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A bit of Game Time.

Posted on Fri Sep 4th, 2020 @ 5:29am by Lieutenant Mia Anushka

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: Physical Therapy Dr's Lounge.

"Recommend that patient continue present treatment of anti inflammatory injections and cryotherapy until full range of motion has been achieved. Small possibility that the shoulder might continue to dislocate due to congenital abnormality in the socket itself. Recommend follow up with orthopedist in 1 month to ensure all nervous function and musculoskeletal repairs fully achieved. File and Save under Lieutenant Commander Sable- permanent medical record. "

And with that the notes were written and her care was complete.

What else could she do with herself at this moment? Waiting for any patients to decide to come to their appointments, meant she was left with quite a bit of free time in between. She'd had one cancellation already today and the draw of her quarters and the VR system she'd had installed was growing more and more pressing. Only 2 more hours of utter boredom and she could do just that.

Raking her fingers through freshly washed hair, she relished the feeling of the strands between her fingers. She twiddled the strands into a braid, that she undid once she reached the end of her hair. It was something that she repeated over and over when she was bored like some kind of nervous tic. Most of the time she didn't even realize that she was doing it.

Maybe a game of Takenoko will get her mind in gear. The PADD In her hand made a sound like knocking on the door and she turned her attention to it. She accepted the game and smiled at the game-board appearing before her.

"Ugh, I hate that card." she muttered as she looked at the gardener card she was given, which held 4 lines of 4 green bamboo pieces. The other two, a line of three yellow hexes and a panda card with two pink bamboos were easy enough to match. It wasn't her turn though first, and she waited to see what her opponent would play.

A plot and a panda move later, there was a green hex next to the lake tile. She placed a yellow tile next to the lake, and took another card from the pile. The game continued for a while until they had a nice array of colored tiles around the lake. There was quite a collection of green tiles on the left hand side of the board. Her opponent had been doing some of the work for her as far as growth was concerned and she was very close now, to getting that huge card off her board. Mia smiled when she got a sun weather card, and got three moves instead of the traditional two moves. It allowed her to get the gardener on a green double growth tile. Being able to hand in that 8 point card was a huge relief.

Now, taking a chance she drew a plot card. "Hah!" Her eyes flickered to the point total and the number of cards that her opponent had. Now was not the time to play that card. She waited, collecting a panda card then another...for a few rounds just eating the bamboo pieces on the field. Then she played the whole hand she had. A plot card, 3 rainbow panda cards and a gardener set. She grinned as she ended her turn, hoping that the other player wasn't holding good cards in their hand. They had one round to beat her if they could.

The chime that indicated she had won sounded in the room and a triumphant noise escaped her lips. Victory! Briefly she wondered what Takenoko would be like on a 3D gameboard. Her fingertips tapped a cadence on the edge of the PADD while she thought about how she would design such a gameboard.

Another chime sounded, and she tucked her PADD into the pocket of her bag. Lifting the black bag with whimsical dragonflies flitting across it over her shoulder she headed out of the therapy office. Maybe she would pick up dinner and do some window shopping before she went back to her quarters.


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