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A New Day Dawns

Posted on Wed Sep 27th, 2023 @ 1:08am by Captain Liarra Von & Lieutenant Commander Jek'Lar Son of Koss

Mission: A Day in the Life
Location: Captain's Ready Room Deck 12
Timeline: TBD

Jek'Lar had endured the long journey to Starbase 332. Unfortunately for him he had been sent with a Bolian who would not stop chatting the whole three week journey. So it was a great relief to step through the airlock and onto the station. The Quartermaster was there to greet him and give him his quarters assignment. Jek'Lar requested his belongings be sent to his quarters. Duty and honor dictated that he meet his new commanding officer.

As Jek'Lar made his way through the station he received some looks as he often did, most people were not used to seeing a bald Klingon. The red uniform still felt new and awkward to him. It made his silver sash which bore his house crest stand out. He had read up on Captain Von during the trip over. From her file she seemed like a fair and even keeled Captain. Jek'Lar had yet to encounter a joined Trill and he wondered how the dual personality effected the Captain. His thoughts carried him through the station and to Deck 12 where the Captain's Ready Room was located. He adjusted his sash and uniform making sure that all was in the right place and then rang the door chime.

Von sipped a drink from her cappuccino as she read over the latest sector security reports. There was some pirate activity nearby that was not too concerning. She made a mental note that she might need to send the Jackal to investigate. The Ritorians were getting a little excited near the border, but so far there hadn't been any border crossings that any patrols had detected. All in all, it had been a fairly average day in the Galactic South.

Liarra looked up from her PADD when she heard the door chime. "Come in," she answered to the air.

Jek'Lar looked at his shoulders and thought that the red would take some getting used to. He made sure that his sash which bore the insignia of the house of Koss was straight and then he walked through the door being sure to duck his head slightly as he walked in. He came to attention in front of the desk. "I am Lieutenant Commander Jek'Lar Son of Koss. I pledge my honor and all that I am to Captain Liarra Von." The Klingon chose the tradition wording of his people when he reported in for the first time.

"I accept your pledge," Von stated in reply. While she was not necessarily a fan of formalities, she didn't want to insult her new officer by rejecting his. "Please, have a seat, Commander. Can I get you anything?" she asked, gesturing with her mug.

"I would be honored to share some blood wine with my Captain." Jek'Lar said as he sat down. He took a look around the Ready Room and garnered quite a bit of information about the Captain from all of the things that were in the room. He already took a mental note that he would have to learn all he could about the surrounding area and what Starfleet assets were in the area.

Von nodded. "I'll tell you what, Commander. Catch me when we're off duty, and the honor will be mine. I know a place on the station where we can get some real blood wine. Offering you a replicated version would be an insult to you. And unfortunately I don't have any in my office."

Jek'Lar smiled. "I will hold you to your word Captain. Is there anything that I should know before taking my post as your Strategic Operations Officer? It seems that a lot of assets pass through the station."

"A lot, indeed," Von agreed. "Three Three Two is the last Federation outpost on this side of the frontier. And is in orbit of a member world, and one that is a resort planet at that. So there is a lot of traffic from ships doing business with the Federation as well as starships stopping over for shore leave or resupply before heading out. And we're very near the Ritorian border, and not that far from the Gorn border, that keeping an eye on our rivals is imperative. That's the Archan sector in a nutshell."

Jek'Lar nodded as he thought about all of the work that was ahead of him. He would make sure to keep a weather eye on the Gorn they would indeed be the biggest threat at least at the moment. "I will try to keep them all out of your hair. In an effort to keep foot traffic down aboard the station. Perhaps any ship that is simply coming for shore leave can bypass the station into orbit. I mean they should not have to come aboard if they are simply coming to enjoy the planet."

"Sometimes ships will need to unload cargo, or pickup different cargo. And of course our shipyard facilities, while paling in comparison to dedicated shipyards, will still be tasked with routine maintenance and repairs. Those ships will need to dock. Still, I like your thinking. We don't want to turn away guests, but prioritizing docking berths can be quite the challenge at times. I've had to deal with more than a handful of irate captains, usually because they were upset over the slightest of inconveniences. One of the most frustrating parts of the job is remembering that not everyone who visits the station is Starfleet."

"I would think a simple check in with either myself or the Chief of Security over comms upon arrival would suffice for vessels not wishing to dock with the station. Of course if the planet has objections then we can look further. With your permission I will see it done. I believe that my job is to alleviate some of those challenges that you have to deal with." Jek'Lar's face showed no emotion. What he said was a matter of fact to him and something that he took extremely seriously.

"One would think would suffice. But just in case it doesn't, that's when you make use of our combat air patrol. We have several flights making patrol laps for interdiction. If a ship isn't cooperating, then the fighters will detain them. And if a detained ship needs to be boarded, we have transports standing by with marines for searches and seizures. Those are both different departments, but you'll coordinate their actions." Liarra leaned back in her seat and let out a soft sigh. "Between you and me, I'm definitely ready for someone to help alleviate the challenges of the job. Not having to worry so much about the day to day traffic will take quite a load off of me. That's for sure."

"It would be my honor. Now, with your permission I will begin to get that underway." Jek'Lar was eager to get out there and meet the team. To get things in order and show everyone that he would not be the one to sleep on the job as it were.
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Liarra nodded. "Permission granted, Commander. I'm looking forward to working with you."

Fleet Captain Liarra Von
Commanding Officer
Starbase 332

Lt. Commander Jek'Lar, Son of Koss
Chief of Strategic Operations
Starbase 332


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