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Fugitive Pt 4 :: Planning the Capture

Posted on Wed Jan 22nd, 2020 @ 11:57am by Samanthia Akiashiro & Colonel S'er'in'e

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: Akiashiro Quaters Deck 1403

Samanthia finished putting Mariah to bed and checking the newly installed vent for any tampering. She smiled softly to herself as she hummed while straightening up the room from the days activities. She could hear S'er'in'e soft grumbling purr in the living room of the Apartment. "Sweet dreams little kitten." She gave Mariah a soft kiss on the cheek and gotten one in return from her daughter.

"Ni-ni Momma," Mariah purred softly to her in her sleepy voice. She snuggled a little into the blankets as she dropped off to sleep.

Samanthia smiled watching their daughter sleep for a few seconds, then spun about and left her daughters bedroom, dimming the lights to a comfortable sleeping level.

"She asleep?" S'er'in'e asked as he watched his Wife return to the main area of the quarters. He placed his book down on the arm of the sofa as he looked at her. With everything that had gone on they had not managed to spend much time together, something which he was acutely aware of. It bothered him, feeling like he'd neglected her in some way.

Samanthia nodded as she walked past him with natural feminine sway to her hip, to settled comfortably on the sofa with space between them. "Our schedules differ from each other. Plus I'm looking after two establishments." She tucked her legs up underneath her and a bit to the side. Shifting to face him, she fidgeted a bit, looking a bit uncomfortable as she broke eye contact to look at her laced fingers together on her lap.

She spoke softly, looking up at him through her hair when it fell in front of her face, slightly concealing it. "How would you like another shot at Mr. Isotep?"

Isotep, the lowly creature that not only fired on his Mate and Wife, but put his daughter in danger. The man that violated his sanctuary, that did all this and got away, something that even still chewed at him inside. A low rolling growl formed as he remembered it like it were yesterday. "Where is he?" The book he was reading under his hand now feeling the sharp tips of his claws.

"Somewhere on the starbase." Samanthia spoke softly, watching him extend his claws into the helpless book on his lap. "He made his approach while I was in The Dive. My secondary tavern for those who want to blow off steam and lower end of social status." Speaking carefully as not to bring undue attention to the bar where pretty much anything could happen. "He made his approach to see if I could clear the way for him to get off the station via Akiashiro Merchant fleet. He was in a very excellent disguise, but not good enough."

Samanthia stood up and paced a bit to burn off energy. She knew that S'er'in'e didn't have to fond memories of that place where he killed another Caitian and walked away without a blackmark on his fleet record.

He was still on the station.....the poor book his claws graced continued to be rapped against, poked with the tips. "If I see him again, I will make him suffer great pain for what he did." It tore S'er'in'e up inside that this man, this..individual not only invaded the sanctuary of his home, but fired upon his wife and held his daughter. S'er'in'e had already visioned, dreamed of the things he'd do to the man before the end. A price had to be paid and S'er'in'e made it a life's mission to collect.

Samanthia's expression was harden neutral and a bit cold, revealing something that made her so attractive to darker side of things and gotten her into this predicament in the first place as she looked him over with appraisal. "You're gonna have to miss a lot of duty hours if you want a chance at him. Or very late nights. He knows he's wanted and on the dodge. He's second approach will be unpredictable." She gave wry half smile. "And you'll have to change your appearance. Like fur coloring." She stood there facing him with one leg forward a bit to the side and other straight, cocking her hip out more predominant than the other side.

As she straightened up and spun to move to the liquor cabinet. "When in the Dive... Change your mannerism. Be .. like more relaxed and without a care in the world with something to hide." Speaking as she open the cabinet and began to mix S'er'in'e favorite drink when he wanted to cut loose when their daughter and her were out visiting play areas for children, socializing and shopping. "He's gonna be checking the place out before he approaches me. Soooo you gotta remember that I'm not your mate." And added mentally to herself ~~and him to you. He'll be just another customer in the Dive.~~

"Von will want him, assaulting a Starbase Captain is not something easily forgotten, or forgiven or the information he could provide." S'er'in'e replied. While he wanted Isotep, badly, he was also a Starfleet Officer and as thin of a distinction as tradition made it, it remained. "What then?"

"Once I make positive ID. I give signal for you to make your move." Samanthia spoke casually as she brought S'er'in'e his drink in a Catian designed mug for his easier handling. "He whont be taken alive. He has too much knowledge of "The Organization" to become a prisoner. He'll fight, or take flight. If neither, he will... " Samanthia just shrugs as she let her voice die away, holding out the prepared drink to him. "He knows his days are numbered if he stays here on the starbase."

"He has much to answer for, Captain Von will no doubt be interested in what he has to say considering he held her at weapon point." S'er'in'e answered. He knew Von wanted answers, you don't just assault a Federation base commander and not expect some kind of repercussion. "Perhaps a hypo, a sedative, something to render him unconscious?"

"Hmmmmm," purred Samanthia while looking thoughtful. "It would be poetic justice. But then there is a good chance that you'll lose me, once he starts talking. I've harbored a lot of his not so clean operatives in my past." She settled comfortably on S'er'in'e's lap, holding the drink out so he could take a drink at his leisure. "How you capture him and do whatever to him is your business. I just hope that my past don't catch up with me."

She knew she could claim ignorance of those she had harbored to their criminal activities, but those would be speculation without proof and walk free. But then she would be one of watched. Dealing with certain Merchant Captains would be that much harder to get the drinks that her establishments was getting to be famous for.

S'er'in'e help Samanthia close, his hand resting on her thigh, the tips of his claws faintly felt. "He must answer for what he did." Colouring his fur was a trivial matter when it came to revenge but perhaps information traded could buy Samanthia's freedom from any repercussions. Especially if 332 was being used for underhanded means, Von would be in a position at least in part, to do something about it. He sipped the offered drink, enjoying this close moment with his Mate, plans were in motion, all they had to do was wait.


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