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Mother Daughter Time

Posted on Mon Aug 3rd, 2020 @ 9:39am by Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: Deck 1403

Samanthia nodded to the older Asian woman, who was watching over Mariah while S'er'in'e and her were out working. She moved through the room from the entrance to their apartment. "Thanks," more out of habit, yet still carried her appreciation for Nanny's service in keeping an eye on S'er'in'e's and hers daughter.

Nanny smiled at her employer as she carried Mariah over to Samanthia. She gently held her out to be taken by Samanthia. Moving over to her stuff to gather it up to leave. She liked Samanthia as she was always respectful and appreciated of her services. "I will see you tomorrow at the usual time." Speaking over a fussy Mariah, letting her mother calm her down.

Samanthia felt the rigors of the work day fade as the mother came out as she snuggled her daughter in her arms. "That would be nice." Her smile became more relaxed as she cooed softly to Mariah, then her nose wrinkled at the unpleasant smell, getting a soft chuckle from the Nanny.

"I guess this is my cue to leave?" Nanny joked even though she was willing to do diaper duty, but got dismissal wave from Samanthia, which she needed no more encouragement. Hearing Samanthia give a soft laugh as the door closed between them.

Samanthia took her smelly daughter into restroom to clean her up. "Well little kitten," speaking softly with warmth as she stripped the soiled clothing from her daughter. "I guess it just us two till Daddy gets home." She talked soothingly as she cleaned up Mariah, smiling as her daughter gave soft 'meows and purrs' as if she was telling of her day with the Nanny.

Mariah squealed in delight as Samanthia gave her belly a raspberry, waving her arms and legs in delight. Her tail curving quicker weaves. Gently hitting her mother head with soft blows of affection with her hands.

Samanthia carried Mariah into the common area of the apartment, setting her daughter back into the playpen so she can get cleaned up from her working day. After a quickie shower and wearing her comfy bathrobe. She returned to the common room. Picking up Mariah and carried her into her now shared bedroom. Placing Mariah on the huge bed that she shared with her husband. She smiled softly at the many intimate times with him.

As Mariah explored the big bed, Samanthia put on her underclothes and sat at her vanity table, eyeing Mariah in the reflection of the mirror, who was looking at her through narrowed eyes, giving a soft inquiring 'meow?'

Samanthia gave a small laugh as she stood up and picked up Mariah, to return to sit at her vanity table with Mariah in her lap, looking inquisitive at all the brushes, combs, jars and colored mascara compacts. "Mierroo?" Mariah patted the vanity top with light smacking sounds of her little claws against the surface.

With gentle pressure, Samanthia forced Mariah's claws to extend. Picking up toothbrush like brush and gently cleaned up her Daughters claws. Smiling as Mariah eyes widen to watch the treatment and soft contented purrs as her little claws became a lot cleaner and shinier. Liking the sensation of the stiff bristles of the brush cleaning out the dead skin around her claws sheaths. Every once in a while a bristle would poke the sensitive skin making Mariah give a soft brief yowl.

Samanthia murmured soft sounds to keep her daughter comforted during the ministration, watching the various expression on her daughter face. She was enjoying the contact with her daughter as she listened to the contented sounds her daughter made. She set the brush down to pick up a hair brush and began gently brushing out her daughters hair. "Mmmmmm… getting long enough to cut." Giving a soft laugh as Mariah gave her head a shake and leaned back against her. "Ponytail?" Braids?" getting various response responses from Mariah. Once the ponytail was tied with a pretty dark pink ribbon and tied in a neat bow.

If Samanthia could purr, she would as she spent the time with her daughter. Loving the time taking care of her, making her look pretty. "Wanna try some perfumes?" Pointing to the pretty colored perfume bottles lined up. Mariah eyes lit up as they widened with interests. Ears perking up.

She reached out and grabbed the first bottle as she thought about the perfume as it was customized to her body chemistry. ~~Maybe I should get some made for Mariah.~~ She brought it to Mariah to take a smell. Seeing the look of displeasure after the sample smell, she grabbed the next one in line and let her get a whiff.

"Miaow!" Mariah exclaimed, trying to grab the bottle of perfume.

Samanthia sprayed some on a tissue and gently patted it on her daughter wrists and side of her neck. putting on a light scent. Mariah eyes widened as she watched and licked at the spot where the scent was strongest. She laughed softly as Mariah spat and gave a light growl at the taste. She wiped Mariah face with a clean tissue to get the residue off. "Smells pretty, yet taste awful." Getting another woe begone look and nod.

Samanthia put some of the same perfume on herself, spraying it directly on. "Now we smell the same." Letting Mariah take the scent she was wearing matched hers. "We're gonna get pretty for daddy."

Mariah smiled with a soft purr as she watched her mom use the colored powders to enhance her features. "Me-er?" tilting her head back to make eyes contact with her mother.

Samanthia looked thoughtful at the mascara as she thought of her daughters genetic instinctive manners of self cleaning. She knew some of the cosmetics were toxic if ingested. She looked through her various containers of mascara to separate the toxics one from the safe ones. She gently feather brushed some light tone blush to give her daughter some more color to her cheeks, enhancing her features a bit. ~~She's gonna be a beauty when she gets older.~~ Admiring the human feature softened by feline genetics. Her cat ears showing the tiger stripe of her father in whites, greys and black still dominate. She looked at Mariah's tail which also was showing the same pattern.

She carried her daughter over to the huge bed and put her down on it. Letting Mariah get comfortable to watch and play with her stuffed Teddy Bear. Moving to her portion of the closet. She looked over the selection of outfit and pulled out several casual outfit for lounging in. She laid them out on the bed to try on. "Which one would be nice?" Holding them up to her, letting Mariah see them. She smiled as Mariah was more interested in crawling into outfit that was still laying on the bed. "I see you've made your choice." Softly with a trace of laughter.

"Mer?" Came the muffled reply from the moving lump within the folds of the garment. Mariah worked her way about within the garment till her head poked out the top of the garment and the hanger was knocked to the floor at the foot of the bed. "Meow!" Mariah exclaimed, enjoying the soft fabric surrounding her. She waved her arms and kicked her legs to free them from entangling material that surrounded her. "Yeo-ek!"

Samanthia laid down the outfit she was holding and picked up Mariah out of the garment. She carried her into the common room where the replicator sat. She shifted Mariah into one arm and straddling her hip. Using her free hand, she tapped in commands to produce the same outfit, only in Mariah size, using up allocated supplies out of their rations. But it would be recycled later to be added back. She watched it appear on the receiving tray, neatly folded. She set Mariah down on the floor at her feet. Picking up the newly created outfit, she shook it out and kneeled next to Mariah. "This will be much better."

Taking her time as she put the outfit on Mariah. She picked up Mariah and carried her into master bedroom, before the full length mirror. She held Mariah to see how she looked in the outfit. Mariah eyes widened as she took in the reflection of herself and Momma. Samanthia smiled as she watched Mariah take in her reflection that was moving just like her.

Samanthia let Mariah play with her reflection a bit till she grew a bit bored. Turning from the mirror to set her down on the big bed. "now it is my turn." She spoke softly as she smiled, while picking up her outfit.

She watched Mariah explore her new surrounding and rumpling up blankets as she moved around on the bed as she put on the outfit. "what do you think?" More to herself than Mariah, making her look up at herself. Twisting about to look over herself while getting a soft 'merrow' from Mariah. "I like this also. Caitian lounging dresses are comfortable."

Samanthia smiled as there was going to be little foot prints on the ceiling in the near future. She made the final touches to the outfit, making it fit more tightly to show off her figure more. "Much better." It was still comfortable and relaxing, yet it still provided support in all the correct places.

"We're ready to stroll the promenade," Samanthia smiled at Mariah flopping down on the big bed next to her, making Mariah bounce and setting her off with a yeow of surprise and delight. "Whaddya say, little kitten?" Shifting to come face to face with Mariah.

"Ounce ounce!" Mariah yelled in delight and a smile, patting her mom on the cheek.

"You want to bounce on the bed?" Samanthia scooted off the bed to once again to flop on the bed again to send Mariah tumbling and bouncing on the bed.

Mariah laughed and giggled as she went tumbling and bouncing on the bed, waving her hands and feet. "Morrow! Morreow!!" She giggled out, rolling onto her stomach and raising herself up on hands and kneel. Only to go tumbling when Samanthia impacted the bed, into her Momma.

Samanthia picked up Mariah and held her in the air looking down at her as she looked up at her. Enjoying the Mother Daughter time together, letting her responsibilities slide as she played with her daughter.


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