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Travel Arrangements

Posted on Sat Jul 11th, 2020 @ 5:14pm by Vice Admiral S'iraa & Lieutenant Commander Felicie Rivero

Mission: After the Storm
Location: Security Office

S'iraa had spent much of the morning preparing for his trip off station to meet with Admiral Quinn. They would meet frequently mostly due to position and requirements and today was one such occasion. His assistant, Ensign Maria Odea was preparing all the paperwork for his transit and one of her duties was arranging his transport which for this occasion she had tried to make available one of the Type 11 shuttles.

With being an Admiral there were also security elements that had to be taken care of, security sweeps conducted, safety had to be assured. Maria walked to the security office to make the arrangements in person, a habit of hers but one that she took seriously. She stopped at the door and chimed.

Felicie had only just sat down, cup of strong coffee in her hand, about to kick off her boots and put her feet up when the chime at her door sounded. With a heavy sigh she sat upright, setting the mug on the desk, staring at it longingly for a moment before turning her attention back to the door. "Enter," she ordered, the tone of her voice perhaps a little sharper than she would have preferred.

It was as the doors parted, Felicie winced slightly, recognizing the Admiral's assistant. While she hadn't met either the Admiral or his staff yet, this woman had been pointed out to her a great many times as the one that held everyone accountable when the Admiral needed something done.

"Hello there." Maria spoke coming up to the main desk. "I would like to arrange for a security sweep of a Type 11 shuttle for departure at 1300 hours today." She spoke setting the basis of her request. "Occupants will be myself and Admiral S'iraa." Now she'd given the individuals involved. Security didn't need to know where they were going just that the means of getting there was safe and secure for the trip.

Felicie gritted her teeth and resisted the urge to grimace as she glanced at the chrono on the wall. It was already well past 1000 hours, and a security assessment of a Type II shuttle would normally take longer than the they were being given. "And there was no way we could have gotten warning about this any earlier because the comm system failed catastrophically and no one could possibly run a message, am I right?" she asked with a sweet smile on her face before shaking her head. "Sorry," she held up one hand slightly. "My replicator malfunctioned, I'm suffering distinct lack of caffeine. I'll get on it straight away. Anything else we need to be aware of for his trip?"

Maria detected the sarcasm, she was used to it. The job required a thick skin when it came to the conduct of her duties that involved other departments. "A posted guard, nobody to near the craft after the sweep has been completed." She tapped away on her PADD noting that the request had been made for action.

There was a momentary laugh as Felicie shook her head slightly. "Trust me, at this stage, we'll still be finishing when the Admiral arrives for departure."

"Even better." Confident that the Admiral would be pleased to see the officers at work ensuring his safety and the positive feedback that the Admiral could possibly give the Station Commander as a result. "I'm sure the Admiral will be pleased to see security at work when it comes to his safety."

Felicie tried to suppress a laugh. "Trust me, we have no desire to upset the Admiral. There have been rumours about what happens to those who get on his bad side," she said with a grin.

Marie knew of that rumour too, heard the story in fact. "Well rest assured that if anything were to upset him, then I would be the first on the menu."

"So, should we install an escape route for you? Maybe an emergency transport at a single button that auto applies an EV suit before jettisoning your still intact body into space?" Felicie asked, raising an eyebrow slightly.

"Entertaining, but no, thank you." Maria replied. "I shouldn't take up your time, the Admiral will expect me shortly with an update on the transit paperwork."

"Very well, I'll get the security assessment started myself. Hopefully we'll have it done before he arrives. Thank you." Felicie said with a slight shrug. "I'll let you know if anything comes up."

"My thanks." Then Maria expertly turned on her heel and walked out satisfied that the task was well in hand and she could inform the Admiral that everything was proceeding as expected.


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