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To Cait

Posted on Wed Oct 18th, 2023 @ 10:14am by Samanthia Akiashiro & Colonel S'er'in'e

Mission: The Archan Job
Location: Tigerlily Danube Class Long Range Shuttle

Mariah explored her new surroundings for a few hours. Coming to the realization that the ship she was on was smaller than her home and soon grew bored with the limited space. She settled down in the living area to play with one of her favorite toys to entertain herself.

Celene sat in another chair looking at the monitor accessing information on Cait that was open to other species. She studied Ciatian etiquette to make sure that they could stay as long as possible to the terms of agreement for this expedition. She was kinda keeping an eye on Mariah while she studied.

Samanthia lounged in the pilots seat, relaxed as the Danube shot through space at warp 5 towards Cait. It felt great to have a more serious change of pace and a new environment to enjoy and building excitement of delving into archeological other than classroom approved sites and on a new planet that not many other races had visited.

S'er'in'e kept himself busy by preparing food for the party, cooking was something he enjoyed and while space was limited he hoped that the assortment he'd made would please the trio of females present. "Would anyone like anything to eat?" He stood at the rear of the cockpit cabin with platter in hand with an assortment of meats, cheeses, sauces and the like. Though his balance was still an issue, as long as he was slow and gentle in his movements he found it manageable.

Mariah scampered towards her dad at the mention of food. Her eyes glittered with anticipation as her nostrils flared at the enticing scent emitting from the food that her daddy prepared.

Celene smiled winking at Samanthia. "He's definitely a keeper!" She exclaimed softly to Samanthia as she froze the video on screen that showed visuals on how greet Caitian from different social standings and between Caste, as more likely Samanthia and Celene would fall into the Academia Caste.

Samanthia smiled with a soft giggle at Celene's comment. "Most Definitely." After doing a quick check on the controls and progress, standing up to approach S'er'in'e first so that her scent would be more dominant signaling to everyone that S'er'in'e was hers and that S'er'in'e wouldn't have any problems in having Celene within scent range of him. Even though her scent was faintly left behind everywhere in the shuttle wherever she went. But more dominant scent was Samanthia's since she used this shuttle more often to get to classes on Archia IV and used it as a place of residence when she was on Archa IV if time allowed. Otherwise, she stayed at her apartment.

Samanthia stayed close to S'er'in'e as Celene helped herself to the cheese and meats. "Thanks!" Celene spoke softly, as she resumed her seat back at her console to eat the food provided by S'er'in'e.

Samanthia headed to replicator and gotten a small plate for Mariah, putting a selection of meats and cheese on it for her daughter and giving it to her. "Here ya go, sweetie." Watched her daughter grab the plate of food. Mariah scampered of her spot and settled down to eat. She turned to S'er'in'e. "Thanks Serrrr.." Softly purring the r, as she helped herself to the food provided.

S'er'in'e returned the purr, far easier for him to do so but the smile present told of the value of her attempt. "May I ask how the cultural education is proceeding?" He asked the females. "Do you have questions?" If he could help he would, if answering a simple question prevented a simple mistake that could cost them their place on Cait, he'd happily answer it.

"Ughhhh!" Celene rolled her eyes with a grimace. "This is worse than doing a study cram session for a scheduled end of the week test, waving her hand at the frozen screen. "I appreciate help in getting this data. I'm afraid I'm gonna get everyone kicked off Cait. I hope they are more relaxed once we get to the actual Site to check it out." swiveling her chair to face S'er'in'e.

"Make the effort and you should be fine. They know you're new to Cait. It'll be harder for me, since this will be my second time." Samanthia spoke glancing at Celene, then back to watching Mariah sitting in her chair eating the food she had been given. She gave a brief story on her trip how she nearly gotten herself thrown off the planet in facing Ruler of Cait. "Let say the impression was a lot less favorable and I doubt that I'll be brought back before the Queen of Cait."

Celene gave a soft laugh at the misfortunes of her friend. "As long as your alive to tell about it. Its a win-win for you." Giving a laugh along with Samanthia. Marian watched with her eyes wide. "Getting the experience in doing it."

"Is Daddy mom the Queen?" Mariah asked looking both at her daddy and mom with a curious expression.

"She is to me little one." S'er'in'e answered to Mariah before turning his gaze back to Celene.

"The one key thing to learn about Caitians is action and meaning, what meaning comes from the action you take towards others." He walked over to his Mate, taking her hand and positioning her in front of him facing Celene. Samanthia would know what was coming next. "I place her before me, as is her place in my society." He snakes his right arm under hers to place his hand over her heart. "I protect the bond and love we share." His other hand came to rest at the base of her torso. "I protect the gift she offers, of life." He places his head upon her shoulder with his nose under her chin. "The neck, the most important part of the body to Caitians, I protect it and in turn, her scent I draw in."

Then Samanthia would lean forward with practiced ease, bending slightly at the waist, one foot slightly in front of the other, her arms out to the side. "The acceptance." Softly spoken tone with soft warmth that also shined in her eyes and expression.

After being released, "But fortunately we will not be finding mates. Unless that your goal." Samanthia smiled, "Only be dealing with Caitian Academia Vips and those that are in charge of the Sites we're going to be looking at."

Celene watched with interest, nodding to show she was paying attention, sighs softly. "That is also sooo spiritual in form. Is there any more?" She sat back in her seat to see how it was performed.

"There is, though it would depend on the intent of the action." S'er'in'e answered, remarking about how his Mate could hold his tail if she wanted, his trust in her since the tail was vital to balance. When he scented her with her neck between his jaws, her trust in him to maintain control. He told Celene about his collar and how it was now the property of Samanthia as too were the claw plates each year as he grew. Though S'er'in'e was always open to learning about Human ways and he knew his own could be a burden, strict in culture and while alien, also often leaving her felt judged against by his own kind. He hoped that with this trip they could enjoy time at dig sites while he sought medical treatment for his balance issues, issues that could very well be the cost of his career and no doubt a return to the Homeworld with his Mate if she chose.

Celene listened with fascinated as she watched. "Now that takes real courage and trust to allow anyone access to a vital area of the body." She looked thoughtful for a moment. "Tail vital to balance? I thought that was a useless appendage. Since Caits are bipedal now. And you get around just fine walking like the rest of us."

Samanthia moved to S'er'in'e's side and reach behind him. Gently encircling his tail with her hand and then slid her hand along his tail towards the tip. Stopping a foot from the end of the tail. She grasped his tail to hold it in her hand,
Staying close to him so that his tail drooped in between them. "The slack will not impede natural movements of his skeletal structure while walking." Letting his tail go, "He can also wrap his tail around my upper leg to show others I'm his chosen."

"What about having casual affairs? Like dating multiple people and having an intimate affair with various partners before settling down with one mate?" Celene leaned back in her seat, finishing up her food.

"It, is not our way." S'er'in'e answered hoping that perhaps such a question was better answered by Samanthia having experienced the implications of such a venture was like from her own perspective.

Samanthia moved towards the bridge area of the Danube class type 11 shuttle, taking notice the indicator on the console that in a few minutes that it would be time to leave warp within the Caitian Star system. "Have a few minutes before arrival." Speaking up from her spot at helm.

Celene hurried to pick up the plates and recycled them in the replicator. "I'll try to keep that in mind." Looking thoughtful as she returned to seat, letting S'er'in'e deal with Mariah as Samanthia was busy at the helm.

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