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Not 'The Dive'

Posted on Mon Dec 23rd, 2019 @ 1:18pm by Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: Warp-12 Lounge : Promenade Deck

The lounge was in full swing after the various calamities that befell Sb 332. Samanthia eased through the crowded room, listening to the latest rumors and scuttlebutt from the various patrons. It seamed that another disaster was about to befall the starbase in form of an investigating offer and his team.

She muttered to herself as she carried the tub of used dishes and mugs towards the kitchen. "Simple, that is what airlocks are for..." Several Fleet personnel overheard her muttering and gave a soft laugh as they caught her meaning. Some gave her the 'evil eye' at her receding back as she continued on her way.

Up near the stage, which was being used by the impromptu performers getting back into swing of entertaining the many patrons of the establishment. Arguments broke out on who was next in line or a group jumping ahead of another group who were late.

Samanthia glanced over at the stage as voices became louder and more heated, bringing more attention of the patrons. She passed the full tub off to a waitress who was coming out help service some of the tables vacated by patron and being filled up by more. Even though the table hadn't been cleaned and wiped down yet.

Just as she looked back at the stage, a fleshy thud of a fist hitting flesh, then a lusty cheer ripped through the conversation, quieting them as patrons turned look to see what was the source of the cheer to see the beginning of group brawl of performers before the stage as the dancers made a hasty retreat to get clear of the combatants.

=^= "Security to Warp-12 Better get here quick. Full fledge fight broken out." =^= Samanthia and half a dozen other personnel called for Security. She raised a hand to signal her 'Gentleman' Bouncer into action.

=^= "we're responding." =^= came back the voice from her hidden combadge, which she had kept and kept activated through favors with Fleet Security and local Civilian Police force and Akiashiro Security.

=^= "Better hurry before it turns into full fledge tavern brawl. This is Not the Dive!" =^= Samanthia sounding displeased. As she began herding other patrons towards the exit. Wondering who'll show up first.

It seamed that no matter of good intentions, once a person saw their friend involved in the fight, had to join in in on their defense, escalating the fight. Even her 'Gentleman' Bouncer gladly joined in the fray. Probably to vent of steam from the pressures of their main jobs and were moonlighting for the extra credits.

Samanthia shook her head as she continued to keep other patrons from joining in or getting them to leave temporary.

Soon Fleet Security and Civilian police showed up and waded into the fray, quickly quelling the fight between everyone. Samanthia sighed softly, but the twinkle in her eyes belied her feelings at the situation. It was something bound to happen after the stressful time the station personnel went through. She could see it happening in The Dive as it was a daily occurrence there but in here on the upper decks in the Warp-12 Lounge.

She quickly rearranged the schedule for the performers to resume providing entertainment for those with time to find relaxation and a pleasant time out amongst the inhabitants of the starbase. Waitresses scurried to clean up the mess and get caught up on delivering the orders when the fight broke out.

Samanthia gave a soft chuckle as she pitched in helping her staff to get the place back to normal...or what passed as normal on the starbase.


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