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Will This Time Be Different?

Posted on Wed Nov 8th, 2023 @ 11:08am by Samanthia Akiashiro & Colonel S'er'in'e

Mission: The Archan Job
Location: Cait, Capital Province Commercial Spaceport

It would come as little surprise that even entering orbit was lined with regulations, procedures, and protocols. Flight plans had to be relayed, permissions reviewed, the shuttle scanned numerous times by the Defense Force, orbital patrols and then the spaceport itself during final approach. While S'er'in'e had made sure everything was in order in advance it was no often an 'alien' craft was permitted to land on the Homeworld, let alone two alien occupants. "If you'll excuse me, I must change."

There was little getting out of it, he knew that, his fur as much a rare and valued trait as much as it was also a curse. S'er'in'e had packed his Caitian uniform, even going so far as to packing his own headpiece, Samanthia's Caitian made dress and her own headpiece too if she chose to wear it, perhaps the only one free to do as she pleased. When S'er'in'e returned he was wearing his military attire, Samanthia had already seen this when they came to the Homeworld before so was familiar with him being dressed in such. "I have packed for yourself also my Mate." Suggesting that her own attire and jewelry was there if she wished to wear it.

"I have arranged for our baggage to be collected when we land, the shuttle will be placed in secure storage." Knowing secure storage also meant out of sight from anyone due to it's 'alien' design. Seeing that they had about 15 minutes before they would land yet. From where he stood gazing out the window he could already see the almost marble white building of a medical centre, where his treatment was to take place.

Celene entered the passenger area where she saw laid out attire and jewelry S'er'in'e had laid out for Samanthia. She eyed the jewelry of Samanthia as it laid there with the Caitian outfit. She looked over outfits and gently brushed her fingers over the dress to feel the material. "Oooooo.." She softly sighed, looking a bit envious as she got ready to depart the shuttle, Placing her luggage next to the rest of the luggage.

"Take over Helm, Ser," Seeing him in his military attire, Samanthia left the pilot seat and rushed back to get herself ready. She quickly changed into the Caitian dress. Seeing to Mariah that she was also groomed and dressed nicely and respectful. Seeing that Ser wasn't wearing his ear guards, she chose to wear minimal jewelry to show her mated status to S'er'in'e and the respect she showed to his people. If S'er'in'e had gone for the more formal uniform attire, she would herself had gone all out with the jewelry and outfit. Then having Celene escort Mariah.

Taking over he watched as the shuttle knifed through the air towards the space port. It was of little surprise that the designated pad assigned to them was one of the outer most so to keep them out of view of much of the general traffic. He was glad this was not a more official occasion like the last time he was on the Homeworld, part of him told him that while it was nice to be home, the lack of welcome party was a relief. When the shuttle landed there was even more relief that a single individual stood waiting along with a transport to ferry them to thier assigned accommodation. "Is everyone ready?"

"Inna minute!" Samanthia called out from the passenger area and her tone became more motherly-like. "Mariah! Come here!" Soon she was getting Mariah changed into a similar outfit like hers, softly talking to Mariah. "You need to behave yourself. Cause you'll be meeting your Caitian Grandparents."

Mariah eyes lit up as her ears perked up. "Will they play with me?" Asking titling her head to the side with a bit of trepidation

"When they have time. I'm sure there will be your Caitian Cousins there to play with." Samanthia spoke finishing up with Mariah.

Celene hurried to put on her semi-formal Archian attire, showing her status as being part of the Academia from Archa IV. Making herself more presentable to meet other Caitians. Wanting to make a good impression not only herself, but also to those she travelled with. "This is soooo exciting!" As she looked into the mirror at herself, making final adjustments to her outfit.

When the door finally opened S'er'in'e was the first to step out, the sole Caitian standing in wait watched the white furred feline step out of the shuttle but could tell from the slow movements and delicate tail shifts that not all was right with the male. "Welcome back to the Homeworld." The male spoke with the Caitian form of PADD in hand. "Your craft will be moved to secure storage, and baggage taken to your Mate's residence. Your permits and visas have been entered, permissions approved. Your first appointment at the medical centre is tomorrow at 05:00 hours."

S'er'in'e couldn't help but detect the hint of irritation the male held in his voice, to some Caitians the Homeworld should not be open to offworlders, aliens and the like. Others felt that the introduction of Starfleet was a mistake but that was the past and even so, for some, still a bitter thing to tolerate. "Thank you." S'er'in'e could see a vehicle make its way to them that would take them home.

Samanthia followed S'er'in'e with Celene, while carrying Mariah. She listened to the exchange between the sole Caitian and her mate. She felt a bit worried about the moving of her family's craft, but she was guest here along with Celene. She gave the sole Caitian a formal caitian nod of respect. She spoke gently with a bit of feminine arrogance, "Our luggage is just inside hatch. Thank you for your time and service." Giving the Caitian a soft smile to ease the irritation between Celene, Marian, herself and the Caitian who had greeted them.

Celene gave the same nod as Samanthia, standing next to her. She looked around taking in the difference in architecture of the Caitian structures at were visible. She smiled, trying to keep her teeth covered as per Caitian customs as she enjoyed the view of being on a different planet. A dream of a lot of Archians have, both young and old. She was now one of the few who had visited other planets now.

Mariah looked wide eye at the Caitian that wasn't her daddy. Her nostrils widen with each intake of air to take in the strange planetary smells and the Caitian as she watched his every move. Her ears were perk up and open taking in the surrounding ambient sounds. She wiggled in her mom's arm as the atmosphere was filled with myriad of scents and smells than the familiar atmosphere of the SB-332 and her home on the station. She wanted to get down and chase each scent she detected. "Mearrrroooowwwwa!" (let me down mommma!) She gave a soft, yet sharp wail. Her tail lashing against her momma stomach.

"Hush dear. This is a very dangerous place for little ones." Samanthia spoke softly with the authority of a mother. "We'll be taken soon to our Caitian place of residence." She had forgotten about her having a residence here on Cait. She smiled a bit at having a residence of Cait, due to her being mated to S'er'in'e.

A small transport turned up that was big enough for the whole party, it was automated so the only individuals would be themselves. The Caitian that greeted them had turned and began walking away, with duties tended to and patience expended. "Let's go." S'er'in'e spoke his hand out to his Mate with her cargo, he left a space at the back for Celene but figured being up front would at least divert attention to himself and away from the 'alien' offworlders. "Is everyone ready?" He asked before giving the ok for the transport to begin its transit.

Quickly getting their luggage abaord the transport and setting in the transport. Samanthia made one last check, letting S'er'in'e take the most public view in the transport. "We're ready." Settling in her seat next to Celene and letting Mariah loose once the doors were closed.

Mariah, immediately let loose, scrambled onto her Daddy's lap to get a better view of the passing landscape. Her head whipping back and forth to catch whatever caught her interest. Soon she learned that looking forward letting the view enter her vision and the focused on what interested her. Her tail made slow curves behind her, occasionally brushing up against her daddy's face and whiskers when something really excited her. her toes and claws would occasionally dig into his leg to hold on when the vehicle made sharp turns.

Celene sat back looking out her viewport, eyes a bit wide at the unfamiliar landscape and buildings that did come into view.


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