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The Team

Posted on Wed May 11th, 2022 @ 11:52pm by Commander Sara Archer & Lieutenant Commander Felicie Rivero

Mission: The Archan Job

Felicie wrapped her hands around the mug of coffee she held, allowing the warmth to seep into her fingers. "I think we should try and keep the group as small as possible," she said softly. "Aside from making our presence more obvious, every additional body adds an element of weakness." She paused, taking a sip of her coffee. "Who do we need most?"

Scattered about on the table between them was a number of PADDs, each displaying various aspects of Artrex's compound. Some of them detailed floorplans. Others described the security systems. Regardless, Commander Sara Archer knew that none of them would be useful without the right group of people on the team, and that is precisely why Lt. Commander Rivero was meeting with her in her quarters. She took a sip of tea while her eyes roamed over the PADDs. Spotting the one she wanted, Archer pulled it aside with her left hand, while her right sat the mug down elsewhere on the table.

The PADD she selected talked about Artrex himself, including his many hobbies and interests. "It's going to be difficult to pick one role that we need more than any others, but I think any such conversation would be moot without a way in to the compound. Before we can do much else, we need to figure out how to get our team into position." She handed the PADD over to Rivero. "Artrex is planning a gala to display his newest art collection. Security will be heavy, but distracted. This may be our best opportunity to get in. But we'll need to get an invitation."

"That shouldn't be terribly difficult, I have a contact who should be able to help us out with that. He owes me a favour or two anyway." Felicie grinned slightly as she looked up from the PaDD and across at Archer. "I overlooked the odd bottle of Romulan Ale every now and then," she added as she looked back at the PaDD, holding it in one hand and taking another sip from her mug. "Madigan would be a good one to pull in on this, his jacket shows he's a dab hand at getting around security systems and I'm pretty confident he'd look damn fine in a tux, just don't tell his wife I said that," she added with a grin.

"If I ever meet her, I'll be sure to not mention it," Sara replied, her expression largely remaining emotionless. "We might need someone who can do more than just security systems. Artrex will likely have electronic records of his business transactions. We'll need someone who can get deep into encryptions."

"Bradshaw," Felicie tapped the PaDD momentarily and brought up the Starfleet records of Lieutenant Callope Bradshaw. "She's got an impressive record with encryptions and security. Probably better than any I've seen in a good long while actually. There's also a civilian on the station... she has some ties to some questionable entities that could come in handy... Samanthia Akiashiro."

"Akiashiro? That name sounds familiar. I might have to look into these questionable entities." Sara made a note on one of her PADDs. "I'll make a note to follow up with her."

"Vyssia zh'Azonan," Felicie offered another name. "Only recently joined us here on 332, but she is one of the most impressive pilots I've seen in a good while, plus she has reasonable engineering skills. She's technically an instructor with our sub academy campus here on the station. She'd definitely be one to keep in mind."

Archer made another note. "We should probably a heavier weapons expert with us, just in case things go bad." She handed Rivero a PADD. "Captain Brenda Sinclair caught my attention."

"She'd be a good call," Felicie responded with a nod. "We'll need to keep team size in mind. I think I'd rather take Bradshaw than Madigan. Her encryption skills are second to none and I think overall she's more beneficial to the team. Other than that..." Felicie moved her head slightly. "It's a tough call, not knowing exactly who we're going to need."

"Well, let's look at our objectives and make sure we have everyone we'll need. One, we'll need access to the compound. Two, we'll need to get access to Artrex's vault. Three, we'll need to locate his records and find what we need. And four, extract the data." Sara chose her words carefully. Although she didn't want to say it out loud, getting the data back to Starfleet Intelligence took priority over extracting the team, though Sara would obviously prefer to get everyone out. "Other objectives would be to create appropriate distractions to keep security off our trail while we work."

"Then it sounds like we have a team," Felicie replied quietly. With the thought of a complete team came a moment of reality. This was going to happen. They were going to get in a shuttle without telling anyone where they were going and infiltrate what could easily be considered one of the most secure compounds known to the Federation. "I suggest, Commander, it's time to pack our best dresses and dancing shoes?"

"I reckon so. Let's go gather our team."

Commander Sara Archer [P: Von]
Special Agent
Starfleet Intelligence

Lt. Commander Felicie Rivero
Chief of Security
Starbase 332


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