two uniformed Akiashiro employees enter the bar and split up. One going to sit at the bar and the other at a table near the bar. He finished off his drink as few more patrons had entered and headed over to his table. They flopped down in the vacant chair, ignoring him as one broke out a deck of playing cards.

"You wanna play?" The man looking at him as he held up the well worn deck. "lowest hand buys the drink for the table." Letting him know what type of wager was expected when playing with them.

"Sure. Three credit price limit," Isotep giving a meaningless smile towards them, setting the price limit for drinks being bought. His mind raced as he discretely watched Samanthia deal with bar business and socializing with the patrons while playing and occasionally bought drinks for his table companions as cards were dealt and shown.

The others at the table looked thoughtful and all agreed as the guy with the cards shuffled them and did a few card tricks with them while they came to an agreement on the limit willing to be spent on drinks. "Sounds good to me." Still at that price, the booze will be good, yet inexpensive to those that had to pay for the drinks.


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