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The Guard and the Diplomat

Posted on Thu Dec 19th, 2019 @ 2:50pm by Commander Shayne Balthazarr

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: Prince Denji Hikaroborn's Ship

It was time to meet them... By the Gods he hoped that the severity of his mother's choices would at least acknowledge how far from home he was. That she would at least show some compassion and select commandos from one of his units. Why was he being punished anyway? he wondered. What did he do so wrong? Not one casualty had been suffered and land had been reclaimed. What was the point in having a Republic, if all decisions were going to be made by the Empress? The Senate clearly wanted minimal bloodshed, yet when called upon to support his actions, they looked upon the crown before they voiced their opinions. Opinions that had transformed to be in favour of her Royal Highness' will.

Denji rolled his eyes and took a deep breath. Does it even matter he thought? One tour and then back home to normality. At least the Federation didn't engage in needless conflict. Although, they appeared to not be good with conflict situations. All literature read on the journey to the Alpha quadrant suggested that the Federation only ever JUST managed victory or by the stroke of LUCK achieved victory... How could a people live this way? How did they manage to survive for so long?

The door chimed.

Denji nodded in the direction of a female Sirran guard stood to attention by the door. She bowed in the appropriate formal manner and turned to open the door, of course, he detected a little sass in the way in which she had done this, but it wasn't if enough for him to reprimand her.

Another of his guards entered the room. He bowed respectfully placing one hand into the other, palms up and making a circular shape in front of him. He dipped his head and spoke, "Your highness, a Starfleet diplomatic representative is here to see you."

Finally, thought Denji. His friend had arrived... Shayne. But what had taken him so long, and why didn't the guard just let him in? Surely the guards must recognize his armour by now and in failing that, the Royal Crest would have denoted his seniority. Denji shook his head. It must be a very formal visit.

"Fine..." spoke Denji dismissively, as he limply waved his hand.

The guard straightened from his bow and pivoted on the spot. He faced the door and called out, "His Royal Highness will see the Starfleet diplomatic representative." With that, the guard turned, bowed to Denji, and then left.

"The Starfleet Diplomatic Representative is here!" Proclaimed the female guard stood just inside of the door.

In bounced a very youthful human female. Her hair was cropped short and dark. Her eyes looked like sparkling jewels of midnight, deep pools of black, but warm. Her skin appeared tanned as though she had been kissed by the sun a thousand times over and the Gods were pleased so they would rub her with gold and crystals, as to let her glimmer and shine. She was about 5 - 6, 5 - 7, and very muscular, yet in a way that seemed to enhance the female anatomy. Her smile was wide and inviting. She had taken the prince by surprise. He was not expecting her.

"My name is Cass your Royal Highness," she merrily spoke. "Born of Lindetta Rahyu." She fumbled a curtesy almost toppling over. Denji sprang from his seat to catch her. He was seated on a platform roughly two steps high. It was customary for guests if not of the same rank/status or lower, to sit on a step below the royal's seated height. This only seemd to amplify his efforts, when clearly it was o effort at all.

Cass stumbled into Denji's arms. The gravity on his ship matched that of his home world Sirrah, which would explain why outsiders would find it slightly harder to maintain stability.

"My apologies," offered Cass straightening herself.

Denji noticed that before she had let go of his arms, she had given them the slightest squeeze. This amused him. Were all inhabitants of the Alpha quadrant so forward?

"Your majesty is very strong," spoke Cass apologetically. As if she knew what the prince was thinking and was embarrassed by it.

"Cass Lindettaborn... you appear to be stronger... more solid built than females of your kind," Denji had a perplexed look on his face. "Tell me... are you from a warrior caste?"

"No, your Royal Highness, I am from a family of scholars," Offered Cass still smiling at the prince.

"And your family was happy for you to choose politics over academia?" Spoke Denji with a raised brow.

A low growl came from a corner of the room followed by two others. Cass spun on her heels to meet the stares of three beasts the size of lions approaching her in a manner only found during a wild hunt.

"Do not be alarmed Cass Lindettaborn..." Denji moved to put himself between the diplomat and the creatures, a contradiction of what his words implied.

"Utah, Penza... and erm... Manta?" She asked coming from behind the prince to approach the animals.

"I did not list their names in the index..." said Denji seeming slightly shocked. “But you recognize them? Great cities of Terran I believe?”

She paused for a moment, as if considering what had just been said, pondering the geographical positions of the names spoken… and then responded, "I'm a betazoid silly..." Cass quickly covered her mouth with both hands.

"Oh...?" Denji's eyes widened. It was clear to him that the diplomat was regretting her choice of words.

The female guard by the door began to move forward towards the diplomat, not before releasing a slight smirk. Denji gestured with a hand for her to stop and that she did, offering the respectful bow but all the while with eyes on Cass.

Denji looked Cass up and down. She looked back at him as she were trying to gauge his response.

Penza barked.

"Shush!" Commanded Denji, relinquishing his focus on Cass.

This time Manta barked, and then both Penza and Utah barked.

The female guard stepped closer. "Perhaps, his Royal Highness should quickly forgive the Starfleet diplomatic representative to put everyone at ease?" she spoke.

"Perhaps, Zuki..." Denji was unable to finish his reprimand before Cass intervened.

She stood turning back abruptly and correctly formally bowed at the prince in an apologising manner.

Penza leapt in front of Cass and buried his muzzle between her legs. This forced the betazoid to fall backwards, also causing Denji to laugh. Zuki sprang to Cass' aid pushing the creature off her.

"He's only playing Zuki," laughed Denji.

"She is not wearing any underwear... can't you smell that?" Barked Zuki.

Cass blushed, hastily trying to pull her dress down but not before the prince could notice that the lines of underwear were non-existent at her hips. He looked away.

Zuki began to pick Cass up from the floor.

Slightly angered, more than likely embarrassed, but very evident in her tone, Cass sternly spoke, "I have bathed if you don't mind." Her face had slightly darkened.

After picking Cass up, Zuki placed both hands onto her shoulders saying, "You have a sweet-smelling scent..." She then went on to help adjust Cass' clothing. "You are entering a period of ovulation. Penza is a male and can smell this. He wishes to mate with you… I meant no offence”

"Thank you Chief!" Interrupted Denji. "I'm still here." The prince had moved to control a very boisterous Penza. Both Manta and Utah remained calm and sat attentively at the feet of the prince.

Zuki shot Denji a cutting glance before letting go of Cass.

"Don't forget yourself Zuki... or is it Princess Zuki now?" It was a warning statement rather than a question made by Denji.

"My apologies your Highness." Apologised Zuki.

"I think you had better leave now Cass Lindettaborn... and send for Shayne," ordered Denji.

Regaining some composure, Cass walked toward the Prince. "I have been sent to inform you that the commander shall be unavailable over the next few days..."

"Is that so?" Asked the prince impatiently.

"Let me introduce myself properly…" Cass straightened herself and then proceeded. "I am Chief Petty Officer Cass Rahyu, and I have been assigned as your Diplomatic Liaison."

"You?" Questioned Denji scornfully. "Where in the Hells is Shayne?"

Zuki quickly moved to intercept the approaching Denji and his rising temper. "I look forward to working with you, Chief Petty Officer Cass."

As if they had forgotten the prince for a moment, both Cass and Zuki were locked in a gaze.

Denji spoke up. "Cass Lindettaborn..." he took his time, "Your point of contact will be Chief Zuzuki Yamadaborn... discuss what you may with her, but I shall wait for Shayne before I entertain any further interactions with Starfleet." Not waiting for a response Denji swept passed Zuki and Cass and left the chamber. Penza and Utah followed behind the prince, leaving Manta quietly resting, watching both Cass and Zuki.

Zuki spoke first, "Do not mind the Prince..." she lightly placed her hand on the shoulder of Cass. "He has his ways, but he is not as arrogant as he initially appears..."

Cass smiled at Zuki looking straight up at her. From a distance, anyone could be forgiven if they believed a mother was conversing with their child. The height difference was extraordinary. It did not help that Cass had opted to wear flat lace-up sandals stopping just before her knees, absolutely non-Starfleet issue, and her tunic which was Starfleet issue had been shortened in length and tailored to produce a tighter fit. But Zuzuki Yamada stood at roughly eight foot one, not the tallest of Sirrans, yet a lot taller than the average humanoid. She wore what looked to be a tabard, falling just short of the floor. Ornate gauntlets covered her forearms and a set of pauldrons her shoulders. Zuki was of a senior rank and not identical to the other guards Cass had passed once she had boarded the ship and her attire suggested just that.

“I have a few items we could go over now, if you are not to busy?” Asked Cass.

Zuki nodded in approval, “We shall retire to my quarters, and discuss these matters there. I think it best we do not tempt the males with you…”
“I’m so embarrassed… Do I smell that strong?” Cass looked down as they walked toward the door.

“I never said it was a bad smell… but we have been among the stars for a long time, you are something new, yet familiar. I fear our more junior males may not be able to control their urges and succumb to their senses…”

“That’s right!” Exclaimed Cass, "as well as extraordinary hearing, your sense of smell is remarkable."

“I see you have done your research telepath…”

“Much like you…” Cass stopped. “I'm guessing the males are not the only ones that like sweet smelling things?”

Zuki chuckled, “You tell me telepath… you tell me.”


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