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Pleasure Doing Business

Posted on Mon Aug 24th, 2020 @ 8:28pm by Dahleya & Lieutenant Commander Felicie Rivero

Mission: After the Storm
Location: Security Offices

"Really? Is it necessary to shove?"

"Is it necessary for you to drag your feet and delay the inevitable?" Dahleya asked in reply, nudging her prisoner forward into the security office. The Denobulan made her best attempt at showing patience, but for some reason her bounties didn't want to play nicely. Dahleya might have more sympathy, but whatever they did was bad enough to get added to her list, and she needed to get paid.

The prisoner grumbled something inaudible, which Dahleya answered with a more authoritative nudge. They were in the home stretch to the department's yeoman, and surrounded by Starfleet Security, Dahleya knew he wasn't going to try much.

The yeoman looked up from his desk, instantly recognizing her as a bounty hunter. Still, he had to follow protocol. "Hello. What can I do for you?"

Dahleya handed over a PADD with her credentials. "The name is Dahleya, registered bounty hunter. I believe you'll find my credentials are in order." Her lips curled up into an extra wide smile that Denobulans for famous for. "I'd like to drop off our friend here."

The yeoman's eyes scanned over the PADD. "I would assume that's why you brought him here in handcuffs. And who have you brought for us."

"Arden Tam," Dahleya replied, as if it should be obvious. "Bounty number 149A8J5814. Wanted for... I don't really remember." Dahleya shrugged. "What he did isn't as important as the payment."

Felicie had been out of the office for the past few hours, familiarizing herself with the station more. The civilian decks were going to be her biggest problem. Already she was seeing ongoing issues there that needed to be dealt with, preferably sooner rather than later.

Walking back into the main security office, she cast a glance over the Denobulan bounty hunter and sighed internally. It had been her experience that bounty hunters had their own problems that they brought with them, problems that clearly she was going to need to address. With a smile, she stepped around the bounty hunter and her target and stopped in front of the yeoman, holding her hand out for the PaDD. "You don't mind if I take a peek do you?" she asked. "Dahleya was it?"

Dahleya grinned at the newcomer. "That's right. You're the new police chief, are you not? I like knowing who I'm working with. The name is Dahleya. I've been bringing bounties in to this office for a few years now. Ultimately I think we're on the same side. Just trying to keep the streets of the Federation clean." She waved her hand dismissively. "It's just that one of us is an independent contractor."

Motioning to two security officers that were standing by waiting, Felicie indicated to the Denobulan's 'friend'. "See our guest through to his new accommodations, I believe room four is vacant," she stated calmly before offering a quick smile at Dahleya. "Come on through to my office. We can talk in there while Marquez arranges your payment."

Still holding the PaDD, Felicie started toward her office, scanning through the data as she walked in the door and headed toward the replicator. "I need coffee, you want?"

Dahleya followed Rivero back to her office. "A Raktajino sounds nice," she replied, accepting the offer for a drink. She figured it was probably too early in the day, and too inappropriate of a moment, to ask for Andorian ale.

Replicating two Raktajino's, Felicie carried them back to the desk and handed one over to Dahleya. "How long have you been running bounties on the starbase?" she asked curiously as she sank down into a seat, sighing gratefully as she took her first sip of the strong Klingon coffee.

Dahleya nodded her thanks and accepted the replicated drink. She took a small sip, testing the temperature, while she considered the question. "Oh, it's been about three years now. I move around between a few places, mostly Cestus and Mira. But the starbase has been a nice middle ground. This place has treated me well so far, so I tend to make it a frequent stop."

"You must have a pretty good beat on the happenings around here, what can you tell me?" Felicie asked, leaning back in her seat and watching carefully over the rim of her mug. "Anything in particular I should know about or be aware of?"

A wave of the hand dismissed the thought. "You know how it usually goes. Wherever you find civilization, you find the usual suspects and repeat offenders. Smugglers, forgers, grifters, thieves. If there's a way to make money, someone is going to try it. Most of my targets are the smugglers and forgers. The folks that the Federation wants off the streets, but aren't really worth the resources to bring in. That's mostly been my niche. But I have friends all over the sector. They like to talk. Sometimes a little too much. If I get word of someone or some thing that's a little outside my acceptable profit margin, I'll be sure to let you know."

"That'd be..." Felicie didn't even have a chance to finish her statement before her commbadge chirped. "Commander Rivero, report to Weapons Locker 34 immediately." She grimaced before reaching up, tapping her commbadge to reply. "I'm on my way."

Turning back to Dahleya she offered an apologetic smile. "Sorry, duty calls." She thumbed the PaDD and added her authorisation before handing it back across to the bounty hunter. "Hand it in out front and they'll sort you out, no drama."

Dahleya took that PADD as she rose to her feet. She offered the new security chief a smile. "Pleasure doing business with you, Commander."

Lt. Commander Felicie Rivero
Chief of Security
Starbase 332

Dahleya [P:Von]
Bounty Hunter
Registered, United Federation of Planets


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