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Rolling Out The Red Carpet

Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2020 @ 8:57pm by Colonel S'er'in'e & Commander Leonardo Luciano & Lieutenant Commander Felicie Rivero

Mission: After the Storm

Leo was talking to Colonel S'er'in'e his CAG officer for an update on the department now that a rotation of pilots and equipment had taken place. For the most part everything seemed to be going well, people were settling in and craft properly stowed. It was not until Ops informed him that a VIP was going to land in 5 minutes in Hanger Bay 2. It was unusual to not get more advanced warning but 5 minutes was not long and so the pair made their way to the Hanger bay.

Five minutes. Five minutes was an absolutely ridiculous amount of time to prepare for the arrival of a VIP, especially without knowing the details. All she knew was that there was a special someone arriving in 5 minutes, and a security presence was recommended. Unfortunately, even if she raced through the station, the chances of her making it in time were slim to none, so instead she initiated a site to site transport, rematerializing just a few feet in front of the station's Executive Officer, whom she recognized only from his personel profile, and an impressively sized Caitian.

"Gentlemen," she said with a smile and a nod. "I assume you're on your way to Hangar Bay 2 as well?" Felicie asked with a smile.

"Commander." Leo greeted. "I'm not sure if you have met Colonel S'er'in'e, our CAG and Marine Force Commander on board."

S'er'in'e bowed as typical to all females. "Commander." He greeted.

"But yes, we are just on our way now. What have you heard?" Leo asked Felicie.

"Colonel," she acknowledged in response before turning her attention back to Leo. "Not enough," Felicie grimaced and shook her head. "VIP arrival scheduled in 5 minutes, security presence recommended, and that about sums up the limit of my knowledge I'm afraid. I was hoping someone else could fill me in on more."

"Only one way to find out." S'er'in'e spoke. The shuttle would be arriving any minute and they could observe it from the observation section. As it pulled into the shuttle bay S'er'in'e recognised the SFMC markings on the side. "Thats a marine transport." He spoke, his keen eyesight able to pick out the details. With all the new procedures in place following the refugee incidents barriers were in place to prevent access to the hanger bays until it was seals and secured. When the shuttle landed and the door opened one man was instantly recognisable to S'er'in'e, a man with a reputation.

"General Lowe." S'er'in'e spoke.

"You know him?" Felicie asked, casting a glance toward S'er'in'e. "Do I rally armed guards or a roll out the welcome mat?"

"The latter." S'er'in'e replied. "General Lowe to many marines is the definition of leadership, honour, duty & pride. He's earned the respect of many for standing with his men at the front lines instead of sitting to the rear in a command post. To most he is a calculated, fiercely devoted marine, cold but sharp. He turned down a position at the marine command academy teaching leadership values to remain at the front." S'er'in'e went on the list some of his more major accomplishments and some about his personality as they watched the General's aid's exit the shuttle.

"I see," Felicie said quietly. "Well, I guess it's a good thing I didn't have time to get a team armed and ready," she added, taking a step back so she was standing slightly behind the two more senior officers, though still with a clear view of everything happening around her, hands clasped firmly behind her back.

General Lowe had an impressive career under his belt and his current assignment lead him to 332 to carry it out. Flanked by a Major and two Lieutenants he made his way to the observation lounge where he saw Commander Luciano, Colonel S'er'in'e and Commander Rivero. He knew this because he took long in depth reviews of the personnel files of the senior staff on board the station.

When the doors opened the Major leapt into action. "May I present General Lowe, SFMC."

"Commander Luciano." Lowe greeted first. There was a noticeable difference in his greeting to the Colonel, no doubt because it was a fellow marine. Then he greeted the Commander.

"General," Felicie spoke only after being directly addressed. "Welcome to Starbase 332." In truth, something about his presence had her a little on edge. The sudden and unannounced arrival of a person as illustrious as General Lowe was purported to be was rarely a source of good things. Still, she would take her cues from both Commander Luciano and S'er'in'e until she was told otherwise.

"General." Leo spoke. "If you are staying on board we can arrange quarters and any facilities you require."

Lowe was not so an imposing figure of a man, more so his reputation. "Thank you, the Major will handle those arrangements. In the mean time I would like to speak to Captain Von. It would be rude of me to not check in with the station commander upon boarding."

Leo wondered why there was no advanced warning but maybe he would get that information from the Captain later on. S'er'in'e stood in silence, observant of the group of marines. Lowe was everything he'd heard him to be but wondered why the secrecy.

"Sirs, if you like, I can escort the Major to see to relevant details and get them established here on the station while you escort General Lowe to the Command Center? I'm sure Captain Vonn will be no doubt aware of his arrival by now." Felicie offered a smile as she stepped forward.

"Indeed." Leo spoke with a smile, but already he had that ill feeling that something was off. The Major he'd noticed had not stopped eyeing the three of them repeatedly, observing, inspecting. It made him feel like he was back at the Academy trying on his uniform for the first time and the tailor was giving him the once over.

"Major, go with the Commander and make the arrangements, quarters, access and secure connections." Lowe spoke. "Lead on Commander Luciano."

Felicie stepped back again, politely waiting until the senior officers had left, her smile never faltering until she finally turned toward the Major. "Major, if you'll come with me?" she asked, gesturing toward the door before falling in step next to him as they walked.


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