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The Assignment

Posted on Sun Nov 14th, 2021 @ 3:38pm by Captain Liarra Von & Commander Sara Archer & Colonel S'er'in'e & Lieutenant Commander Felicie Rivero & Admiral S'iraa

Mission: The Archan Job
Location: Admiral S'iraa's Office

Von and S'er'in'e walked into Admiral S'iraa's office complex together, having traveled down from her office on Deck 12 together. There was some speculation on the ride. Liarra was no stranger to meeting with the admiral, but it was rare that S'er'in'e was also summoned. Her best bet was that it was related to S'er'in'e's new position. Von had previously run the proposal by S'iraa, so he was aware of it even if S'er'in'e himself only just accepted it. Or at least she hoped it was related to that. The recent memory of her meeting with S'iraa following the incident with General Lowe was still weighing on her mind. "We must be early," Von mused to her new chief of strategic operations.

"Indeed." S'er'in'e remarked but he felt better to arrive early, than late especially with the Admiral.

Felicie practically ran from the Madigan's quarters to Admiral S'iraa's office, pulling her red hair back and twisting it into an awkward, semi messy bun as she ran, securing it with an elastic just moments before she walked through the doors. The entire run had been a mental rush, running over everything she had done recently, trying to work out what it was she had done to incur the wrath of an Admiral, though as she stepped through the doors, his lack of presence was duly noted. She stopped short, eyes darting from Von to S'er'in'e and back again. "Well, at least it's not just me."

Liarra was equally surprised to see Rivero joining them. "You too," she asked? The reason for their summons was becoming more and more peculiar. "I suppose that makes me feel a little better."

"Commander." S'er'in'e greeted, a bow as such afforded all females. "The Admiral would not casually request our presence, though if he were to make us wait then there must be just cause for it."

"Let's hope this one doesn't involve rogue Generals," Felicie murmured quietly. "I don't suppose he gave either of you any idea what this is all about?"

Liarra shook her head. "No, nothing. I wondered if it might have had to do with Colonel S'er'in'e. He's just agreed to take over as our chief of strategic operations, which we will be combining with his previous duties. But I'm not sure why you would be called down for that. Is there a security situation that I am not aware of?" Von asked.

"If there is, no one told me," Felicie replied uncertainly. "I mean, we broke up a drunken brawl, but that hardly seems worth the Admiral's attention..."

The doors to the office opened and a young male clad in red stood before the gathered group. "That Admiral will see you now." There was an air of tension from the young male, nothing in what he said offered any kind of hint as to what was going on, what mood they might expect or what the meeting was about.

Liarra nodded and followed the young man into the conference room. Admiral S'iraa was already in the room at the end of the table. Next to him was a Starfleet officer Von did not recognize. She was a tall, lean woman with auburn hair. On her face she wore a stoic expression, which made it difficult for Liarra to get any kind of read on her. She seemed someone distant, and paid little attention to the group of other officers who had just entered the room. Von didn't address the woman directly, instead focusing on paying her respects to S'iraa. "Good evening, Admiral."

Felicie fell into step behind Liarra and S'er'in'e, stepping into the room before the doors closed, glancing around quickly. "Admiral, Ma'am," she offered with a slight inclination of her head as she stood at attention behind her Commanding Officer.

As if the Colonel was not enough now there were two White Caitian's in the room and it was clear by comparison that S'iraa was much older. S'er'in'e let the two females enter first and trailed behind them while taking note of the Admiral and the female with him.

"Take a seat." S'iraa spoke, his voice authorities as if his words demanded compliance. "This is Commander Sara Archer from Starfleet Intelligence. She has come to 332 to discuss with you something that I believe you should hear." His choice of words, she has come, I believe, no hint as to who ordered her here nor a hint as to what was said.

"Thank you, Admiral," the woman replied. She gave her attention towards the rest of the group. "What we are to discuss is classified need-to-know, and not to be shared outside of this room unless necessary for completion of my mission." She lifted up a PADD in front of her, pressing a few buttons to bring up the briefing room screen to show a standard classification message. "For the past six months I have been on the trail of a Cardassian war criminal, a man named Breloc Tejar. Are any of you familiar with Tejar?"

Felicie stepped forward. "Aye Ma'am," she replied easily. "Breloc Tejar was an overseer on Bajor during the Occupation. He made a name for himself because he was ruthless. He executed thousands of Bajorans and sympathizers, even his own people." She paused, tilting her head ever so slightly to one side. "I had thought he was dead, but recently his name came up in some reports that he was wanted to stand trial?"

Archer nodded along. "Very good, Commander. Tejar has been good about hiding his tracks, but his name has been popping up more and more recently. That's an awfully big coincidence for someone who is supposedly dead."

"Perhaps he thinks it's been so long since the Occupation and the Dominion War that he's assumed no one is looking," Von mused aloud. "He has to be getting up there in age."

"I'm not one to speculate on his assumptions. And yes, he is getting up there in age, but there is no statute of limitations on his alleged crimes. And after Bajor joined the Federation, their warrants became our warrants."

"This explains a lot," Felicie said quietly.

Sara continued "My search thus far has led me to Archa IV. An informant has provided me with information regarding an affiliate of Tejar's, an Archan named Kama Artrex. This informant has been reliable in the past, so I don't have any reason to doubt their information. Artrex is a known dealer of various items, including art, antiquities, and arms. Artrex works through intermediaries, so he probably doesn't deal with Tejar directly. But in his compound it is believed that he still keeps records of his business transactions. If I'm going to find a link to Tejar, that's where it will be."

"I've seen networks like that before," Felicie said quietly. "The tend to be rather hard to crack, and incredibly dangerous."

"I thought Starfleet Intelligence wasn't allowed to operate on a Federation world?" Von asked, her eyes narrowing in the direction of Archer. She wasn't sure if she liked where the conversation was going.

Archer wasn't fazed by the look she was given. Nor did she look to S'iraa for support. "You're correct, Captain. Starfleet Intelligence is not authorized to act against Federation citizens. Or at least not unilaterally. We would have to operate with support of the local government. The only problem with that is that petitioning the Archan government for a warrant would take too long. And assuming that the Archans even grant our warrant, the likelihood of Artrex getting word of our activity and disposing of evidence increases. If we're going to act, we're going to have to do it underboard."

"There may be another way," Felicie said quietly. "I can't make any guarantees, but I can ask. It may help."

Sara nodded in Felicie's direction. "I'm certainly open to ideas. I'm prepared to go into Artrex's compound, alone if I have to, though a team would greatly increase our chances of success. But because what I am proposing is not entirely legal, I can't order anyone to join us. If we are caught, Starfleet will disavow any knowledge of our operation, and it would officially go down as a rogue operation."

As Sara spoke, Felicie's gaze shifted subtly to Von, watching for any sign of reaction to what the Intelligence Officer was saying. "I'll go with you," she said firmly, looking back at Sara. "I can make some discreet enquiries with my people as well."

Liarra was still a little concerned by the proposal. This woman she had never met came here to suggest something illegal, and she already has Von's chief of security volunteering to help. "Admiral, how do you feel about all of this?"

S'iraa had listened to it all, weighed the implications, the risks, the dangers and very little of which sat well with him. "How I feel is unimportant, however what I will say is that failure is not an option. I have had my fill of disappointments lately and I do not wish them added too." S'iraa knew that barb was directed at Von, and intentionally. "That said....." S'iraa tapped the tip of a claw on the table. "If you fail, or caught, it is not the Archans wrath you have to fear...." Just for knowing what was going on if it went sideways this would no doubt impact himself and his position or career.

Sara remained stoic. "In the event that this mission fails, I have been taking actions to make sure that the trail will not lead back to you. If Starfleet even acknowledges my existence at all, it will be as a rogue agent. If this mission were to fail, then I'm confident that it will only be my legacy at stake." The agent focused on Rivero. "We're going to need more than just two of this for this mission. I suggest we get together and discuss some people who you can trust. And we're going to need a way in to Artrex's manor. Perhaps someone with social connections? Artrex deals in antiquities and art, so perhaps an expert in one of those fields?"

"I have some names in mind," Felicie kept her hands clasped behind her back, rocking on her heels slightly, stoically avoiding looking at either Von or S'iraa. "I can be available when ever you are for further discussions."

"Thank you, Commander. We will be in touch soon. Thank you all again for your time. If you have anyone else in mind that may be willing to volunteer, then please let me know. In the meantime, I'll be working on the logistics of the plan." Archer looked over at S'iraa just to make sure that she wasn't overstepping her bounds before continuing. "Dismissed."

Admiral S'iraa (P: S'er'in'e)
Executive Officer
11th Fleet

Fleet Captain Liarra Von
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Colonel S'er'in'e
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Commander Sara Archer
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Lt. Commander Felicie Rivero
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