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Boys Will Be Boys

Posted on Sun Sep 13th, 2020 @ 11:10pm by Lieutenant Commander Felicie Rivero & Lieutenant Commander Buck Ducati

Mission: After the Storm
Location: Weapons Storage, Decks 688-1000


"Well what are you waiting for?" The led boy asked as he folded his arms standing over Kade Ducati, trying to intimidate the gang initiate.

Kade gulped, this was the first time he'd put his computer skills to the test. They were going to steal weapons from storage and if they got away Kade was in the group. As he was pulling the panel off did he soon have daydreams of his father's anger in his direction.

"Oi, Kay, get to it. Hurry," a fellow gang initiate said from beside Kade. The young man shook off the recreations in his head and began to bypass the encryption protocols on the door.

They were lucky as no Security were around but all of them knew it could change in an instant, so all of them were on alert, overwatch and sentry modes as Kade worked on the lock.

"Got it," Kade grinned and the door opened, he dashed inside, it was dark inside.

"Let's go." The led boy said and they all rushed in, though following the leader around as they feared the gang would leave them behind if caught. Another reason was they didn't know the inside of the storage room, a third was that most of the gang members were somewhat afraid of the dark.

"I did the challenge, I'm in, why are we taking weapons?" Kade asked.

"Of course we are taking something---" The alert triggered and the group made a mad dash for the still open door. They ran down the corridors to somewhere else, empty handed.

The storage door remained open as they ran off down the corridor. Kade wondered what the Security will make of it, who knows they may call his father to check it out. He was head of station maintenance after all.

Felicie was unimpressed. This was the third time in as many days that locations that were allegedly secure had been accessed, but by whom, she still wasn't sure. This one seemed to be the same as the previous two. Locks overridden, doors open, but at first glance, there was nothing taken. Reaching up, she tapped her commbadge. "Rivero to Engineering, I need someone to report to weapons locker 22."

Without waiting for a reply, she closed the communication and turned around to the two officers that had responded to the alert with her. "Get me a complete list of what should be in this locker, we'll need to do a complete stocktake and make sure everything is accounted for. We'll also need to review internal security systems in the area and see if anything out of the ordinary was picked up."

With a nod, the two security officers headed off to do as told, leaving Felicie to wait for Operations.

"This is Ducati in Maintenance, on my way." Buck replied, he had been in his office and bored as he had already assigned officers to any and all scheduled and unexpected work. Though a few had the shift off but he wanted something to do and like magic here's something.

It took about 15 minutes to get there and Buck waved at Felicie, well whom he assumed to be Rivero. "Commander," Buck greeted. "Lieutenant Commander Buck Ducati, Chief of Station Maintenance." He said and offered his hand.

Felicie offered a smile. It's not his fault, don't take it out on him, she reminded herself as she took his hand. "Lieutenant Commander Felicie Rivero. Chief of Station Security." Once he'd released her hand, she motioned toward the weapons locker. "This is the third one of these we've had in the past ten days. All in different locations. Locks bypassed. So far we've not lost any weapons, I'm assuming the audible alerts have scared them away."

"Welcome aboard," Buck said before releasing her hand and stepping closer to take a look at the lock itself. "Third one you say? I did see reports of 2 other weapons locker rooms' locks being replaced with codes changed by Station Security." He said, "do these three locations have anything in common about them that indicates why they were targeted?" Buck asked, though he knew Station Security would have asked themselves that question. He glanced around, these were monitored lockers so how come these lockpickers are still at-large.

"I take it you already examined the feed?" Buck asked knowing it was probably a stupid question.

"We have," Felicie replied with a shake of her head. "We now have a full investigation going, I have people working on it as we speak, we're also pulling security feeds from other nearby sections looking for anything of interest, but I also want the lock checked for any signs of mechanical weakness or other physical vulnerabilities that may be at fault. If there's a flaw that's being exploited, I'd rather know before our weapons start going walkabout."

"They didn't take anything?" Buck asked and added, "how odd. Well I can start the locking mechanism inspection and send you a report. Though I will need someone to input a new series of codes."

"When you're ready for the new codes let me know and I'll have someone come back down. I want the report on the locking mechanism before end of day." Felicie groaned inwardly at the thought of having to deal with replacing locking mechanisms in all public access places. "The sooner the better."


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