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Fugitive P1: Hiding

Posted on Sun Oct 27th, 2019 @ 3:35pm by Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: Sb 332
Timeline: After 'He Who Rocks The Babe'

Mr. Isotep sat fuming in his prepared hideaway. He could feel the net closing upon him. Or was he imagining it since he had actually ran from a situation where he was suppose to be in control. He stood up and paced the full length of the hideaway room. A full 7 meters in length and back to burn off the excessive energy building up from the stress of a failed mission. At least he took the necessary precaution to cover his escape to prevent capture when he had to flee.

"I had the Station Commanding Officer in my hands along with that betraying bitch!" He grumbled softly. "I should've never let Samanthia run independent." He muttered as he looked at the sheet of paper in his hand. "Damnation to all hell and back! And curse this station! Lockdown for the ion storm.. then attacked by space bugs! At least we're back where we belong."

He crumpled up the paper with useless information on it, in his hands, getting ready to toss it onto the floor. He caught himself and began to tear it into small pieces, letting them fall where they may at random to mix in with other crumpled up paper and torn pieces. He looked at the paper cluttered floor and frowned. He was going to miss his henchman.

He looked thoughtful for a few minutes. Then smiled a nasty smile. He'd get that new recruit of his to clean this place up. To bad he failed at his assigned mission. It would've been so simple. But being a Cadet and stuck on the ship. He couldn't get in touch with him again. Nor the Cadet with him. Isotep gave a mean small smile. To play with the big boys required big action. To bad Samanthia didn't work out. She was good at her assignments. Never doing more than she could handle. Always at the fringe which gave her room to maneuver. Resigning her Fleet Commission looked promising, but she jumped sooner than he expected her to. If he was a bit faster and caught her on SB-12. Gave her arm to cry on while giving her more propaganda on the evils of non-humans in their drive and demanding a bigger and better share of wealth and hard won knowledge.

He was ready to lay it on thick to drive Samanthia deeper into his clutches till she had no choice but to give in to his every whims. She was a good looking lady. Even though she getting older. But then so was he and he didn't want to spend his retirement alone till death claimed him. Glaring about him, he grabbed a broom and began to clean up the paper mess on the floor. Even getting under the bed and moving furniture he could move.

Once floor was cleaned up and doubled checked for any scrap of paper, He flopped down on the bunk and relaxed. He reflected on what he knew of Samanthia at this station. She ran two establishments on the Starbase. Warp 12 and a place called the Dive on one of the lower decks amidst the manufacturing of stuff for passing ships and Starbase. And where the rougher element hung out. He got up and sat at the little desk. he turned on the computer and began his prowling around the data base on ship departures and arrivals. It was harder for him to get the Fleet ship schedules. He smiled a bit as he used his backdoor access into the Akiashiro Merchant Shipping schedules.

A frown developed as the schedule was thrown off due to the Ion Storm and little trip both ways through the wormhole. But it definitely gave him time to plan his departure on an Akiashiro ship. But then he would need Samanthia's help to get past Akiashiro Security and onto a ship as passenger or crewman. He exited Akiashiro Merchant Shipping and deleted his activity on the computer, making it very hard to trace what he accessed.


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