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Footprints on the Ceiling

Posted on Fri Jan 8th, 2021 @ 12:01pm by Samanthia Akiashiro

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: Deck 1403 :: SB 332 :: Quarters

Samanthia sat on the floor across from the small table loaded with a child's tea set. She was dressed up in oversized dress that pooled at her feet and draped in folds off on her, matching Mariah's outfit. Around the table was Mariah's stuffed Animals in attendance to Mariah's Tea and Cakes. Samanthia occasionally glanced at the ceiling seeing the standard starbase bland color scheme. It was time for a an addition.

She smile and a twinkle came into her eyes as a thought came unbidden into her mind. ~It's time to paint the ceiling~

"Momma! You aint paying attention!" Mariah wailed. "Zebra wanted to know if we can have more cake. Teddy growling at Susie, eyeing her cake."

Samanthia eyes narrowed at the 'dressed up' teddy bear. "Mmmmm.. we can't have distention Mr. Teddy. Specially at the Tea Party." She got up and grabbing the empty plate and moving to the kitchen for more snacks. A plan was formulating in her mind. Even if it meant postponing the ledgers in both her establishments she had planned for after the Tea Party.

Mariah eat the remaining cakes that were untouched before her 'guests' of stuff animals and dolls. She quietly talked with her Dolls and stuffed animals as if holding a conversation with them. She would occasionally glance at her mother, seemingly to stare off into the distance at something she could only see.

Samanthia set the plate of cakes on the table, "Excuse me while take care of something." Smiling softly at Mariah placing cakes before her guests, excused herself to get things set up for her next family project. Painting the ceiling. It would bring sense of home occupancy to her and imprint more deeply of the family she had. It was something special she wanted to have with her newest daughter.

She slipped into the next room, calling Akiashiro Maintenance. " This is Samanthia. I need several paint drop cloths to cover my apartment floor and furniture. Plus I'd like various colors of paint that can be washed off skin and fur."

"Miss Samanthia, When would you like this paint? Will you be needing a crew to get the paint job done quickly?" The Akiashiro Maintenance Person who answered her call.

Samanthia smiled as she peeked around the corner at her animated daughter with her 'guests'. "I've all the crew needed. Thank you for the offer. I'll tell your delivery crew when to come back and pick the stuff up."

"Very well. I'll have the stuff sent over in an hour." Maintenance man responded and clicking off.

Samanthia returned to the Tea and Cakes with her daughter and sat in her spot. She helped pour more juice for herself and Mariah as the 'guests' seamed more interested in the cakes.

Soon Mariah eyes began to droop and became a bit fussy. Samanthia stood up and moved around the table. "Nap time." Much to the widening of her daughters eyes and protests about not leaving her guest. "I'll show them out." Picking up Mariah as she let out a big yawn.

A quick change in clothes and tucking in Mariah for her nap. She went to her room and removed the oversized clothing for later use. With a few minutes she could get started on the ledgers to make sure everything was up to snuff.

After what seamed like a few minutes, the door chimed. Interrupting the intense concentration on the ledgers. Samanthia blinked her eyes as she stood up with numbers floating her head, wondering who was calling. She ambled over to the door, answering it. Seeing one of Akiashiro's Maintenance People with a cart of paint and supplies.

"Drop cloths and the paint you ordered. Miss Akiashiro." He spoke as she remembered her placing her call for the stuff.

"Ahhh yesss," Samanthia spoke doing a quick count of the drop cloths and several cans of paint along with paint pans and brushes. Her eyes lit up with a warm smile, remembering the plans she and her daughter were going to have. "Thank you." As she signed the invoice to say that she had received them. "Come back in 3 hours for the stuff."

Maintenance man nodded, taking the empty cart back with him as he left.

Samanthia spread out the drop cloths over room, covering furniture and the floor for the upcoming event. She knew this would be something unusual for Mariah, after getting scolded several times for simply drawing on the walls. But this was parent approved and this would fall on her shoulders. But it was worth it to make the place more homelike for both herself, daughter and S'er'in'e.

She all but scampered like a child herself as she entered her bedroom. She changed into her bikini and sandals, as she planned her design of footprints across the ceiling.

Mariah looked up guilty from the floor where she was busy coloring in her coloring book. "I got restless and couldn't sleep anymore." She spoke softly.

"Its okay my kitten." Samanthia purred as she pulled out an old one piece swimsuit for Mariah. "We're going to have a bit more fun. We're gonna paint the ceiling. I could use your help."

Mariah eyes widened at the offer, then jumped up with excitement. She helped to undress herself and put on one peice swimsuit as this was a rare opportunity for her. She loved to paint, but it usually by herself with mother watching her so she wouldn't sent paint everywhere. "I use brush?" Looking wide eyed at Momma.

"Even better," Samanthia kneeling before her daughter, looking into her excited eyes. "you get to use your feet." Watching the conflicting emotions run across her daughters youthful face, but the excitement was still with curiosity.

She led Mariah from her room onto the drop clothed covered room. And over to a paint pan full of paint. "Go a head and step into the paint." She gently directed her daughter.

Mariah looked up at her mother as if she just lost her mind. Seeing the approving look and nodded encouragement. She stepped into the gooey paint. "Merrrow!" She exclaimed as she suddenly picked up and with her legs scissoring sending free paint everywhere.

"Walk!" Samanthia said as soon as she had Mariah's feet touching the ceiling. Her daughter blinked looking at her from an upside down position, attentively complied, seeing that her mom, holding her, moved with her across the room, with walking on the ceiling, leaving behind footprints.

Mariah got into the spirit, having fun since her mom was helping and smiling as she made tracks on the ceiling. Getting her feet dipped to keep the paint fresh and thick so it would leave nice foot prints on the ceiling. She carefully walked, pressing her feet onto the ceiling, wanting to leave behind good clear foot prints.

Soon they was both was covered with paint splattering and dribbles as the ceiling filled up with earthly colored footprints. Once the ceiling had several nice looping trails of footprints across it. "I wanna make more!" Mariah yelled in delight as she was place right side up on the floor. She scampered over to the paint pan to get her feet wet with more paint.

"Lets take a break," Samanthia stopping her daughter before she could step into the pan of paint. "Sit, so I can clean your feet." Watching Mariah sit next to on the floor as she grabbed a clean rag.

Samanthia carefully wiped the still wet paint off her daughters legs and feet. She took note that a bath would be in order for the both of them.

"Can I tell daddy what we've done?" Mariah Looking up at her mother in delight. Eyes sparkling with merriment. "We do again?" Fidgeting on the floor where she laid on her back with her feet in the air.

"Yes you can." Samanthia smiled warmly at her daughter as she picked up Mariah. She looked up at the ceiling with a smile. Now the place felt more like home. Even with them both paint splattered, She felt good. This was family time at the best. She wished that S'er'in'e was here for the 'Paint Party', except he was in meetings and briefings. Not to mention this General Lowe with his 'witch Hunt' as most of the Fleeters and Marines were complaining about down in The Dive, keeping him busy with Command and his fighter wing.


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