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Heading Out

Posted on Sat Apr 30th, 2022 @ 11:01am by Samanthia Akiashiro & Colonel S'er'in'e

Mission: The Archan Job
Location: Deck 1403 :: SB 332 :: Quarters -Company ship

The whole deck was busy shuffling young children that needed adult care and supervision of those that were part of Elder's Entourage. Samanthia smiled softly as Mariah would find meeting newcomers that she would lose her fussiness at being dumped off with other children of her age group. At least the Nanny that she used to would be a familiar figure to their daughter as one of the caretakers there. It was hard to listen to Mariah's caterwauling as she walked away. It was something she was looking forward to. Spending time with S'er'in'e off the starbase, doing something other than Fleet. At least for the next 24 hours. Just him and her. Also access to Elders Yacht if they wanted to take off early. At least after showing of the Artrex's Art Collection.

She entered the apartment, her mind already moving onto better things, such as what she was going to wear and its going have to scream wealth, prestige, history. And being with S'er'in'e, maybe she should go with a Caitian theme. It would be a good time to show off the Caitian jewelry that showed her status and her Mates status. As for the dress and accessories, would it be the latest in fashions or the more simple Caitian form of dress. She softly cursed as she should've thought of this several weeks ago. A combination of both Cait and Human style. She eyed the replicator, then shook her head no, as she had enough dresses to look elegant in, enroute to the master bedroom to get ready for the big event.

S'er'in'e walked in almost exactly 10 minutes later, a Padd in his hand but that was quickly aside considering the preparations that had to be done. "I am home my Mate." He spoke, he could smell her scent on the air, it was recent, strong so she would still be present of he'd just missed her. He'd been considering his attire options for a while today and decided on something Caitian but regal, something that allowed freedom of movement yet appropriate for a high-profile social gathering. This was more about Samanthia than himself so the first thing he reached for his headpiece from the shelf, it itself would attract the eyes of others while his own roamed those around him for threats given Samanthia's remark about concealed weapons.

Samanthia smiled as she stepped from the bathroom, wearing nothing, concentrating on what she envisioned wearing and how she was going to do it. She padded bare footed over to her set of drawers. She pulled out a white, one piece, swimsuit that offered support in all the right places and quickly slipped into it. Then moved over to her vanity to work on her hair. Brushing out the last of excess moisture till dry. Then worked her hair into a loose bun that hung at the back of her neck. She eyed the jewelry sitting on bald wig head stand. She began humming softly as she put the finishing touch to her hair. She nodded to herself, enjoying the end results. It seamed with the right hair style, clothing, one can look a bit younger than they actually were.

Even though the Caitian gowns were to be worn loose and hang free, she would wear a bright yellow sash around her waist to display her feminine figure, instead of over one shoulder and across her body to place the knot at her waist as per Caitian custom. She let the ends hang down her side. The outfit would definitely show Caitian fashion and Human mixture. Colors along with the jewelry would show she was a mother, knotted sash would show how many children she had given birth to and mated to a high ranking Caitian warrior of the Warrior's Caste. Which is extremely rare for a non-Caitian to achieve such status.

Leaving Samanthia to her own devices S'er'in'e gathered a formal-looking outfit comprising of trousers with a double belt fitting at the waist, a vest, a long twin-tailed jacket from which his own tail could fit between them, and an appropriate shirt. While it would take some doing to fit the large feline for a traditional Human tux, this was a more suitable approximation while maintaining breathability, freedom of movement, and presentation. Knowing however that he would be wearing this garment for some time he removed his own uniform and placed it for washing later, dropping to his hands and feet he shook his entire body to expel any stored heat gathered in his fur coat. He would no doubt cop hell for it later from Samanthia as such an action did often result in fur strands floating about the room until they settled.

Almost immediately however the result was felt and he took on a cooler more comfortable feeling to his body. After a moment of peace, enjoying the moment, he stood up and began to dress. It didn't take long to do and the final piece was to stand in front of the mirror to place the golden sheaths to his ears and the headpiece that sat across his brow. It had been a while since he last wore it, doing so now brought back fond memories of the Homeworld, his training, his parents.

Samanthia looked up in the mirror, just in time to see the fur explode from her mate's body. She sighed softly, quickly getting out of the bedroom before any stray fur could settle on her and stick to the outfit she wore. "Coulda asked for me to brush and ruffle your fur a bit with the vacuum brush." From the doorway, to watch with much approval and pride as he got dressed and put the finishing touches to his outfit. "Mmmm..." softly, tone showing approval.

Once the majority of the fur hairs had settled, she entered the bedroom to stand next to him before the full length mirror. Admiring how they looked together in their finery for such an outing planet side. His a dark masculine color and hers a light feminine colors that showed his Caitian House colors. "We should do more social events together. Both planet side and on the Station." Looking up at him. "Maybe even show up for a few Caitian Galas."

"Were you not already dressed I may have done so," S'er'in'e replied initially as he centered the headpiece. "Had you brushed me, which I know you enjoy doing then you would certainly end with my fur upon you." Dropped his hands from his head he took a moment to visually check that all was well before he turned his gaze to his Mate. "We should." His arm came to rest upon the small of her back before looking at the mirror. "We should indeed." There was a measure of pride in his voice hinted at by the more feline inflection of his voice especially with Samanthia standing this close to hear it.

Samanthia nodded, liking the feel of his big paw like hand on her back. Knowing what he said was true. "Let's go meet up with the others. I'm sure they'll be wondering where we are." Taking note of the time. Time waited for none. She slipped from to him to put on the low heel sandals and sling the strap to her clutch purse over her head to rest on her shoulder.

"Yes, lets." He didn't want to keep people waiting especially for such an occasion as this. Letting Samanthia lead the way to where she mentioned others were waiting. He made sure to stay close to his Mate. "Will the Elder and the First Wife be joining us?" He asked wondering if they would be sharing the same transport method or they would use their own.

"We'll be using Elder's company ship. Stripped down modified Defiant Class." Samanthia gave a smile, wishing she could see his expression as he was behind her as she led the way through Deck 1403. Even though it would be hard to determine what it was since she wasn't feline herself. "Elder will be taking Tamarue, his first wife. Several Aides for the each of them. Not to mention a few bodyguards in disguise."

S'er'in'e followed though took in the information told to him. It was good to know the elements involved, he knew that the bodyguards wouldn't be obvious at least initially and least of all to those not looking for them but knowing they were in play, S'er'in'e would. He easily towered over those around him making not only hard to miss but easily noticeable even for those not looking for him. While he did not expect any trouble on the idea that this event would have its own security attending he would hope that tonight would be a pleasant and enjoyable night especially for his Mate.

After a few minutes of walking the corridors of Deck 1403, passing from residential area into business half of the deck. Security at their post, watched S'er'in'e pass by with Samanthia. While giving him a serious look over like they wanted to bar his passage. Since he was with Samanthia and given access by Elder, they let him pass.

"Ah, there you are!" Rapheal voice overrides the soft murmur of the others. "I was getting ready to send a runner to get you both." He looked at S'er'in'e, then to Samanthia as his expression hardens a bit, getting ready to continue.

"He can keep secrets, Elder." Samanthia spoke up, guessing at what he would say next, preventing him from continuing. "Besides you requested 'us' to come along. If you didn't want him knowing company secrets, you would've used a different class of ship. And besides we're a package deal." She smiled cheeky at him.

Rapheal gave a soft chuckle, "Alright everyone let's get aboard and on our way." Motioning to an exterior docking port that was showing green lights and the door open giving access to the Defiant waiting for them. "You can hang out in the lounge or private quarters if you want to rest up during travels." Leading the way with Tamarue on his arm.

S'er'in'e opted to say nothing lest he causes an issue with the family Elder and his own presence with his Mate, Samanthia. Following Samanthia lead the way he pondered about the situation but also what lay ahead. He made sure to stay close to her considering from what she had said before there would be other females present and possibly many of them. He was also no sure how long the event would take, so it was best to be prepared as best he could. He did however repeatedly gaze upon Samanthia from head to toe at her attire and how beautiful she looked all dressed up.

Samanthia led the way deeper into the ship following the majority into the lounge. It was spacious with a big view screen that currently showing the side of the station where the Ship was connected to, slowly moving away, then shift off to one side to bring the stars into view and in the distance, Archa IV. All the seats were luxurious looking of leather but weren't designed for those with tails and arranged around the sides of the room with small tables next to them for anything a person wanted to place on them. She looked up at S'er'in'e with an apologetic look and shrug. Then smiled as she moved to one of seats that could hold two or more people.

S'er'in'e was no stranger to uncomfortable seating, most of all seating that was not suited or built to support an adult Caitian's size nor weight. Instead he opted to stand close and next to his Mate, watching, observing. In a way he was looking forward to getting off station, doing something out of uniform and social even if he was not the most social of creatures it was all because his Mate had asked him and he'd willingly oblidge.


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